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Content as the Currency of Influencer Marketing

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When it comes to content marketing, the notion of "if we publish it, they will come" is more wishful thinking than fact. With the amount of content generated every minute on the web approaching light-speed, even the most ingenious of content can fall flat. Content Marketers need a strategy in place in order to get their content in front of the right people, at the right time.

The Content as the Currency of Influencer Marketing deck shows you how to align your content with influencer marketing to create impact.

This presentation includes:
_key insights about the challenges marketers face today,
_5 tips to get on the radar of your influencers,
_guidelines for collaborating with your influencers to produce content; and
_inspiring examples for content marketing and influencer strategy done right

This presentation was originally delivered at Content.San Francisco conference, 2014.

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Content as the Currency of Influencer Marketing

  1. 1. Traackr Content As The Currency Of Influencer Marketing
  2. 2. Traackr  @traackr  traackr.com Challenges Facing Marketers☇
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  6. 6. Traackr  @traackr  traackr.com Do you trust each of the following types of brand communications?
  7. 7. Traackr  @traackr  traackr.com The old way of marketing isn’t working and the new way isn’t working yet
  8. 8. Traackr  @traackr  traackr.com Content + Influence
  9. 9. Traackr  @traackr  traackr.com 3%  90% of impact  Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world —Margaret Mead
  10. 10. Traackr  @traackr  traackr.com For buyers, that small group = experts Impact of content types across purchase process
  11. 11. Traackr  @traackr  traackr.com Brands’ attempts to engage experts have failed Pitch influencers #FAIL Buy influencers #FAIL Turn fans into influencers #FAIL
  12. 12. Traackr  @traackr  traackr.com What’s next? Influence the influencers Build meaningful relationships Meaning = Content (not fluff)
  13. 13. Traackr  @traackr  traackr.com Amplify Your Content With Influencer Strategy
  14. 14. Traackr  @traackr  traackr.com 5 Pillars to keep in mind Shift focus: People > Brands Listen & Adapt Make friends before you need them Context is paramount Give Give Get     🎁
  15. 15. Traackr  @traackr  traackr.com 5 Tips to get started today Listen Listen to relevant influencer conversations & contribute on trending topics Reference Reference & link back to influencer write-ups on topic & let them know Co-create Co-create content with influencers Support Develop assets for influencers to leverage Sponsor Sponsor relevant influencer content  🔗 ✒ ⚙ $💲
  16. 16. Traackr  @traackr  traackr.com Vend: Raising Brand Awareness Company Vend, a global vendor of cloud-based POS software Goal Positioning as a key player in the industry Solution Engagement program: Host online community of top influencers Challenge Fragmented market, dominated by larger incumbents Results 25+ Industry Influencers 500+ Social Shares Lift 5K Pageviews in first 30 days (2x traffic) 🏢 ◎ ☇ 💡 📊
  17. 17. Traackr  @traackr  traackr.com Asos: Cultivating Advocacy Company Asos, leading online fashion retailer Goal Increase referral traffic Solution Build exclusive, high touch engagement program with influential advocates Challenge Pilot program with limited resources, ability to focus on highest yield paramount Results 75K+ pieces of earned media 12M direct reach 800% Growth in referrals 600% Spontaneous quotes 🏢 ◎ ☇ 💡 📊
  18. 18. Traackr  @traackr  traackr.com Learn more Deepen your knowledge of how Content & Influencer Marketing work together. Learn how to: Actively listen for influencer insights Produce content collaboratively Get started and maintain momentum Download the eBook ▻
  19. 19. Traackr  @traackr  traackr.com Thanks! Pierre-Loic Assayag Traackr Founder & CEO pierreloic@traackr.com @pierreloic traackr.com/resources