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Indian artkart mass customer

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Indian artkart mass customer

  1. 1. www.IndianArtKart.com An Art At Your Door IndianArtKart Offerings
  2. 2. Requirements • Need customize paintings that are flexible and fits according to the requirement • IndianArtKart to take responsibility of negotiating with artist • Ensure paintings, framing and delivery are done as planned • Paintings will be provided based on the discussion and understanding captured from project requirement • Provide an option to choose : – Type of paintings – Color of painting – Types of Framing – Quality of Paintings 1 2 3 4 5
  3. 3. • Good Paintings always gives a great impressions to clients • IndianArtKart acts as your one stop for all fine art paintings • Visit www.IndianArtKart.com to view our newest artworks. •We are one stop for all your fine art wall paintings, framing and delivering. •We sell online and offline paintings to Indian and global market . • Order customized wall paintings • Message filled paintings that shows loyalty, motivation and inspiration • Customized Paintings based on size, frame ,color, budget and type of paintings . Offerings • Special Discounts on bulk orders • Quality paintings with best price • Delivery at your Door Step • Paintings done on agreed timelines Benefits - Real Estate Value Added Services from IndianArtKart.com Discounts DeliveryBulk Order Quality • Fine Art Original Paintings • Paintings with Acrylics, oil, water color, charcoal, pencil sketches on canvas, artist paper and glass paintings • We also take order for vases, night lamp, artistic wall clock and A new paintings Architect - Offerings
  4. 4. Starting Size 16/20inch Rs 2499*
  5. 5. Starting Size 16/20inch Rs 2499*
  6. 6. Starting Size 16/20inch Rs 1899*
  7. 7. Starting Size 16/20 Rs 5992*
  8. 8. Starting Size 16/20 inch Rs 4650* Landscape frame type paintings
  9. 9. Starting Size 16/20inch Rs 4999*
  10. 10. Starting Size 16/20 inch Rs 5990* Frame Painting using knife
  11. 11. Sq. Ft Starts from 449 Rs*
  12. 12. Sq. Ft Starts from 249* Rs Wall Art
  13. 13. Fibre,Ceramic,Clay Murals Sq. Ft Starts from 2249* Rs
  14. 14. Sq. Ft Starts from Rs 2249*
  15. 15. Prize Starts from Rs 1614* Your Logo Your Logo
  16. 16. Starting Size 12/12 Inc Rs 1499*
  17. 17. Starting Size 08/08 Rs 899*
  18. 18. Price Starting From Rs 599* Brass Art-Wall Hangings
  19. 19. Price Starting From Rs 599*
  20. 20. Art Collection Spray • The Art Collection varnish sprays are non-yellowing, odorless and flexible varnishes for the protection of paintings. It’s the best protection against pollution of the surface and against yellowing or slow fading colors.
  21. 21. Sample Bulk Sizes Available  Smaller Size: All inches 12X18 16x20 16X24 18X30 20X30  Landscape Art of different sizes. Sizes all in inches: 20X24 20X30 24X36 30X40 36X60 48X72  Figurative Art of different sizes. Sizes all in inches: 20X24 20X30 24X36 30X40 36X60-- 48X72-- We also take a customized Paintings sizes
  22. 22. About our Artist • We have professional artists, under privileged artists and budding artists with passion to make big in Fine Art World. • Our artists are genuine and if the painting is remade , it will be a inspired painting ,which will be clarified in Authentic Certificate that is given by our Artist .
  23. 23. For More Queries Contact Tarun Hugar Sales Manager tarun.hugar@indianartkart.com 09844840203 08026796382 www.IndianArtKart.com
  24. 24. Recently Completed Projects
  25. 25. ``