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How to Communicate With Others

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Chantal Taly Russell explains the core aspects of effective communication and how you can use these skills to better lead within your HR position at the office.

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How to Communicate With Others

  1. 1. C O M M U N I C A T E W I T H O T H E R S H O W T O Chantal Taly Russell
  2. 2. The single most important aspect of Human Resources in any setting or application is communication. And as many HR professionals will tell you, communication is a two way street, and only works when traffic is following all the rules of the road.
  3. 3. With this in mind, let's take a look at the essential keys to effective communication that every HR professional and employee needs to know to have a positive work environment.
  4. 4. Engaged Listening In order to effectively speak to someone else, you need to be able to listen to what they are saying in order to appropriately respond. Communication is give and take; much of what people forget is that hearing someone and listening to someone are different acts, and listening requires much more than just hearing someone out.
  5. 5. Managing In-The- Moment Stress This piece of advice can go both ways- as an HR representative, you are to be the mediator that keeps upset employees calm, and you also have to show great restraint when someone is making a complaint against you, any processes that you oversee, or if anything questionable is mentioned about the company.
  6. 6. Being Respectful While Being Assertive No matter what the situation is, you must be able to uphold the standards of your company to all employees in a respectful manner, even if you are the one being disrespected. A lot can be learned from watching someone handle an insult respectfully.
  7. 7. Be Honest Honesty is a core pillar of trust, and trust is a core pillar of effective communication. Being honest, transparent, and focusing on what your employee is saying will help them to feel more comfortable opening up to you.
  8. 8. Use Simple Wording When you’re upset or confused, it can take extra concentration to process complicated sentences. The HR rulebook can be full of complicated sentences, rules, and explanations. It’s best to keep everything simple. Not only will your point get across faster, breaking things down to the core message will show people that you’re not trying to trick them and that your words can be trusted.
  9. 9. F O R M O R E , V I S I T : T H A N K S F O R R E A D I N G ! Chantal Taly Russell TALYRUSSELL.COM