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TCI 2015 Boost Your Competitiveness Through Collaboration and Innovation

  1. Boost Your Competitiveness Through Collaboration and Innovation Jacques Bersier Parallel Session 3.3: Articulating Collaboration among Cluster Actors
  2. – BOOST YOUR COMPETITIVENESS THROUGH COLLABORATION AND INNOVATION PST-FR EXAMPLE – 18th TCI Global Conference Daegu - Korea November 5th 2015 Jacques P. Bersier Vice-president PST-FR – Deputy director HES-SO//Fribourg HEIA-FR
  3. 3© PST-FR WHERE ARE WE ? Switzerland 41’285 km2 Canton of Fribourg 1’671 km2
  4. Switzerland, Fribourg’s Medieval Old town and The Poya Bridge ©
  5. 5© PST-FR FACTS & FIGURES Zurich Geneva Basel Fribourg french german italien romansh
  6. 6© PST-FR FACTS & FIGURES 2014 Switzerland Canton of Fribourg Inhabitants 8’200’000 303’000 GDP € 540 billion 12.5 billion Exportation € 173 billion 8.3 billion Unemployment June 2015 3.1% 2.7%
  7. 7© PST-FR 2005 2007 2009 2014 2015 96 members 59 members 93 members 35 members WHO ARE WE ? cluster development & management professional structure 5 FTE
  8. © PST-FR 8 OUR ORGANISATION PST-FR Association Coordinator Management Unit Back-Office Cluster Association Representatives of Business, Academia and Research Management Board President Management Board President Working Groups Education Innovation … Cluster Manager
  9. 9© PST-FR OUR OBJECTIVES Cluster expansion Policy action Research & Networking Innovation & Technology Education and Training Commercial cooperation
  10. © PST-FR 10 Funding of innovative collaborative projects OUR SERVICES Supporting development and management of clusters Back office Organization of conferences and networking activities International positioning of the PST-FR and it’s clusters
  11. 11© PST-FR OUR COLLABORATIVE MODEL Innovation & Technology Education & Training Representatives of Business, Academia and Research Working Group Head of WG Collaborative Applied Research Projects Results Working Group Head of WG Education program Workshop Conference Technology Meeting Results
  12. 12© PST-FR BARRIERS TO CLUSTER DEVELOPMENT language differences (french – german – english) Significant impact on cluster management and administration difference of mindset between academy and industry Building trust lack of collaborative mindset Collaboration with competitors needs a clear legal framework geographical and political borders Ideally, political and cluster border should match
  13. © PST-FR 13 KEY SUCCESS FACTORS FOR CLUSTER DEVELOPMENT Clear, medium to long term, commitment of the regional public authorities Commitment from the members Entrepreneurial spirit of the cluster organization Clear definition of the cluster objectives, strategy and priorities Presence of academic and research partners Involvement of key players
  14. © PST-FR 14 OUR COLLABORATIVE PROJECTS (1/2) The objective of a collaborative project is to solve a specific challenge defined by several independent companies at a pre-competitive stage with the help of a public research institution The project is financed jointly by a public-private partnership (65%-35%) The results should permit each partner company to develop their own competitive solution
  15. © PST-FR 15 OUR COLLABORATIVE PROJECTS (2/2) 2009 – 2015 6.4 million 200 companies 123 different companies 2.75 million 35% cofinancing 92 companies 1.9 million 30% cofinancing 59 companies 1.7 million 41% cofinancing 49 companies 17 8 10 1 36 PROJECTSPROJECTSPROJECTSPROJECT PROJECTS
  16. 16© PST-FR BARRIERS TO PROJECT DEVELOPMENT business competition small company that is afraid of big business difficulty of co-financing to many industrial partners to many different technology sectors How to collaborate with my competitor ? How to ensure sufficient results from a project ? How to position my company in the project ? How to get enough specific output for my company ?
  17. © PST-FR 17 KEY SUCCESS FACTORS FOR PROJECT DEVELOPMENT 1. proven precompetitive industrial need 2. competent academic partner with the trust of companies 3. time for project definition 4. fulfill the need of each industrial partner 5. consortium agreement 6. results that are measurable and well planed 7. good regular communication 8. involvement of industrial partners 9. project dynamics
  18. © PST-FR 18 MESSAGE TO THE DELEGATES A cluster initiative developed with innovation as a driving force determination a collaborative mind-set from the stakeholders
  19. © PST-FR 19 CONTACT AND INFORMATION Jacques P. Bersier PST-FR, Vice president and Coordinator HES-SO//Fribourg HEIA-FR, Deputy Director, R&D Director +41 79 218 89 78 PST-FR c/o HEIA-FR Bd de Pérolles 80 CH-1700 Fribourg Switzerland