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  1. The Life of Steve Jobs Tribune by :- Prof Tanu Narang
  2. From  the  day  he  was  born  on  February  24,  1955,  Steven  Paul  Jobs  has  been  blazing  his  own  path.  As   the  CEO  of  Apple  Computer  and  CEO  and  Chairman  of  Pixar,  Jobs  is  today  recognized  as  one  of  the  top   leaders  and  visionaries  of  both  the  computer  and  entertainment  industries  and  is  worth  an  estimated   $4.4  billion.  Steve  Jobs,  the  mastermind  behind  Apple's  iPhone,  iPad,  iPod,  iMac  and  iTunes,  has  died   on  October  5,  2011,  when  he  was  56  years  old.
  3. The visionary that changed the lives of millions. February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011  
  4. •   He    Skipped  5th  grade     •  Took  his  first  electronics    class  in  high  school   •  A7er  school,  a9ended  lectures  at  the  Hewle9   Packard  company  where  he  met  Steve   Wonzniak  during  work    
  5. •  Graduated  high  school  in  1972     •  Enrolled  in  Reed  College  in  Oregon   •  Dropped  out  a7er  one  semester     •  Slept  on  his  friends  dorm  room  floor  and   dropped  in  on  classes  of  interest-­‐ I didn t have a dorm room, so I slept on the floor in friends rooms, I returned coke bottles for the 5¢ deposits to buy food with, and I would walk the 7 miles across town every Sunday night to get one good meal a week at the Hare Krishna temple.
  6. •  Returned  to  California  in  1974  and  was  hired  as  a   technician  for  Atari   •  A9ended  meePngs  at     Wozniak s   Homebrew     Computer  Club   Steve  convinced  Wozniak  to  work  with  him  in  building   computers.  For  this  Jobs sold his  Volkswagen  van  while   Wozniak  sold  his  Hewle9-­‐Packard  scienPfic  calculator.   Jobs  named  their  company  –  Apple  in  memory  of  a  happy   summer  he  had  spent  as  an  orchard  worker  in  Oregon.   •     
  7. •  Born on April 1st, 1976 •  Apple I designed and prototype built •  First single board computer with built-in video interface
  8. •  Apple II designed in the following year •  Operating System loaded automatically •  Smaller Components & built-in circuitry •  In 1976, Jobs looked to hire a public relations agency to help advertise
  9. •  Most investors turned Apple down •  Retired Intel executive Mike Markkula decided to invest •  Markkula became chairman of Apple in May 1977
  10. •  Became publicly traded company in 1980 •  Launched LISA in 1983 •  First commercial computer to use GUI •  Unpopular due to its few software programs and high price
  11. •  Macintosh  created  to  compete  with  PC   •  Marketed  for  friendliness,  not  just  a  mindless   machine   •  Very  popular  –  sold  approximately  70,000   Macs  in  the  first  100  days  
  12. Downfall – parting from Apple Sales began to plunge Wozniak quit Apple in 1985 Board members of Apple met on May 28th , 1985 and each voted on the removal of Steve from the company- At 30 Jobs, however, was fired from the company he co-founded with Steve Wozniak. He left the company after losing a bitter battle over control with Apple s CEO John Sculley (whom Jobs had recruited from Pepsi Cola).
  13. Steve Later Said :- I didn t see it then, but it turned out that getting fired from Apple was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again, less sure about everything. It freed me to enter one of the most creative periods of my life.
  14. Starting all over again Decided to start his own Company .Founded NeXT Computer in 1989 NeXT turned a profit for the first time in 1992. NeXT software needed to be made more reliable and compatible for consumers. Company slowly starts going downhill
  15. Jobs was criticized for wasting money that belonged to the company in 1993. Closed a NeXT factory in that February. Laid off half of the employees and stopped making computers.
  16. Also Started Pixar Pixar, however was a success story. The company started the first computer-animated film, the Toy Story and when Pixar s stock went public, Jobs became an instant billionaire.
  17. Job Back with a Vengence Meanwhile, his old company, Apple was under immense pressure from rival Microsoft and in 1996 posted billions of dollars in losses. In December 1996 Jobs convinced Apple to buy NeXT and make its software the foundation of the next-generation Mac OS. The technology he developed at NeXT became the catalyst of Apple s comeback. Initially appointed as Apple s adviser, Steve Jobs was named Apple s interim CEO in 1997
  18. The New Beginning •  In early 2000, Pixar leads animated film industry •  Later that month, Jobs announced his return to the CEO position •  Insisted on keeping his $1 annual salary Although his salary was low, the company granted him ten million shares of Apple stock worth hundreds of millions
  19. Portable Audio Revolution •  Less than a year after iTunes was released, Apple released the iPod •  Originally only for Mac users •  In July 2002, the new iPod was available for Windows users as well •  Sales skyrocketed and 75% of MP3 players are iPods In eight weeks, five million songs were sold on iTunes. Took over 80% of the legal music downloading market
  20. More Successful Changes •  June 6th, 2005, Jobs announced switch from PowerPC chips to Intel chips. •  This would conserve energy on PowerBook and iBook
  21. Pixar •  Pixar was Jobs second company •  Swept the box office with its animated films •  On January 24th, 2006, Disney bought out Pixar for $7.4 billion
  22. 1976: Steve wozniak & Steve jobs starts apple 1984:Macintosh Pc debuts 1985:Jobs leaves Apple 1986:Funds Pixar Animation Studios 1997:Rejoins Apple as interim CEO 1998:Imac desktop computer unveiled 2001: Ipod unveiled 2007:Iphone launched 2010:Apple begins selling ipad Aug 9, 2011:Apple briefly becomes world s most valuable company Aug 24 , 2011:Jobs steps down as Apple CEO Oct 5, 2011:Jobs dies after battle with cancer
  23. The prominent style of Steve He used to say that :- I save time even on thinking what to wear every morning .
  24. Jobs  believes  that  everything  happens  for  a  reason  and  although  that  reason  may  be  hard  to   see  at  the  time,  sometimes  you  need  to  just  sit  back  and  have  faith  that  things  will  work  out  in   the  end.  Trusting  your  own  decisions  is  often  one  of  the  most  difPicult  but  necessary  and   rewarding  experiences.  
  25. Jobs  knows  how  lucky  he  is  to  have  discovered  his  passion  in  life  at  an  early  age.  Jobs  considers  the   passion  he  has  for  his  work  one  of  the  most  important  factors  behind  his  immense  success.  Jobs  is  now   living  his  dream  life.  He  continues  to  work  on  a  daily  basis,  to  experiment  and  to  innovate.  He  admits   that  the  only  thing  that  keeps  him  coming  to  work  every  day  is  his  passion.
  26. Steve  Jobs  Quotes Listen!  I ll  Tell  
  27. I  didn t  see  it  then,     but  it  turned  out  that   getting  Pired  from   Apple  was  the  best     thing  that  could  have     ever  happened  to   me.
  28. It  freed  me  to  enter  one     of  the  most  creative  periods   of  my  life.  Jobs  went  on  to   create  NeXT  and  Pixar  and   eventually  returned  to  Apple   when  it  purchased  NeXT.  
  29. Steve s
  30. You  have  to  trust  in   something  –  your  gut,   destiny,  life,  karma,     whatever.  This  approach   has  never  let  me  down,   and  it  has  made  all  the   difference  in  my  life.
  31. Your  time  is  limited,     so  don't  waste  it  living  someone  else's   life.
  32. The  only  way  to  do  great  work  is  to   love  what  you  do.  If  you  haven t  found   it  yet,  keep  looking.  Don t  settle.
  33. It  has  been  Jobs  willingness  to  seize  new  opportunities  and  take  the  road  less  traveled  that  has     allowed  him  to  rise  above  his  competitors.  This  has  helped  Jobs  not  only  become  one  of  the  most   successful  entrepreneurs  of  the  20th  century,  but  has  also  let  him  live  his  dream  life.  He  is  both  a     workaholic  and  a  devoted  family  man  and  never  loses  any  opportunity  to  improve  upon  both.  
  34. Whenever  the  answer  has  been   No   for  too  many  days  in  a  row,  I  know   I  need  to  change  something,  
  35. If  you  live  each  day  as  if  it  was  your  last,   someday  you'll  most  certainly  be  right.  
  36. Don't  be  trapped  by  dogma  –  which  is  living  with  the  results  of  other     people's  thinking.  Don't  let  the  noise  of  others'  opinions  drown  out  your  own   inner  voice.  They  somehow  already  know  what  you  truly  want  to  become.    
  37. Jobs  learned  the  importance  of     making  the  most  of  his  time  when  he   was  diagnosed  with  cancer  in  2004.     My  doctor  advised  me  to  go  home     and  get  my  affairs  in  order,  which  is   doctor s  code  for  prepare  to  die.
  38. When  Jobs  spoke  at  the  summer   convocation  of  Stanford  University   in  2005,   Remembering  that  I'll  be   dead  soon  is  the  most  important   tool  I've  ever  encountered  to  help   me  make  the  big  choices  in  life,   because  almost  everything  –  all   external  expectations,  all  pride,  all   fear  of  embarrassment  or  failure     –  these  things  just  fall  away  in     the  face  of  death,  leaving  only     what  is  truly  important.  
  39. Remembering  that  you  are  going  to   die  is  the  best  way  I  know  to  avoid  the   trap  of  thinking  you  have  something     to  lose.  You  are  already  naked.  There   is  no  reason  not  to  follow  your  heart.
  40. Innovation  is  the     distinction  between  a   leader  and  a  follower.
  41. To  turn  really  interesting  ideas  and     Pledgling  technologies  into  a  company     that  can  continue  to  innovate  for  years,   it  requires  a  lot  of  disciplines.  
  42. Your  work  is  going  to  Pill  a  large   part  of  your  life,  and  the  only  way   to  be  truly  satisPied  is  to  do  what     you  believe  is  great  work.  
  43. "That's  been  one  of  my  mantras   -­‐-­‐  focus  and  simplicity.  Simple  can   be  harder  than  complex:  You   have  to  work  hard  to  get  your   thinking  clean  to  make  it  simple.   But  it's  worth  it  in  the  end   because  once  you  get  there,  you   can  move  mountains.   -­‐Steve  Jobs   BusinessWeek  interview,  May  1998  
  44. "We're  here  to  put  a  dent  in  the  universe.  –Steve  Jobs   "Death  is  very  likely  the  single  best   invenPon  of  Life.  It  is  Life's  change   agent.  It  clears  out  the  old  to  make   way  for  the  new.  
  45. "My  model  for  business  is  The  Beatles.  They  were  four   guys  who  kept  each  other's  kind  of  negaPve  tendencies  in   check.  They  balanced  each  other  and  the  total  was   greater  than  the  sum  of  the  parts.  That's  how  I  see   business:  great  things  in  business  are  never  done  by  one   person,  they're  done  by  a  team  of  people.  
  46. You  know,  we  don't  grow  most  of  the   food  we  eat.  We  wear  clothes  other   people  make.  We  speak  a  language   that  other  people  developed.  We  use   a  mathematics  that  other  people   evolved...  I  mean,  we're  constantly     taking  things.  It's  a  wonderful,     ecstatic  feeling  to  create  something     that  puts  it  back  in  the  pool  of  human   experience  and  knowledge.