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Popular WordPress Plugins

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This is a presentation that was designed for our Advanced Web Design class at Sheridan College for the CCIT program. These students are not typically leaving their program to be web designers or developers, but they tend to be the managers. Knowing what tools are available to them is important. This presentation is meant to be about the "front end" of the website as opposed to the "back end". Items like security, backups and optimization were handled in a separate presentation.

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Popular WordPress Plugins

  1. 1. Popular WordPress Plugins
  2. 2. Hello! I am Shanta Nathwani I am here because I love to give presentations. You can find me at @ShantaDotCa
  3. 3. 49,261 Total Number of WordPress Plugins in the Repository as of March 11, 2017
  4. 4. Types of Plugins Major categories include: ● ECommerce ● Email ● Membership ● Forms ● Automation ● Gallery ● Optimization ● Security ● SEO ● Analytics We’re only going to cover a few of these in detail. Security and Optimization are in a separate presentation.
  5. 5. “There are plenty of plugins that will do multiple things. Pick plugins that work well together and that only have what you need. Perhaps choose ones from the same developer if possible. When possible, I’ve linked to the WordPress Repository, if there are multiple sites for the plugin.
  6. 6. ECommerce Sell stuff!
  7. 7. ECommerce WooCommerce was acquired by Automattic in May, 2015. WooCommerce by Automattic This is by far the largest of the WordPress plugins for ECommerce. It is free to install the basic setup, but has tonnes of add-ons, depending on things like type of product, payment gateways and much more. This is typically for physical products but can be used for digital as well. Premium plugins include memberships and subscriptions as well. It works well as an “all-in-one” solution.
  8. 8. ECommerce Pippin has another plugin that has been recommended in this deck under “Memberships”. Easy Digital Downloads by Pippin’s Plugins This is one of the most popular plugins not developed by Automattic itself that specifically handles digital downloads, but I’ve seen this used as a way to manage memberships also. Premium add-ons include payment gateways. Very easy to use and reputable company in the WordPress world.
  9. 9. Membership Join stuff!
  10. 10. Memberships Pippin has another plugin that has been recommended in this deck under “ECommerce”. Restrict Content by Pippin’s Plugins This plugin helps manage access to content on your website. You can use this to run things like courses and capture emails. You can run this like a membership site or run in conjunction with the other plugin, Easy Digital Downloads.
  11. 11. Memberships BuddyCamp is one of the components of WordCamp Miami, one of the largest in the world. BuddyPress by John James Jacoby et. al. John James Jacoby (aka JJJ) used to work for Automattic, but now works on his own. This is an open source project, just like WordPress. One of the possible uses is a forum. Much like the one we use for our classes at Sheridan College. Photo by Kiera Howe
  12. 12. Memberships Sometimes you have to go with recommendations from people you know. MemberPress The plugin on the WordPress repository is an add-on for MemberPress. I haven’t used this one, but my friends Chris Lema and Nile Flores both recommend it.
  13. 13. Forms Collect stuff!
  14. 14. Forms So many fields! Contact Form 7 by Takayuki Miyoshi One of the most widely used Plugins for Forms. It has a very high rating and over 3 million installs.
  15. 15. Forms Josh has a thing for tacos. Tell him I said #HiJosh Caldera Forms by Josh Pollack I know Josh personally and this has been recommended by a few people I know, including Jonathan Perlman. He is also a fellow contributor on The WP Crowd. He’s even given our students a discount code!
  16. 16. Forms They have some pretty awesome stickers too. Gravity Forms by Rocket Genius One of the top three form plugins in the WordPress environment. They are big supporters in the WordPress world, especially my buddy, Jeff Matson.
  17. 17. Galleries Show stuff!
  18. 18. Galleries A picture is worth a thousand words. Foo Gallery and Foo Image LightBox by Foo Plugins This is another one I’ve never used, but was recommended by at least three people: Chris Lema, Nile Flores and Adam Warner. The main gallery is a free plugin, and the lightbox is a premium add on. I’ve struggled to find one, but this appears to be a good choice for many.
  19. 19. SEO/Analytics Analyze stuff!
  20. 20. SEO/Analytics Yoast SEO Google Analytics ● Recommended as the top plugin for SEO. ● Helps reach your audience and make suggestions. ● Recommended as the top analytics tool. ● Does a deeper look than the WordPress statistics. There’s one SEO Plugin, but multiple Google Analytic ones.
  21. 21. All In One Solutions? Short cuts
  22. 22. Jetpack? What is Jetpack?
  23. 23. Jetpack Suite Jetpack is a suite of plugins developed by Automattic. There is great debate whether or not to use it, especially among developers who claim it will slow down your site. As Chris Lema says, “It depends”. Here are some of the highlights of the plugin suite (in my humble opinion): ● Publicize ● Tiled Gallery ● Image CDN ● Downtime Monitoring ● Single Point Management You must have a WordPress.com account for this to work, which is different from WordPress.org. Some concerns circulating this suite is the use of 3rd party servers, especially for things like CDN.
  24. 24. CDN Content Delivery Network A content delivery network (CDN) is a system of distributed servers (network) that deliver webpages and other Web content to a user based on the geographic locations of the user, the origin of the webpage and a content delivery server. - Webopedia.com
  25. 25. Thanks! Any questions? You can find me at @ShantaDotCa and shanta@shanta.ca
  26. 26. Resources The following resources were used in the research of this presentation ● 24 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Business Websites in 2017 ● 37 Essential WordPress Plugins You Should Know (and Install If You Haven’t Already) ● The Best WordPress Plugins Ever Created Since the Dawn of Time ● Should I use the WordPress Jetpack plugin on my site? ● WPToronto East - Forms, Memberships, Emails, Automation