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Are vampires draining your marketing efforts?

The four types of vampires that drain marketing efforts, from content creation to ROI, and how to successfully defeat them.

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Are vampires draining your marketing efforts?

  1. 1. Four types of VAMPIRES draining your marketing (and their wooden stakes)
  2. 2. THE CONTENT DRACULA Content Dracula drains life out of marketers by shifting their content creation focus to quantity over quality, exhausting them. Often the content result is shallow and the shareability is low, leaving marketers tired and frustrated.
  3. 3. How to defeat Content Dracula To beat Content Dracula and keep your content machine running strong, focus on quality over quantity. Seek first to understand - listen to your audience to understand what content will be valuable to them. Then, ease the stress of creating quality, shareable content by tapping into your influencers. Quick and painless tips: Share influencers' existing content in a roundup blog post Ask a simple question via Twitter, then share their answers in a piece of content Reach out to influencers for guest and co-created content
  4. 4. DUCHESS OF THE SILO Duchess of The Silo always attacks when the group is separated. She makes it hard to break down walls between departments. Communication is severed, business goals are misaligned, confusion ensues, and departments across the organization, especially marketing, function less efficiently.
  5. 5. How to defeat DUCHESS OF THE SILO Marketing can take the lead in defeating the Duchess, breaking down the silos allowing the organization to function at full efficiency. Rally the team around marketing strategies - thanks to social media, marketers, sales managers, customer service reps, and partners are all brand ambassadors. Quick and painless tips: Support sales as "micro-marketers" in social selling, influencer engagement and content creation Expand your community management efforts to help the executive team become influencers Allow your team to experiment with social media - be accepting of possible failure, then learn and optimize
  6. 6. MADAME CYCLONE Madame Cyclone keeps marketers in a cyclical pattern, engaging with the same group of influencers, only minimally expanding their audience. She scares them away from their influential detractors, stunting growth and holding back the potential for success.
  7. 7. How to defeat madame cyclone Consider relationship vs impact. Nurture your influential evangelists, but then quickly move to engage influential detractors and those who don’t yet know about your brand to make the biggest impact. Quick and painless tips: Understand and respect detractors' viewpoints, don’t just give them the company’s party line If you can’t get through to someone, find their influence network - build awareness and positive brand perception that way Don’t just hide behind a corporate handle, engage with detractors personally, too
  8. 8. Count ROI Count ROI stresses everyone out about how to measure metrics and validate social media strategy. With social media budgets expected to double by 2017, marketers can fall victim to vanity metrics and measurements that provide no value in capturing success and optimizing programs.
  9. 9. How to defeat count roi Overcoming Count ROI is a topic abuzz. Instead of trying to capture everything or get trapped in vanity metrics, take time to figure out which metrics actually make sense given your goals. ROI can be shown when you define what matters and flush out the metrics that make sense. Quick and painless tips: Define success metrics and measurement methodology at the onset of your program Set achievable goals As you measure, stay open to unexpected results that provide insights and can inform future initiatives
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