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Augment Content Marketing with Influencer Strategy

90% of the world’s data has been generated in the past 2 years; and while content marketing is approaching mass adoption, getting a message in front of the right people at the right time is as formidable as it is essential. To rise above the noise, convey a message and mobilize buyers, content marketers are turning to influencers.
Content Marketing and Influencer Strategy must work together for either to be successful. Here are a few ways influencers can help you augment your content marketing efforts to generate results.

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Augment Content Marketing with Influencer Strategy

  2. 2. Traackr: Content + Influence Content Marketing Content is at the center of the value exchange between business and buyer. Jesse Noyes, Kapost Influencer Strategy Incorporating influencers in your content facilitates reaching new audiences with brand messages that are credible and trusted. Lee Odden, TopRank Marketing
  3. 3. MEASURE Track Impact barchart PLAN Inform Strategy usergroup INFLUENCERS share DISTRIBUTE Amplify your Content pen CREATE Involve & Collaborate calendar LISTEN FOR INSIGHTS INVOLVE THEM IN YOUR CONTENT MEASURE AGAINST BIZ GOALS LIGHT UP THE RIGHT NODES
  4. 4. calendar PLAN Listen To Your Influencers To Gain Insights Traackr: Content + Influence
  5. 5. Know Your Target Audience userportrait When you actively listen to your influencers, you’ll be able to: check Understand what’s most interesting to your target audience. check Figure out where conversations are headed. check See what content works and what doesn’t. check Figure out where the gaps and opportunities are. check Formulate questions you can answer. Traackr: Content + Influence
  6. 6. Keep Up With Top Stories flame Stay on top of content coming from your influencers. Focus on those with the most relevant audiences so you’re coming to the table with fresh content that resonates. Traackr: Content + Influence
  7. 7. Conduct A Content Opportunity Audit clipboard In this phase, you’ll want to find out: check General sentiment towards your topics. check What your competition is doing. check What motivates your influencers. check How your brand is perceived or not perceived. check How your brand can insert itself into the conversation. Traackr: Content + Influence
  8. 8. Plan & Prepare Content flowchart Create a general content plan: check Define specific topics you want to cover. check Target influencers to engage. check Approach specific influencers with ideas for how to work together. Traackr: Content + Influence
  9. 9. ink CREATE Involve Your Influencers In Your Content Traackr: Content + Influence
  10. 10. Curate Expert Content starframe Curate expert content and add your own value layer. check Embed their tweets in your posts. check Record a weekly podcast roundup of industry happenings with your own analysis on top. check Showcase the best of an influencer’s content. check Combine stats across influencers’ reports into an infographic. check Tell a story by pulling together the different ways your influencers talk about the same subject. Traackr: Content + Influence
  11. 11. Build On Your Influencers’ Content link Get inspired & link to your influencers’ content from your article. check Write a review of your influencer’s ebook. check Answer questions in the comments of your influencers’ blogs. check Turn an influencers’ tweet into a blog post. check Build off an idea your influencer started and link to their content. Traackr: Content + Influence
  12. 12. Support Your Influencers’ Content pictures Develop assets for your influencers to leverage and create new unique content. check Use your data to help them tell a story. check Provide infographics to illustrate their own pieces. check Give them tools to create unique content. check Share the results of your research in advance. check Provide exclusive content or experiences to write about. Traackr: Content + Influence
  13. 13. Involve Influencers In Your Content userframe Involve influencers in your content creation. check Poll a group of influencers and share the results. check Interview your influencers to give them a place to shine. check Share their creations on your own platforms. check Crowdsource insights for your content and give them credit. check Allow them to vote on your content. Traackr: Content + Influence
  14. 14. Collaborate To Create Content pencilbrushpen To make this work, find individuals who are highly relevant & who will also benefit from this work. check Co-author a white paper. check Invite them to be involved in product development. check Co-host webinars & presentations. check Co-produce a web TV show. check Send them into space and document it :) Traackr: Content + Influence
  15. 15. SHARE DISTRIBUTE Light Up The Right Nodes In The Community Traackr: Content + Influence
  16. 16. Talk To The Right People bullseye Focus on the influencers most relevant to the idea you’re trying to convey. Traackr: Content + Influence
  17. 17. Invite Their Commentary QUESTIONCHAT Engage your influencers with a question regarding your article (incl. those who don’t agree with you). Traackr: Content + Influence
  18. 18. Engage Them In Context rss Track real-time influencer conversations on the topic to engage them in context. Traackr: Content + Influence
  19. 19. Find Who Influences The Influencers connection Find the connectors in the community who influence your influencers and engage with them. These individuals shape the opinions of the people who drive actions for you. Traackr: Content + Influence
  20. 20. barchart MEASURE Measure Success Against Your Business Goals Traackr: Content + Influence
  21. 21. 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 Inches 1 div = 0.1 inch Inches Points 72 Points = 1 Inch Points Define 72 0 72 144 216 288 360 Success Metrics rules 36 36 54 18 18 54 63 27 9 9 27 63 45 45 0 6 12 18 24 30 6 Picas = 72 Points = 1 Inch mm mm Define success based on a your business goals (i.e. awareness, lead generation, sales, advocacy). Settle on output vs. outcome metrics and tracking methodology. Traackr: Content + Influence 1 inch = 2.54cm = 25.4 mm blogs.adobe.com/vikrant Print. Fold. Cut. Use. Apply Gule and stick inside Measuring Ruler for Designers 0.5 Pts 1 Pts 8 Pts 12 Pts Picas Picas 1cm = 10 mm = 0.393701 inch 20 10 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130
  22. 22. Track Macro Metrics & Trending barchart Track macro metrics even if you can’t assert causality (i.e. Google Analytics, CRM/Sales, Net Promoter). Make assumptions & measure trending. Traackr: Content + Influence
  23. 23. Track Micro Metrics like Track micro metrics (referral traffic, trackable links, social shares) but also make assumptions as they’ll always represent a subset of reality. Traackr: Content + Influence
  24. 24. Keep Tabs & Iterate sync Keep notes of qualitative results you may want to quantify on next go around. Traackr: Content + Influence
  25. 25. Amplify your Content Marketing with an Influencer Strategy DOWNLOAD OUR GUIDE Traackr: Content + Influence