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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation and Nurses

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Cardiac Rehabilitation

  1. 1. Cardiac Rehabilitation Ms Tarika Sharma MSN(Cardiology/CTVS),RN,RM Nursing Tutor M M College Of Nursing Maharishi Markandeshwar University, Ambala Haryana (INDIA)
  2. 2. Ask this question….
  3. 3. Cardiac Rehabilitation The sum of activities required to ensure cardiac patients the best possible physical, mental and social conditions so that they may, by their own efforts, resume and maintain as normal a place as possible in the community.
  4. 4. Simply stated… Cardiac rehabilitation is a combination of services that helps patients with cardiovascular disease: • Improve their functional abilities, particularly their tolerance for physical activity • Decrease their symptoms and • Achieve and maintain optimal health.
  5. 5. Goal of Cardiac Rehabilitation To restore normal functioning and lifestyle.
  6. 6. Indications for Cardiac Rehab MI Angina (stable) Coronary artery bypass Sx Compensated heart failure Cardiac surgery High risk for CAD High risk for high blood pressure End stage renal failure Status post pacemaker insertion Cardiomyopathy PVD Heart transplant High risk for diabetes
  7. 7. Phases Of Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase 1: The inpatient stay Phase 2: The immediate post- discharge period until patient commences phase 3 Phase 4: The long- term maintenan ce period Phase 3: The exercise and education programm e post- discharge
  8. 8. CORE COMPONENTS Baseline Patient Assessment Nutritional Counseling Risk Factor Management (Lipids, Hypertension, Weight, Diabetes, And Smoking) Psychosocial Management Physical Activity Counseling Exercise Training
  9. 9. Benefits of Cardiac Rehabilitation
  10. 10. The Evidence Reduces Improves Supports All cause mortality by 11-26% Cardiac mortality by 26-36% Morbidity Unplanned admissions by 28-56% Heron et al 2011 Quality of Life Functional capacity Early return to work The development of self management skills
  11. 11. Underutilization Of Cardiac Rehabilitation
  12. 12. Strategies For Improvement Patient education by physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers regarding cardiac rehabilitation
  13. 13. Strategies For Improvement Home-based cardiac rehabilitation programs as an alternative to hospital-based cardiac rehabilitation
  14. 14. Strategies For Improvement The use of modern technologies (internet, phone and other communication tools) Technological developments (mHealth, social media, etc.)
  15. 15. Strategies For Improvement Traditional approaches such as yoga for Cardiac Rehabilitation.
  16. 16. Strategies For Improvement Task Shifting
  17. 17. Conclusion ‘If there was a pill that cost very little, reduced cardiac deaths by 27% , improved quality of life, and reduced anxiety and depression, every cardiac patient would be expected to take it. There is no such pill but taking part in a Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme can provide all these benefits Prof Bob Lewin 2005
  18. 18. Cardiac Rehabilitation: The Magic Pill MAGIC PILL CARDIAC REHABILITATION
  19. 19. THANK YOU…