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  1. 1. English Language Elementary
  2. 2. • • • • Wednesdays from 14.00-16.00 Business English Communicative methodological approach Questions or concerns: uranela.demaj@universum-ks.org Introduction
  3. 3. • Elementary I • New Market Leader 1: “Used by students preparing for a career in Business or those who are already in business wishing to enhance their communication skills” Syllabus and Course material
  4. 4. • • • • 5 Units now: 2 lectures per unit 5 Units in Semester 2 Additional material: slides and handouts Business-related subjects: 1) Introductions 2) Work and leisure 3) Problems 4) Travel 5) Food and entertaining Lesson plan
  5. 5. ? Icebreakers: Getting to know each other
  6. 6. • “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” • Context social norms, cultural clash (?): business relation 1) Formal - informal 2) Rank 3) Present – absent 4) Use key phrases Class discussion
  7. 7. BASIC INTRODUCTION: Hello, what is your name? My name is… What is your position in the company? I am the……., What do you do in your institution? FURTHER INTERACTION: Telling vs. asking listening Key Phrases
  8. 8. • Activity: describe yourself by using these key phrases Business introductions
  9. 9. TO BE 1) Simple questions: - Is he going on a trip? 2) The linking and existential “to be” -There is a lot of snow. 3) Tag questions with “to be” -He isn’t going, is he? TO BE + Describing Others
  10. 10. SINGULAR PLURAL I AM WE ARE YOU ARE YOU ARE HE/ SHE IS THEY ARE • Exercise: handout, fill in the correct form • ACTIVITY: Ask questions about your partner while using this tense • Describe someone from class while using the TO BE verb TO BE
  11. 11. A DOG – AN ELEPHANT Articles: a/an
  12. 12. ? Articles: A - AN
  13. 13. • • • • • • Articles: definite and indefinite (the/that vs. a/an/any) Non-specific member of the group Non-particular member of the group “I don’t have a specific one in mind” I want to see the movie vs. I want to see a movie Sounds: “A” before a consonant words “AN” before vowel words Articles a/an
  14. 14. • Who, What, When, Where, Why and How? • Cause INVERSION: change of Subject and Object • Inversion does not occur in Albanian Wh-questions
  15. 15. • Who = person -Who is your teacher? • What = thing -What is your favourite subject at school? • When = time -When will you go to Spain? • Where = place -Where is China? • How = description -How does she go to work? EXERCISE Wh-questions
  16. 16. • • • • Presenting yourself: key phrases To be Articles Wh-questions Recapitulation