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5 Ways Influencers Help You Sell (Social Selling)

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By connecting people to people, the social web created an ecosystem for consumers, users, employees to talk to one another, exchange ideas, transact, and organize at a scale we have yet to grasp. In this collaborative web, ruled by the social customer, modern sales professionals need to reinvent the Art of Selling to incorporate social into their selling strategy.
To bring social into your selling process, you need to build a foundation for success. Much like a modern marketer will set up a process for creating content that educates their audience, a social selling expert will find ways to share useful content at meaningful moments with their potential buyers. Your goal will be to establish and nurture a strong personal brand and find the right types of content to share. Building up your social selling foundation won’t happen overnight, but when the effects kick in, you’ll be in a strategic position very difficult to unseat.
Influencers can accelerate your ramp-up and help you get the most out of your efforts. Here are a few ways influencers can help you excel at social selling.

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5 Ways Influencers Help You Sell (Social Selling)

  1. #5 ways INFLUENCERS HELP YOU SELL user user user user user user user user user user user user user user user user Traackr: Social Selling + Influence
  2. Traackr: Social Selling + Influence Social Selling Delight your prospects rather than interrupt their daily life with cold calls to convert them into loyal customers. Sam Kusinitz, Hubspot Influencer Marketing Identify and build relationships with influencers to increase visibility on your products or services. Ann Handley, Marketing Profs
  3. Traackr: Social Selling + Influence Social Selling Influencer Marketing Build relationships with your prospects’ influencers to build your own authority in your category and make yourself eminently discoverable when your prospects are ready to buy.
  4. #1 LISTEN IN KEY INFLUENCER CONVERSATIONS Traackr: Social Selling + Influence
  5. Stay on Top of Key Conversations with Minimal Time FUNNEL To sell socially, you must be a part of conversations about the trends, challenges, and opportunities your buyers face. With influencers as your filters to get to content you are guaranteed to follow the important trends without getting lost in the noise. Traackr: Social Selling + Influence
  6. #2 CURATE INFLUENCER CONTENT NEWS NEWSplay Traackr: Social Selling + Influence
  7. NEWS NEWSplay Share Influencer Content Relevant to your Community SHARE By curating meaningful content from influencers, you start asserting your subject matter expertise. The more you hone in on your key influencers, the easier it will be to share valuable content within your community of prospective buyers. Traackr: Social Selling + Influence
  8. #3 JOIN THE CONVERSATION Traackr: Social Selling + Influence
  9. Social Selling + InfluenceTraackr: Social Selling + Influence Find Serendipitous Moments to Engage in Key Conversations CHATS On social channels your prospects are listening to influencers to inform their buying decisions. Engage with influencers and add value to the conversation. Get on their radar and be noticed by prospects listening in.
  10. #4 BECOME AN INFLUENCER idea Traackr: Social Selling + Influence
  11. idea Traackr: Social Selling + Influence Develop your Own Point of View & Raise your Influence compose As a sales professional living and breathing your industry, you have a unique perspective. Create content that will benefit your customers, assert your authority, and build up a captive audience of like-minded prospects.
  12. #5 MEASURE ENGAGEMENT Traackr: Social Selling + Influence RETWEET piechart
  13. Traackr: Social Selling + Influence Start Measuring Engagement Not Just Activity piechart Measuring activity – number of cold calls, emails, and demos – isn’t enough for the modern sales person. Focus on measuring the results of your efforts (i.e. engagement by prospects and influencers, lead referrals by influencers). Keep testing and tuning.
  14. And Remember: The Key to Success in Social Selling is to Not Sell but Let People Buy Success is defined by your ability to remove friction in the buying process and create an environment to make it easy for prospects to buy from you. Traackr: Social Selling + Influence
  15. Want to get more out of your social selling? Learn how to Incorporate Influencers into your Social Selling Strategy with Traackr GET A DEMO Traackr: Social Selling + Influence