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GET best Hurghada Excursions Prices Tour and best El Gouna Excursions Trips

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Get best low coast for Hurghada Excursions Cheap Transfer Taxis to Cairo Giza Luxor El gouna Egypt airport
GET best Hurghada Excursions Prices Tour and best El Gouna Excursions Trips in Hurghada Egypt and Catamaran EL Gouna trip. https://hurghadalovers.com/hurghada-excursions/ and https://sempretravelegypt.com

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GET best Hurghada Excursions Prices Tour and best El Gouna Excursions Trips

  1. 1. Get best low coast for Hurghada Excursions Cheap Transfer Taxis to Cairo Giza Luxor El gouna Egypt airport ‫أسعار‬ ‫أفضل‬ ‫على‬ ‫للحصول‬‫الغردقة‬ ‫رحالت‬" ‫بــ‬ ‫المعروفة‬Hurghada Excursions“‫غطس‬ ‫رحلة‬ ‫عروض‬ ‫باإلضافة‬ ‫ب‬ ‫المعروفة‬ ‫الجونة‬ ‫بمدينة‬“El Gouna Excursions. ‫أرخص‬ ‫ترافل‬ ‫سمبا‬ ‫شركة‬ ‫لك‬ ‫توفر‬" .‫بـــ‬ ‫المعروفة‬ ‫الجونة‬ ‫لقرية‬ ‫رحلة‬ ‫أسعار‬ ‫وأحسن‬Catamaran EL Gouna‫والتعرف‬ " ‫موقع‬ ‫خالل‬ ‫من‬ ‫بالكامل‬ ‫الغردقة‬ ‫معالم‬ ‫على‬Hurghada Egypt. GET best Hurghada Excursions Prices Tour and best El Gouna Excursions Trips in Hurghada Egypt and Catamaran EL Gouna trip. Get best luxury Egypt Tours in cairo and Giza to visit: 1. Giza Pyramids 2. Sphinx 3. Egyptian Museum 4. Cairo Citadel 5. Coptic and Islamic Cairo. 6. Pyramids of Cheops. 7. Chefren. 8. Mykerinus 9. shopping in Khan ElKhailil 10. Cairo Tower 11. Abdeen Palace 12. Egyptian Opera House 13. Palace of the Baron 14. City Stars Complex 15. Tahrir Square 16. Citadel of Saladin 17. Umm Kulthum Museum 18. Coptic Museum 19. International Park 20. Al-Azhar Park 21. Mohamed Ali Mosque 22. Ibn Tulun Mosque 23. Imam Hussein Mosque 24. Al Ghurair Street 25. Talaat Harb Street 26. Islamic art museum 27. October War Panorama 28. Amr ibn al-Aas mosque 29. the hanging Church 30. Sultan Hassan Mosque 31. Bab Zewailah 32. Prince Taz Palace 33. The Japanese Garden
  2. 2. 34. Liberty Park 35. Pyramids of Dahshour 36. Pharaonic Village 37. Museum of the Sun Compound 38. Museum of Islamic Ceramics 39. The Egyptian Museum of Municipalities 40. Agricultural Museum 41. Orman Park 42. Zoo 43. fish Park 44. Media Production City 45. dream Park 46. Adrenaline Park 47. They were mad 48. El Sawy Culturewheel 49. Marine Oasis 50. The Nile River Get best luxury trips in Luxor egypt to visit: 1. Valley Of The Kings. 2. Hatshepsut Temple 3. Colossi of Memnon 4. Luxor temple 5. Temple of Esna 6. Cruise Tours 7. West Bank 8. Banana Island 9. The flying Baron 10. Strollers 11. Western Rites 12. Market and Restaurants 13. VIST OUR Ausflüge Delfintour TO FIND BEST TRIP IN HURGHADA. Tips and FAQ must see to start you Hurghada Excursions: Is Arab Republic of Egypt and Hurghada a safe destination for tourism? Egypt is now the safest tourist destination for many other countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States of America, where the public security and tourism security has been developed to reduce the crime rate in Hurghada and all the governorates of Egypt, in addition to eliminating all elements of violence or terrorism. Why book with Egypt Tours Hurghada Excursions? Over 10 years of experience in the field of tourism, in addition to the development and improvement of the level of tourism services and products we offer to tourists of all nationalities around the world. Are there prices and discounts for booking groups? Yes, the company offers excellent and competitive discounts for large groups as well as special prices for married and brides to spend vacation time in Hurghada Excursions. How much will I pay as a deposit?
  3. 3. The required deposit will be at least 35% of the total price of the trip, except during peak times during Christmas and New Year each year, when the deposit is 60% of the total price of the cruise. Are there any additional charges for completed transactions using a debit or credit card? There are no additional charges for all transactions using all means of electronic payment, whether through the Master or Visa Card or direct cash payment. How do I get my visa to visit Egypt Tours Hurghada Excursions? Provide a valid passport for a period of not less than 6 months. In addition, the Egyptian authorities provide flexibility for all the following countries to obtain a fast tourist visa for only 30 days upon arrival at the airport in the Arab Republic of Egypt without submitting an application form. These countries and nationalities are Australia, Canada, Croatia, European Union, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Macedonia, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, Serbia, Ukraine, United Kingdom and United States. Get best luxury services for Hurghada Excursions Cheap Transfer Taxis to Cairo Giza Luxor El gouna Egypt airport What kind of transportation can be used to travel in the cities of Egypt Tours and Hurghada Excursions? • A white taxi ride in Cairo and Giza Egypt Tours. • Stay away from black taxi cabs, which do not operate with meters. • Ride the underground metro in the places of Cairo and Giza • Ride a taxi or microbus in Hurghada, Alexandria, Mansoura. Do Egyptians speak languages other than Arabic? • Most residents of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh speak at least two languages in addition to the official language. • Most of Cairo and Giza residents speak Arabic and at least 50% speak English well. Is it common to give in Egypt Tours? All restaurants in Cairo and Giza, as well as tourist towns such as Hurghada Excursions and Sharm El Sheikh, provide you with extra charges for services, so you do not have to give money to the waiter. Do I have to learn Arabic to enjoy my visit to Egypt Tours? It is preferred to learn some of the famous Egyptian phrases and phrases such as "Thank you" for the easy to welcome and talk with people in tourist places in Egypt. What types of hotels are available in hotels in Egypt? What about the time of check-in? All tourist cities, from 3 to 7 stars, will be available at most tourist hotels in Egypt around midday, 12 or 1 pm. Can I take pictures during my visit to Egypt Tours? Photography is freely available in most historical sites and museums in Egypt and with us Hurghada Excursions, but some of them charge extra for a camera. In some museums, such as the Egyptian Antiquities Museum, and some historical sites, such as the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, photography is prohibited and visitors are required to leave their cameras at the reception desk before entering for archaeological protection and tourist facilities. Are there special rules for dress to be followed during a visit to a mosque in Egypt Tours?
  4. 4. Yes, he loves full commitment to modest dress, and in some mosques in Egypt, women will be asked to cover their hair and perhaps his arms and legs with a scarf or any cover, in addition to be asked both women and men without distinction to take off their shoes before entering the mosque. Are there any health problems I should worry about in Egypt Tours? You may experience sunburn or heat stroke from heat and sun during the summer due to high temperatures especially in the tourist areas of Luxor and Aswan. Taking proper precautions and drinking bottled water can eliminate any health hazards and use creams for burning scars while you are on the beach. Can I bring a quantity of cigarettes and alcohol during my visit to Egypt Tours with Hurghada Excursions? Yes, the visitor is allowed to purchase up to 3 liters of alcohol and up to 200 cigarettes upon arrival with ease. What are the opening hours of shops and stores in Egypt Tours? Most shops in Egypt open from 8 am and remain open until 12 pm. What are the opening hours in Egypt Tours? Most monuments, historical sites and museums in Egypt are open from 09:00 to 17:00. Historic outdoor sites, such as the Pyramids of Giza, are open from 8 am until sunset. Some museums open in the morning, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, from 5 pm to 9 or 10 pm. During the holy month of Ramadan in the Islamic calendar, you should note that these hours will change dramatically. More tips with our Hurghada Excursions: 1. The currency of the Arab Republic of Egypt Tours is the Egyptian pound 2. Online and MasterCard credit cards are widely used in all cities of Egypt. 3. Service charge in restaurants and cafés that are included in your bill go to the restaurant, not the waiter. 4. The metro is one of the best routes for fast and safe transportation and less expensive from one place to another inside Cairo and Giza. 5. Arabic is the official language of all official transactions in Egypt. English is widely used as a second language. 6. Visit popular restaurants in Cairo and Giza to get the most beautiful foods and delicious Egyptian meals. Enjoy with our offer price for Hurghada Excursions Cheap Transfer Taxis to Cairo Giza Luxor El gouna Egypt airport Hurghada is a great place to spend a honeymoon vacation, a perfect place to spend a summer break with the family, or even a crazy youth adventure in the shadow of the city. An exhilarating desert atmosphere, wonderful atmosphere. In the next few steps, we will describe in detail what you want to know about Hurghada flights, everything you can know about Hurghada itself from the location, weather and history, as well as the types of Hurghada trips you can do both inside Hurghada and outside. Location Hurghada and El Gouna: Located in an average location between North and South Egypt, Hurghada is located on the west coast of the Red Sea in the southwestern part of Egypt, the administrative capital of the Red Sea Governorate.
  5. 5. Hurghada is 452 km from Cairo. El Gouna is one of the nearest tourist resorts. It is 20 km away. Hurghada is accessible directly from Hurghada International Airport give you best Hurghada Excursions, just 4 km away. Hurghada is connected to Cairo by means of paved land roads. Hurghada is also connected to the tribal route through many paved roads, which means that it is possible to reach Hurghada by road, through flights from Cairo airport or Burj Al Arab airport or even through the airports of various European capitals. Weather in Hurghada and El Gouna : The weather in Hurghada is characterized by a tendency to warm up in general. In the winter we find it higher than its rates this year because of the mountains surrounding Hurghada and the desert climate that characterizes the city. The weather in Hurghada is a tourist attraction. Rainfall is relatively rare. Due to the previously desert climate and average high temperatures, tourists from Europe and Russia, who crave such heat, are also attracted to the sun, most of the day. Se out on day trips. History of Hurghada: The stories that people tell about the history of the city of Hurghada and the reason for its name are different from that of Hurghada. However, it is common for Hurghada to have this name through the high-altitude grouper trees, which grow in abundance in this region. The fishermen came from Arabian Peninsula and met. When the trees of Gharqad, which was the meeting point of the fishermen after the completion of fishing, and here derived the name of the city of Hurghada Excursions. But the history of the city of Hurghada itself, as a tourist city, did not appear clearly except through King Farouk, who built a recreation break in that desert region, which has now become a social building for the armed forces, after being nationalized by the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser. Since the nineties, officials in Egypt have begun to look at Hurghada differently. It has become a global tourist destination and a destination for tourists from around the world, which has led to the pace of establishment of hotels in Hurghada and accelerate the process of development and attention. The number of hotels reached 200 hotels, With a high occupancy rate of up to one million tourists per year according to statistics in 2008. What you can do in Hurghada Excursions trips and El Gouna Excursions tours: There are many activities and events that you can do in Hurghada. On the one hand, it is a preferred starting point for many tourist destinations in Egypt, on the other hand it is an independent tourist destination and a tourist city in itself. During your stay in Hurghada, you can take diving, sailing and sailing trips, as well as historical and heritage trips to many of Hurghada's historic areas. You can also take Safari trips to see traditional Bedouin life in the desert of Hurghada. You can also simply take guided tours to Cairo, Luxor and Aswan. From Hurghada you can also take a one-day trip from Hurghada to Cairo, whether by road or by sea by Nile Cruise boats that depart from the nearest port on the Nile to the city of Hurghada. Diving trips in Hurghada Excursions and El Gouna Excursions: One of the most beautiful Hurghada trips you can make during your time, diving trips, which you can do during the day, at a simple cost, and during a period of up to 6 hours full, where you enjoy diving in more than one place, with the possibility to go to two places or More.
  6. 6. Under the water, you will see many miracles of God Almighty, which appear in coral reefs, colorful multicolored fish, and marine life filled with various shapes and colors, where you can take stunning photos kept for anniversary for many years. Safari in Hurghada Excursions and El Gouna Excursions: Egypt is famous for safari tourism with its desert and mountainous areas of different colors and shapes as well as many beautiful oases, interspersed with mountains and providing fun and adventure for safari tourists. Tourism and safaris are spread in many places in Egypt, such as Mount St. Catherine, Mount Moses, Siwa Oasis and the White Desert of the New Valley, the oasis of Dakhla and Al- Kharja which are rich in monuments, aqueducts, wells, and Ain Sokhna. However, Hurghada remains the most prominent in terms of safari tourism. Which allows tourists to have a good chance of watching the lives of Bedouins closely. They can also watch animals in the desert and migratory birds from one place to another, which descends in the desert of Hurghada as a rest before moving to another station. Historic and heritage Hurghada Excursions tours and El Gouna Excursions The city of Hurghada has no historical monuments or monuments dating back to the era of the ancient pharaohs or ancient Islamic or Coptic periods. However, it is possible to replace the museum of sand instead of monuments. The museum was built with the participation of some 42 artists and sculptors from 17 countries. About 12 thousand and 500 meters of sand and 4,000 meters of water. The museum is one of the most important trips of Hurghada Excursions and the first and largest open museum of sand in the Middle East and Africa, where it contains some of the most important historical and historical monuments in Egypt and the world, as well as statues of a number of historical figures and mythical and mythical that affected the history of the world, Among the famous statues of the museum are Yin and Yang, the god of good and evil among the Chinese, the statue of the legend of Boca della Frita, the goddess of lying in the Romans, and Sultan Mohammed the conqueror, Napoleon Bonaparte, the gods Maat at the pharaohs and 42 historical mural paintings. In addition to the museum, tourists in Hurghada can take the city as a base for many different tourist destinations, such as Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and other Egyptian governorates known for its tourist attractions. Guided tours are tourists with Hurghada Excursions: This is a type of guided tour which is one of the best known trips to Hurghada, where you will be guided tour during the trip, which are mostly to Luxor and Aswan, where the various tourist attractions. Hurghada Excursions Offers El Gouna Excursions for groups: Hurghada Excursions Day trip from Hurghada to Cairo by air: Duration: Full day Trip type: Individual flight During this journey, you will travel by plane from Hurghada International Airport to Cairo and spend a full day in the Egyptian capital with an expert in Egyptology, visiting the famous
  7. 7. Pyramids in Giza, Abulhul, the Egyptian Museum and spending the afternoon in Al-Azhar and Al-Husain. The price of the trip: 600 dollars equivalent to (3000 Egyptian pounds) Starting point: The hotel is in Gouna, Hurghada, or Makadi Bay Endpoint: The hotel is in Gouna, Hurghada, or Makadi Bay Hurghada Excursions group trip from Hurghada to Luxor: Duration: One day Trip type: Group trip On that journey, you will take a small truck in the early morning with eight other people on a 16-hour journey that will take you to the Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temples and Memnon Statue. This includes lunch and all entrance fees to the various sights you visit During that trip. Flight Rate: The cost of the trip starts from $ 45. Starting point: The hotel is in Hurghada. Endpoint: The hotel is in Hurghada. Hurghada Excursions day trip from Hurghada to Luxor: Duration: Full day. Trip type: Group trip. On this trip you will enjoy many attractions in Luxor such as the Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut Temple, the Mamnoun Statue, and the Great Karnak Temple, which represents an architectural masterpiece that reflects the development of architecture by ancient Egyptians. Day trip from Hurghada to Luxor, where you fly from the hotel where you live in Hurghada to Luxor directly, seeking to discover the great historical city as good as it was called in the era of the Pharaohs, where the capital of Upper Egypt in the era of the modern family, and the great city of the Amun, where the city is also known as the largest and largest outdoor museum. Flight price: $ 650. Starting point: The hotel is in Hurghada. Endpoint: The hotel is in Hurghada. Hurghada Excursions Trip from Hurghada to Cairo and Luxor for two days: Duration: Two full days Trip type: Group trip During the trip, you will get a unique trip and visit to the two cities of Cairo and Luxor, where you will first visit the historical Islamic monuments in Cairo, which are mostly located in Al-Azhar and Al Hussein, where there is the Khan al-Khalili market, visit the pyramids, Great. In Luxor, you will spend a pleasant day watching magnificent statues and Pharaonic monuments, such as the statue of Memnon, the Valley of the Kings, the Monastery of the Sea, and other Pharaonic monuments that fill the city of Thebes, the capital of Egypt during the Pharaonic rule. The price of the trip: $ 600. Starting point: The hotel is in Hurghada. Endpoint: The hotel is in Hurghada. Hurghada Excursions Cheap Transfer Taxis to Cairo Giza Luxor El gouna Egypt airport with us different.
  8. 8. Hurghada Excursions cruise from Hurghada to Luxor and Aswan by Nile Cruise: Duration: 5 days, 4 nights Trip type: Group trip On this trip you will enjoy visiting Luxor and Aswan and watching their various tourist attractions through a cruise from Hurghada to Aswan Tirana. It overlooks a number of ancient Aswan landmarks such as the High Dam, the Philae Temple, the Plant Island, the Nubian Temple and the Edfu Temple. Before going on the Nile Cruise to Luxor, navigating the Nile, seeing various sites along the way to Luxor, before finally reaching the city of Tiba; watching the Temple of Hatshepsut, the Valley of the Kings and the Temple of Karnak. The price of the trip: $ 440. Starting point: Hurghada International Airport in the direction of Aswan Point of return: The hotel where you live in Hurghada Hurghada Excursions two-day flight from Hurghada to Cairo: Duration: Two days Trip type: Individual trip On the flight from Hurghada airport to Cairo International Airport, it will remain in the Egyptian capital for two days, during which they will visit Islamic attractions, visit the pyramids and Khan el-Khalili, the castle of Mohamed Ali and the Egyptian Museum. Flight Rate: $ 600 per person. Hurghada Excursions safari in El Gouna Excursions by a 4 × 4 jeep: Duration: about 7 hours. Trip type: Group During the trip, you will enjoy a unique adventure in the desert of Hurghada, where you will enjoy the traditional Bedouin life, with a Bedouin-style grilled diner, enjoy jeep ride and stroll through villages and Bedouin camps. The price of the trip: $ 80. Hurghada Excursions Diving trip from Hurghada to the island of Gifton: Duration: 7 hours. Trip type: Group trip It is one of Hurghada's most unique trips. From this hotel you can travel to the magnificent port of Jiftoun, where you spend hours swimming or diving, or even enjoying the spectacular crystal blue waters and clear clouds. . The price of the trip: $ 50. Starting point: The hotel where you live. Point of return: The hotel where you live in Hurghada. Hurghada Excursions submarine trip in Hurghada: Duration: 2 hours only. Trip type: Group trip. On that trip, you will ride the submarine Sea Scoop and dive deep into the Red Sea for 40 meters below sea level. You can also dive underwater and see colorful fish and coral reefs. Flight Rate: The price of the trip is $ 70 per person. Starting Point: The hotel where you live in Hurghada. Point of return: The hotel where you live in Hurghada. Hurghada Excursions Desert Safari at sunset in Hurghada: Duration: 7 hours
  9. 9. Trip type: Group trip On that journey, you will venture into the deep desert surrounding Hurghada, where you will enjoy sand dunes and Bedouin camps, watching the sunset in the Bedouin camp, where you can take pictures to keep them in memorable memories. The journey does not end there, but continues after sunset, where you can dine in the Bedouin way, drink tea and smoke the argela in an authentic Arab session. The price of the trip: $ 30. Starting point: The journey starts from your hotel Return Point: The trip ends at the hotel where you live in Hurghada. Hurghada Excursions journey of a thousand nights in Hurghada: Duration: 3 hours Trip type: Individual One of the most unforgettable trips to Hurghada is the evening cruise, which will make you fly to the legends of the Thousand and One Nights, where you live with belly dancing, enjoy the sound and light show, dancing fountain, horse acrobatics, , And skirt. Flight price: $ 30 per person. Transfer from Hurghada to Luxor Taxis to Cairo Giza Luxor El gouna airport for all city in egypt. The best sports clubs in Hurghada Although Hurghada has many recreational and entertainment activities, it is full of sports clubs that can exercise and exercise, including:  Sand Beach Health Club  Beauty Palace Fitness  Makadi Gold Spa  Gold's Gym  Gauterm Red Sea Tlasso & Spa. Best shopping in Hurghada Hurghada is filled with many shopping malls, which are packed with shops and bazaars, which include many of the world's most famous boutiques, clothing and electronics. You can also buy the finest watches, jewelry and jewelry. The most prominent shopping areas in Hurghada Excursions;  City Center Hurghada  Esplanade Mall  Downtown Bazaar  Cleopatra Bazaar. Best nightclubs in Hurghada Hurghada's nightlife is flourishing, thanks to the presence of many foreign residents, as well as visiting tourists, giving the city a western character that rivals Europe's capitals. One of the best nightclubs in Hurghada is Babaz Bar, Babaz Beach, White Beach Hurghada, Alimant Lounge Club. Best Restaurants in Hurghada Restaurants, which offer high-quality food, whether seafood, or casual meals, are among the restaurants; the ring,  Star Fish  Sky Restaurant  specializes in vegetarian meals
  10. 10.  restaurant and Café Waves, which also serves Italian, European and Egyptian cuisine. Best Hospitals in Hurghada Excursions Hurghada has many international hospitals offering excellent health services, including:  Nile Hospital  Hurghada International Hospital  Royal Hurghada Hospital. History of Things to Do in Hurghada Egypt There are rumors that the city of Hurghada comes back to the tree of gardeq, which grows in abundance in that region, where fishermen come from the Arabian Peninsula and meet at the trees of the gardek, the high altitude, including recently acquired the name of Hurghada, and was the first break in that area, Farouk, who after the nationalization became the building of the club of the armed forces of water sports. What do you do in Things to Do in Hurghada Egypt? In the city, you can do many trips to Hurghada, there is the Red Sea, rich in coral and exotic colors that make the city of Hurghada attract the attention of the world, and on the ground there are many trips Hurghada can be made through adventure trips and safari fun, as well as fishing trips. Among the trips that Hurghada can make; diving trips in the magnificent crystal warm waters, EL Gouna Red Seais actually an excellent place to dive into the sea and dive underwater, with a thriving array of sea creatures, where you can see exotic fish. Water sports are very popular in Hurghada, such as swimming, windsurfing, windsurfing, and sea breeze will keep you at an ideal temperature. In addition, wonderful safaris, white sand, traditional Bedouin life, and even more, can be made from Hurghada to visit the Pyramids in Cairo or Luxor's Valley of the Kings. Conclusion There are a lot of Hurghada trips that you can take, for you and your entire family, from learning to kite surfing or snorkelling, as well as the fun of dining in great restaurants and fine cafés. Things to Do in Hurghada EgyptDiving trips in Hurghada During diving trips in EL Gouna Red Sea, hiking and swimming with dolphins, as well as a rubber banana boat ride can take a day trip in Hurghada, El Gouna and Makadi. On that journey, you can also swim in an area where dolphins are known to be in abundance. During that journey you can observe those beautiful creatures in their
  11. 11. natural habitat. During that journey you can be happy to swim directly with the dolphins, and you may not be happy. These trips, usually for a full day, with hotel delivery, with the full cost of renting diving equipment and other costs and additional expenses. Things to Do in EL Gouna Red Sea EgyptSafari in Hurghada From Hurghada's famous safari trips, you can enjoy a quad-bike ride and explore the desert on this 3-hour tour of EL Gouna Red Sea, where you can experience exciting driving through the dunes to a Bedouin village where you can enjoy black tea and camel riding. Go to Things to Do in Hurghada Egypt There are many types and types of Hurghada trips you can do, and you are within the city, whether it is a safari or sea trip, as well as trips outside the city for a day or two to Cairo, Luxor or Aswan by air or land. In addition, a private trip can be made to the islands scattered around EL Gouna Red Sea, where diving trips and pleasant swimming can take place, and memories remain with you forever. Things to Do in Hurghada EgyptTrip from Hurghada to Cairo and Luxor by air During this journey, you will explore the most famous ancient Egyptian monuments, visit the pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx and the Egyptian Museum with a view of the treasures of King Tutankhamun, then fly to Luxor to see the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Hatshepsut and the temples of Karnak and Luxor. The journey begins on its first day in Cairo, watching the pyramids of Khufu, Khafra and Menqra, then enjoying lunch at a local high-quality restaurant, and then visits the Egyptian Museum, which contains more than 120,000 artifacts Things to Do in Hurghada Egypt. We are still in Cairo, where you can visit Cairo's Islamic landmarks in Khan el-Khalili and Al-Azhar, and finally take you to Cairo Airport to the second destination of your trip to Luxor. The second stop of the trip is in Luxor. Upon arrival you will have dinner, go to sleep, and the next day you will start your breakfast at the hotel in Luxor. Then your tour guide will accompany you to the city's tourist attractions, the beginning with the Valley of the Kings, then visit the tombs of King Tutankhamun and Ramses V I. She then moved to the funeral temple of Queen Hatshepsut in Deir al-Bahari, the only woman who ruled Egypt during the Pharaonic era, for 22 years (1490 - 1468 BC).
  12. 12. After lunch you go to a visit to Karnak Temple, the largest religious temple in Egypt, dedicated to the three Luxor goddesses. Finally, you can return to your hotel in Hurghada by a modern car, approximately 4 hours by car. Things to Do in Hurghada Egypttrip from EL Gouna Red Seato Luxor The cost of the trip starts at $ 125 per person, lasts for one day and can be played every day from Sunday to Wednesday. The tour includes Karnak temples, the Valley of the Kings and Hatshepsut Temple, then shopping through famous bazaars, with tour guide service. Afterwards, enjoy your lunch on the road at a local restaurant in Luxor, then visit the West Bank of the Nile to visit the monumental statues of Amenhotep the Third (statues of Memnon), including the cost of admission to sights, lunch in a good restaurant, And mineral water bottles. A trip from EL Gouna Red Seato Cairo and Luxor through Nile boats The journey is different from other trips, with a two-day extended stay during which you can enjoy Things to Do in Hurghada Egypteternal Nile, from Cairo to Luxor via a tourist boat. The trip includes visits to the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the Statue of Memnon, the Temple of Karnak in Luxor, visiting the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx of Cairo, with a price of $ 400 per person and traveling via a tourist boat from Cairo to Luxor. Things to Do in EL Gouna Red Sea EgyptTrip from Hurghada to Luxor and Aswan via Nile Cruise During that trip, you will leave the EL Gouna Red SeaHotel to make a trip to Luxor, and from there you will travel to Aswan via a tourist boat, starting from $ 430. On that trip, you will visit Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut Temple, Kom Ombo, Edfu and the Philae Temple, while enjoying the beautiful views of the Nile Valley along the road between Luxor and Aswan. The journey begins on its first day of Hurghada, where breakfast is served at the hotel, then travels to Luxor for a 4-hour land trip. When she arrives, she has lunch before visiting the Karnak and Luxor temples, then returns to the boat again for afternoon tea, watching an Oriental dance show and then dine on the ship before sleeping. On the second day of the journey, start your day with breakfast on board, before visiting the West Bank from Luxor, watching the Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut and Memnon,
  13. 13. then sailing to Esna and dine on board, watching the usual dancing performances every day. On the third day of the journey, you will see temples of Edfu and Kom Ombo, after breakfast on board. After visiting the temples, you can dine on board, with afternoon tea, and in the evening you will enjoy the Galapagia Parti. On the fourth day of the journey, the ship will sail to Aswan. During the sailing, you will have breakfast on the ship, tour the Abu Simbel temple, then lunch on the ship, afternoon tea, and in the evening dine on the ship. Fluorescent Nobby. On the fifth and final day of the journey, you will descend to Aswan and sail to EL Gouna Red Seavia the Red Sea, where you will visit the High Dam, the Temple of Phila and then go to EL Gouna Red Seain the Red Sea for 7 hours. Things to Do in Hurghada Egypttrip from Hurghada to Cairo for two days trip from EL Gouna Red Seato Cairo takes two days, including an internal flight ticket from EL Gouna Red Seato Cairo and vice versa, with a stay in Cairo at Le Meridien Pyramids with breakfast. The cost of the trip includes a special tour guide, entrance fees for a number of Cairo attractions, lunch during tours in Cairo, shopping tours through Khan el Khalili bazaar and all service and tax charges. During that trip, you will visit the pyramids of Giza and the Egyptian Museum, as you see the beauty of Islamic Cairo and overlook the city from the Cairo Citadel, at $ 470 per person. Things to Do in Hurghada EgyptSafari in Hurghada with a 4 × 4 jeep The trip can be done every day at 11 am, including travel from the hotel to the safari desert area, back to the hotel again, the tour guide and the cost of renting a 4 × 4 safari. During the trip you can see desert beauty, even riding one of those beauties in the desert, using a quad bike around the Bedouin village, with a panoramic view of EL Gouna Red Seaand sunset, and at dinner you can have a grilled meal with mineral water and soft drinks, $ 50 per person. Things to Do in Hurghada EgyptDiving trip to the island of Gifton One of Hurghada's best trips is a diving trip to the island of Jiftun, near EL Gouna Red Sea. On that trip, you will be taken by boat to enjoy diving on the island of Jiftun, where you can enjoy coral and colorful fish or snorkeling around the island.
  14. 14. The cost of the trip includes travel expenses to and from the hotel in Things to Do in Hurghada Egypt, the cost of renting diving equipment, an English-speaking tour guide, lunch on board a diving boat, mineral water bottles, and all service charges and taxes. The journey starts from your EL Gouna Red Seahotel to the harbor and from there to the island of Jiftun. You can enjoy a wonderful diving trip with relaxation on the desert island of the beautiful Red Sea, where we will dive in different places filled with coral reefs and wonderful colorful fish. You may also have the opportunity to swim with dolphins and enjoy water sports activities on the island of Jeffton with a lunch buffet on board the cruise and then return to the wharf pier before moving back to the hotel in EL Gouna Red Sea, starting at $ 35 per person. Things to Do in Hurghada EgyptDiving in a protected island in Hurghada On a protected island in EL Gouna Red Sea, you will enjoy swimming in clear crystal waters, relaxing on white sandy beaches, for 8 hours full, with a tour guide, who can speak your language. Things to Do in Hurghada Egyptsubmarine trip in Hurghada On that trip, you will dive into the depths of the dazzling Red Sea, without getting wet, and see the coral reefs and marine life in the Red Sea for 3 hours from EL Gouna Red Sea. The trip includes a reception and delivery service from the hotel, with a 72-foot (22- meter) deep dive for a full 3 hours.