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TCI 2016 Cluster evaluation: Key questions and Indexfokus answers

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By Enrique Díaz Moreno, presented at the 19th TCI Global Conference, Eindhoven, 2016.

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TCI 2016 Cluster evaluation: Key questions and Indexfokus answers

  1. 1. Titel presentatie [Naam, organisatienaam] Working Day - Track: Academic Track Cluster Evaluation Enrique Díaz Moreno, Businessfokus Cluster evaluation: Key questions and Indexfokus answers
  2. 2. Businessfokus
  3. 3. Ambit? Driving? Goal? What? Evaluator? Method? Variables? Participation? Duration? Continuity? Whom? How? Businessfokus Cluster evaluation key questions
  4. 4. Businessfokus
  5. 5. Ambit? Cluster & Initiative Driving? Board & Manager Goal? Collective value What? Competitiveness Evaluator? Stakeholders Method? Multicriterio Variables? Quali & Quanti Participation? Open Duration? 1 month Continuity? Yes Whom? Cluster members How? Charts Businessfokus Indexfokus answers
  6. 6. "Indexfokus Competitiveness” is a management tool, specially designed for Cluster Managers or Heads of Territorial Development, to help them in their making decision process, react quickly to the changes of the market and strengthen the collective value chain. Indexfokus assesses the competitiveness level of a cluster taking into account the different evaluations of stakeholders, detects and measures the gaps in the key competitiveness factors and suggests a competitive strategy Indexfokus Businessfokus Video
  7. 7. Thanks www.businessfokus.com Businessfokus