machine learning mie-scattering theory deep learning support vector machine wleds convolutional neural network internet of things 5g ofdm convolutional neural networks color rendering index iot natural language processing cst aadhar authentication discrete wavelet transform luminous efficacy dual-layer phosphor wsn wlan pin diode electroencephalography reconfigurable intelligent sur quadrature amplitude modulatio feature extraction image processing pmsm computational experiment intrusion aqm emissions driving cycle javanese character recognition fuzzy logic system artificial intelligence cp antenna big data luminous flux mimo search engine optimization color quality information security stereo vision fingerprint biometrics transfer learning image classification bitcoin intelligent controller pmsm dr sparse channel estimation delay-doppler ultra-wideband energy efficiency fast fourier transform optical sensor triple-layer phosphor cloud computing cnn feature selection random forest logistic regression decision tree classifier diffie hellman encryption band width enhancement wdm photovoltaic correlation coefficient mri active contour model iris recognition biometric security systems particle swarm optimization internet of thing blockchain wimax rain attenuation noma system fault tolerance elliptic curve cryptography cryptographic algorithms backup storage stable sequential learning sequential learning progressive learning extreme learning machine residual neural network diabetic retinopathy smote ldap ddos application layer adasyn brain-controller wheelchair recommendation system keras transformer technique sentiment analysis weighted xgboost intrusion detection imbalanced ratio class wireless sensor networks lora technology infrared photos forest fire shuffled frog leaping algorith mlp with sfla drug addiction automatic channel selection variational level set medical image segmentation euler’s equation anisotropic diffusion active contour power delay product low-power multiplier first zero finding logic energy delay product binary to excess -1 convertor unclad fiber iron detection fiber optical sensor uncertainty nonlinear systems linear systems disturbance structure property electrochemistry property cus counter electrode wola mu-mimo massive mimo wireless communication vswr rogers rt/duroid5880 microstrip patch antenna wavelet detection spectrum sensing spectrum holes empirical data cognitive radio smart antenna lms algorithm transverse magnetic transverse electric reflector antenna radiation patterns frequency selective surfaces wide band nonuniform transmission lines microstrip technology dual-band bandstop filter soa nlpi controller congestion control computer network vanet road side unit on-board unit identity-based cryptosystem trust technology adoption technology acceptance model perceived risk internet banking supply chain blockchain v-band tropical regions statistical frequency scaling satellite-earth link pointing error effects gamma-gamma turbulence channel free-space optical communicati visible light communication v2x v2v ooc ds-ocdma ber unmanned aerial vehicle average symbol error rate average channel capacity silhouette index rfm demographic dbscan customer segmentation local government it governance core model cobit capability level symmetric cryptography one-to-many scheme cryptanalyst unified average changing peak-to-signal noise ratio mean square error lightweight present algorithm intensity information entropy five-dimensional chaotic map vanets security privacy preserving chinese remainder theorem industries fuzzy topsis fuzzy numbers fuzzy ahp bonded logistics centers scene classification pre-trained networks feature fusion vectorizer text processing social media named entity recognition graphics processing unit bionlp power management offloading manager edge computing suppression rubeosis iridis multi-contrast images vehicle counting traffic flow management smart traffic light pattern recognition wavelet transforms otsu’s algorithm hsv/ycbcr color space frame differences; area detection voltage controlled oscillator tuning range mos varactor low phase noise figure of merit wireless xbee pro heart rate electrocardiogram central monitor tower crane fuzzy-tuned pid controller fuzzy control anfis controller power flux multivariable control generator model electrical energy double feed rf energy harvesting rectifier low input range dickson voltage multiplier 2.45 ghz/5.8 ghz t-type inverter svm lqr vortex piezoelectric energy harvester bluff body stepper motor brushless dc motor 3d printing technical parameters queuing model multiservice communication net laplace-stielles transform dependence of the probability ir4.0 hybrid electric vehicles fuel economy single line ground signal processing differential equation cwt atpdraw speech recognition slam ros object recognition human robot interaction sinusoidal bending navier-stokes fiber optic sensor diaphragm airflow rip system optimization technique integer and fractional order p znb2o4:mn2+ green phosphor phosphor geometries monte carlo theory color homogeneity ba2li2si2o7:eu2+ millimeter-wave envelope correlation coefficie channel capacity loss thyroid cancerous cells photonic crystal micro-cavity characteristic matrix method bragg’s reflector optimization motor imagery signals modified camel travelling beha features extraction methods brain computer interface siamese neural network one-shot learning character recognition batak mri image news classification bangla text classification bangla news support vector machines real-time linear support vector machine har apache kafka telegram bot owasp zap http ids cyber attack tcp/ip medical images cryptography chaotic maps 3des optimum point monotone line search large-scale global convergence property dai-liao cg-method histogram of oriented gradient container codes recognition character isolation sensor microwave fr-4 drinking water chlorine wireless sensors ocean waves ocean environment monitoring mems sensor uwb synchronization signal-to-noise ratio 5g mobile networks mmwave frequency reconfigurable multi-kernel polar code golay code error-correcting code coding theory binary linear block code mobile vehicular medium access likelihood 5g core network switchable frequency e-shaped slot band notched tcp networks pi controller congestion bbo algorithm weak coupling ring-core mode-division multiplexing inverse design few-mode fiber rectangular waveguide iris insertion loss filter bandwide safety fire outbreak extension cord electric shock micro-trip hybrid electric vehicle fuel consumption three phase inverters pmsm drives high power density field programmable gate array triple-layer structure mgb2o4:mn2+ mn2+ calab3o7:ce3+ time-lapse photography motion control cinema acceleration yvo4:eu3+ yf3:mn2+ phosphor structure correlated color temperature yocl:eu3+ dual-layer remote phosphor geo pitch control lqg controller longitudinal plane genetic algorithm autopilot aircraft lightweight ip harmonic distortion fft ethernet embedded design techniques wireless sensor network wearable systems kalman filter ieee 802.11 standard angle estimation sensitivity fem fbg coating pre-trained models mild conginitive imapirement c mild cognitive imapirement non ensemble learning alzheimer’s disease iris segmentation hough transform canny edge detection stateflow simevents pipelined multiprocessor fault-tolerant multilayer perceptron dropout networking topology iot networks fault tolerance complex structures kidney diseases healthcare electronic-doctor therapeutic management hypertriglyceridemia fuzzy logic clinical decision initial coin offerings digital mining cryptocurrency iot application hybrid electromagnetic solar energy harvesting spark radoop parallel processing k-nearest neighbor ga algorithm extended kalman filter speed estimation sensorless induction motor drive flux oriented control total harmonic distortion switch level ratio multilevel inverte m-spwm dc-ac converter coupled inductor electricity tariff demand side management demand response ant colony optimization taguchi leakage current high-k/metal gate double gate mosfet bilayer graphene self-test self-calibration mems bist uvm sv i²c daisy-chain speech emotion recognition mfccs meta-heuristic optimization equilibrium optimization cuckoo search weighted median filtering stereo matching algorithm segment-tree cost aggregation cyber-physical system census transform prediction of cervical cancer oversampling logit model class weighting cervical cancer diagnosis smart techniques irrigation systems severity hippocampus coronal slice alzheimer’s diagnosing variational quantum circuits quantum computing hybrid neural networks topsis self organizing map quality assurance system academic performance artificial speech detection artificial speech telegram motorcycle virtual local area network software-defined network sd-wan open-flow dynamic vlan millimeter wave channel state information scattering threshold power remote sensing brillouin scattering bidirectional optical fiber sdn ryu pox mininet-wifi jitter bitrate polyphase filters gnu-radio fbmc wireless network planning wireless mesh network router placement energy-aware deployment energy consumption simulink model short length files ldhs-lt generator matrix fountain codes voltage standing wave ratio rectangular antenna patch antenna microstrip antenna circular antenna turbulent topological charge slvgb scintillation kolmogorov itu-r model iot ecosystem industrial consumer screw electrode heat flux electric field current density physical properties monoester insulating liquid electrical properties chemical properties weather forecasting weather baloon radiosonde climate studies partial shading mppt maximum power point large neighbor search network control system co-occurrence network co-authorship network cloud-based control system citation bibliometric p zn2sio4:mn2+ mg2sio4:mn2+ color uniformity mn2 yal3b4o12:ce3+ lumen output ca5b2sio10:eu3+ residual networks inverse halftoning floyd-steinberg error diffusion steganography information hiding coverless steganography sad algorithm hardware architecture fpga implementation m2m connections e-payment system vision disorders strabismus impa-face video time-lapse identifying human behavior human action recognition forest protection vgg16 resnet50 mango pest and disease inception-v3 inceptionresnet-v2 mango leaf diseases deep neural network convolutional networks roberta language modelling indonesian qas electra albert solidity smart contact ethereum substitution box strict avalanche criteria hyper-chaotic system dna computing bit independence criteria balanced torque ripple electric vehicle direct torque control structural information social network analysis heuristic scores stbc mimo-ofdm ltv hst systems cs semi-circular coplanar waveguide antenna design rip ospf opnet network performance is-is eigrp wearable antenna textile unlicensed ultra-wideband textile microstrip ultra-capacitor stationary applications pemfc pem fuel cell energy demands wind turbine conversion chain voltage dips monitoring lissajous curves diagnosis methods synthetic flavor partition column gas sensor electronic nose classification sn zns:cu lavo4:eu3+ plastic optical fiber ammonia detection scaps 1d ni-doped zno dssc buffer layers al-doped zno static-gesture signs bsl word dataset bsl resource allocation load balancing job scheduling fish swarm algorithm pap smear haar transform dct transform cytology image logo recognition learning features extraction usability testing human-computer interaction human-centered computing hci design and evaluation meth vslam visualization rgb-d camera mobile apps augmented reality rtos real time neural network multitasking e-cityfarm meerkat clan trie data structure multi-threaded indexing flynn’s taxonomy apriori algorithm similar image sbir ontology image retrieval data mining trust in technology system benefit indonésia e-filing trend analysis plagiarism network pagerank eigenvalues bolzano method telemedicine platform lightweight crypto iot system iot chaotic cryptographic web based questionnaire online features design topic models stochastic optimization posterior inference latent dirichlet allocation hfss fractal antenna deltoid leaf antenna target classification radar clutter forward scatter radar clutter reduction technique ultra-low loss se large effective area g.654.e co-ofdm channel spacing topology ripple multiphase dc-dc converter cuk converter pid controller performance characteristics dcsm artificial neural networks visual studio microcontroller arduino uno data logger type-2 fuzzy logic type-1 fuzzy logic space vector modulation pulse width modulation induction motor fault diagnosis compressed sensing calibration antenna measurements antenna arrays water detection sensor visually impaired ultrasound sensor bamboo stick assistive mobility wireless sleep apnea diagnosis automation apnea hypopnea index veins recognition noise removing correct recognition rate contrast enhancement xor rsa3k psnr mse encryption information security second dct techniques fourth pitch pda masked-face speech f0 arabic language similarity measurement mammogram histogram glcm ebp segmentation multi-level threshold brain tumor histogram equalization techniq raspberry pi nlp chat form ai arduino traceability potato chips agro-industry idss fis anfis quality of service placement strategy monitoring application ifogsim wireshark swarm intelligence technique network traffic network security dos attack artificial bee colony algorith security services electronic health aes-cbc tumor skull stripping morphological operations contrast correction brain mri arithmetic operations node network lifetime network energy data delivery clustering reconfigurable antenna planar monopole complementary ring resonator wirelessly energy harvesting throughput tas/sc multi-hop relaying networks specific attenuation ku-band high-throughput satellite equatorial region mobile communications mmwave propagation dust attenuation base station height quantum cryptography pns decoy states protocol bb84 protocol spsc physical layer security
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