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  1. 1. DETROIT, MI REVITALIZATION . SPACIOUS . LOCAL FLAVOR . GREEKTOWN CASINO AND HOTEL YEAR BUILT In 2000 Greektown opened a temporary 75,000 In Design square-foot casino in one of Detroit’s most pop- ular entertainment districts. Rossetti was re- SIZE 2,600,000 SF tained early on to do schematic designs and has been chosen to carry through on the project as COST the master architect for the hotel and casino. $100,000,000 SERVICES Design of a permanent casino was awarded to Master Plan / Program / Site Evaluation / the Strategic Alliance team of Rossetti and the Architecture / Interior Design / Hnedak Bobo Group. Graphic Design PROGRAM Elegantly designed and styled to reflect local fla- 400 Room Hotel vor, the casino will offer a well-equipped hotel, 100,000 SF Gaming Restaurants spacious gaming, and ample parking. Administrative Offices Parking Garage The complex will occupy three city blocks and is part of a long-term strategy to revitalize the ag- ing downtown core. The project follows closely the opening of Ford Field stadium and the new $350M Compuware headquarters, both designed by Rossetti.