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Customer services and initiatives @ tata power delhi distribution

  1. Customer Services & Initiatives @TPDDL
  2. Contents 2  Overview  Customer Touch Points & Complaint Handling o 24*7 Sampark Kendra (Helpline) o Customer Care Centres o SMS PULL Service o Website / Email o Utilities Customer E-Service - UCES o Complaint Escalation  Customer Service Initiatives o New Connection o Reading & Billing o Payment Convenience o Communication and Customer Relationship o Reliable and Quality Power Supply
  3. Overview -TPDDL Vision To be the most trusted and admired provider of reliable, competitive power and services, and be the company of choice for all stakeholders. Customer Revenue Cycle New Connection Power Supply Metering Reading & Billing Payment Smooth & Timely Processing 24*7 Reliable and Quality Supply Safe & Accurate Error Free Convenient & Hassel Free
  4. 4 Overview -Customer Recognition For any communication with TPDDL, always quote your Contract Account / Connection Account (CA No) OR complaint / request number (Notification No) details Every Connection is provided with a 11 Digit unique Contract Account / Connection Account Number (CA No) CA No displayed on Top Most (Right Side) portion of Electricity Bill Every Request / Complaint is also provided with a 10 Digit unique request / complaint number (Notification Number) For instant recognition of the customer, always call from the registered Mobile Number
  5. Customer Touch Points & Complaint Handling -24*7 Sampark Kendra Call Us - To register your complaints, requests and queries pertaining to 1. No Supply 2. Fire & Safety 3. New connection and Attribute Change (Name / Load / Category Change) 4. Billing, Metering and Reading Request (Example: Meter Burnt / Faulty / Testing / No Reading / Wrong Reading / Bill Not Delivered / Payment Adjustment etc.) 5. Status of registered request 6. Street Light 7. Theft, Harassment, Ethics & Project Execution 8. Verification of TATA POWER-DDL Employees Each registered request / complaint is provided a Unique Notification Number (complaint number)
  6. Customer Touch Points & Complaint Handling -Customer Care Centre Visit Us - To register your complaints, requests and queries pertaining to • New Connection Request • Attribute Change (Name / Load / Category Change) • Meter related Complaints (Meter Burnt / Faulty / Testing) • Reading Complaints (No Reading / Wrong Reading / Bill Not Delivered) • Billing & Payment Complaint • Power Supply & Street Light Complaint • Reporting Distribution Network Safety Issues • Reporting Unethical / Harassment Complaint Each Customer Care Centre have Customer Relations Executive and Customer Service Manager for addressing any escalated complaints
  7. Customer Touch Points & Complaint Handling -Customer Care Centre District Address Moti Nagar District Office Building, Inder Puri, Behind Pusa Institute, Delhi Shakti Nagar District Office Building, Nagia Park, Shakti Nagar, Delhi Model Town District Office Building, Gopal Nagar, Near Azadpur Flyover Civil lines District Office Building, Hudson Lines, Civil Line, Delhi Keshavpuram District Office Building, Near Laxmi Bai College, Phase - 3, Ashok Vihar, Delhi Mangolpuri District Office Building, Mangolpuri Industrial Area Phase-1,Mangolpuri Delhi Pitampura District Office Building, GP-6 Block, Pitampura, Delhi Rohini District Office Building, Sector-3, Shakti Deep Building, Rohini, Delhi Shalimar Bagh District Office Building, Near Jaspal Kaur Public School, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi Burari TPDDL Office, Main Market Sant Nagar Burari, Delhi Narela District Office Building, Bawana Road, Near Fire Brigade Office, Narela, Delhi Bawana District Office Building, Main Road Bawana, Near Aditi Girls College, Bawana, Delhi Badli District Office Building, DSIDC Gate No-5, Badli Ind. Area, Near MTNL Office, Delhi Note: Our Customer Care Centres are open on Monday to Friday from 09:30 AM to 6:00 PM and on Saturdays from 09:30 AM to 1:00 PM Fully Networked Customer Care Centres
  8. Customer Touch Points & Complaint Handling -Customer Care Centre Visit our website ( to access Customer Care Centres location on Geographic Map Make use of HOT LINE facility at Customer Care Centres for direct connectivity with Sampark Kendra (Helpline) during / after Office Hours.
  9. Customer Touch Points & Complaint Handling -SMS PULL Service Request SMS Code No Supply Complaint TPDDL NCC XXXXXXXXXXX Shutdown Details TPDDL OI XXXXXXXXXXX New Meter Connection TPDDL <NEW> Current Bill Details TPDDL CBL XXXXXXXXXXX Last 5 Bill Details TPDDL BL XXXXXXXXXXX Last 5 Payment Details TPDDL PMNT XXXXXXXXXXX Send SMS to 56070 for following requests * XXXXXXXXXXX denotes your 11 digit CA Number
  10. Customer Touch Points & Complaint Handling -Website / Email Visit – For • Complaint Registration and Status • Pay Bill Online • Download Forms & Formats • Outage Details • Reporting Safety & Unethical Issues and host of Other Information You can also email your concern / feedback at: You can also provide Instant Feedback
  11. Customer Touch Points & Complaint Handling -Utilities Customer E-Service - UCES (Web Login) Register yourself at TPDDL website ( and manage your account online Have instant access to • Customer Profile, • Meter Details and Consumption History, • Bill Details and Payment History, • Download current Bill and Pay Online, • Update Contcat Details and Manage SMS / Email alerts, • Complaint / Request (notification) Registration/ Tracking Manage multiple connection account with single login
  12. 12 Now, access TPDDL website on mobile for following options • Power Outage Details • Bill Details & Payment • Last Three Consumption Details • Last Five Payment Details • Update Mobile Nos. and Email-Id • Register New Connection Request • Report Safety related incidents • Know Energy Saving Tips Customer Touch Points & Complaint Handling -Mobile Website (Services at a Click)
  13. Customer Touch Points & Complaint Handling -Complaint Escalation In case, you are not satisfied with the resolution, you are always welcome to contact us at LEVEL 1: Visit the respective District Customer Care Centers and meet the following officials with complete records  Customer Relation Executive (CRE)  Customer Service Manager  District Manager  Circle Head (with prior appointment through Customer Service Manager) LEVEL 2: If you are still not satisfied with the resolution provided, write to us at   Customer Complaint Analysis Group (CCAG) CENCARE Building, TATA Power Delhi Distribution Limited, Opposite C-2 Block, Lawrence Road, Keshavpuram, Delhi –110035
  14. Customer Touch Points & Complaint Handling -Complaint Redressal at Independent Forums In case you are not satisfied with the resolution provided even after escalation at TPDDL offices, you may approach LEVEL 1: Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF), Sub-Station Building, Police Colony, Model Town – II, Delhi – 110009. Tel: 011-27463809, 27466601-02. Email: you can also do online registration of the same by visiting our website under section “Complaint Management Process”. LEVEL 2: If not satisfied with the decision of above Forum, an appeal against the Forum's order may be filed with the Electricity Ombudsman, B-53, Paschimi Marg, Near Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi – 110057, Tel: 011-32506011.
  15. Customer Services -New Connection Once applied for a new connection request, the required documents can be submitted at the Customer Care Centre - New Connection Document Collection Counter – refer slide no 7 (except for Keshav Puram, Burari and Shalimar Bagh location) Customers from Burari and Shalimar Bagh location may submit the documents at SWAROOP NAGAR (for Customers of Burari and Shalimar Bagh Area) TPDDL Office, A Block, Behind MCD Primary School, Radha Krishna Mandir Wali Gali, Swaroop Nagar, Delhi – 110042 Customers from Keshav Puram location may submit the documents at KESHAV PURAM (for Customers of Kehsav Puran Area) TPDDL Office, CENCARE Building, Opp. C2 Block, Lawrence Road, Keshav Puram, Delhi-110035. Note: Document Collection Counters are open on all weekdays (Monday to Friday from 09:30 AM to 6:00 PM) To know more please contact our 24 Hrs Sampark Kendra (011-66404040) OR Customer Care Centres OR write us to
  16. Customer Services -New Connection (Type of Metering) Note: • Always install ISI marked MCCB / Fuse unit after Electricity Meter Board. • For connections having sanctioned load >= 5KW, installation of ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker) is mandatory. To know more please contact our 24 Hrs Sampark Kendra (011-66404040) OR Customer Care Centres OR write us to Type of Meter Sanctioned Load Limit Single Phase Upto 10 KW Poly Phase (3 Phase) 11 to 25 KW LTCT 26 to 99 KW HT 100 KW and above, Supplied on 11 KV and above Packaged Sub-staion for HT Connections AMR~ for High Revenue Customers Prepaid Meters for Govt. Connection The customer, if so desires, may procure a meter conforming to the specifications issued by TPDDL and the same shall be tested, sealed and installed by TPDDL. ~Automatic Meter Reading Group Metering Arrangement
  17. Customer Services -New Connection LOCK IN PERIOD: • Domestic and Single Phase Non-Domestic category of customers may terminate the new connection agreement after expiry of the Lock-in period of one year. For all other category of customers the Lock-in period is of two years. • In case, the agreement is terminated before the expiry of the initial Lock-in period, customer shall be liable to pay fixed / demand charges, as applicable, for the balance period of the lock in period. LOAD REDUCTION: • Load reduction request shall be accepted only after one year from original energsation for connections up to 100 KW and two years from original energisation for connections above 100 KW. • In case new load is less than 75% of the existing load, the meter and service line may be changed and cost of service line recovered from the customer. • Load reduction shall be limited to a maximum of 50% of the load at the time of original energisation. To know more please contact our 24 Hrs Sampark Kendra (011-66404040) OR Customer Care Centres OR write us to
  18. Customer Services -New Connection To know more please contact our 24 Hrs Sampark Kendra (011-66404040) OR Customer Care Centres OR write us to Addressing Customer Concern w.r.t. old outstanding Dues / Arrears on premise, documentation issues through personal hearing at Centralized Hearing Cell Organizing New Connection Camps and providing Instant metered connections Special Scheme for Slum / JJ Customers
  19. Customer Services -Reading & Billing Customer to inform about inaccessibility of the meter due to continued absence from residence. No Notice / Provisional bill shall be sent during the said period provided the fixed charges for such period are paid in advance. To know more please contact our 24 Hrs Sampark Kendra (011-66404040) OR Customer Care Centres OR write us to
  20. Customer Services -Reading & Billing BILL ON CONSUMER BROUGHT READING: In case, the customer finds that meter reading mentioned on the bill is wrong OR receives a provisional bill, customer may provide us with the current meter reading and get revised meter reading based bill. DUE DATE EXTENSION: • In case of non-receipt / late delivery of bill the customer may request for a duplicate bill with extended due date. • No late payment surcharge shall be levied, if the complaint is found to be correct. To know more please contact our 24 Hrs Sampark Kendra (011-66404040) OR Customer Care Centres OR write us to
  21. Customer Services -Reading & Billing PROVISIONAL BILL: In case, for any reason, meter is not read during any billing cycle, a provisional bill based on average consumption of last three billing cycle when readings were taken shall be issued. ASSESSMENT BILL (METER NOT RECORDING / METER BURNT CASES): An assessment bill shall be raised for the period the defective / burnt meter remained on site, based on the estimated consumption by taking the consumption pattern of the customer for the past twelve months prior to the period during which the meter remained defective. Where the recorded consumption of past twelve months is not available, the twelve month consumption pattern of new meter would be considered for raising the assessment bill. BILLING COMPLAINT: In case, customers has any billing complaint, he / she can pay the amount based on average consumption of last three consecutive undisputed bills, till the complaint on the bill is resolved. To know more please contact our 24 Hrs Sampark Kendra (011-66404040) OR Customer Care Centres OR write us to
  22. Customer Services -Payment Convenience To know more please contact our 24 Hrs Sampark Kendra (011-66404040) OR Customer Care Centres OR write us to Pay the Electricity Bills at • TPDDL Physical Collection Counters at 22 locations • Any Time Payment Machine at 61 locations • TPDDL website ( • Mobile Cash Collection Vans (for rural areas only) Urban Areas have one Payment Centre within a radius of 3 KMs
  23. Customer Services -Payment Convenience To know more please contact our 24 Hrs Sampark Kendra (011-66404040) OR Customer Care Centres OR write us to Other easily accessible payment options • Drop Boxes of Skypack (258 locations) • Axis Bank ATMs (224 locations) / Bank Branches (39 locations) • Oxicash Outlets (1407 locations) • ITZ Cash Outlets (979 locations) • Jeevan Counters (101 locations) • IVRS – ATOM (011-49165555) • Mobile Wallet – Airtel Money / Money on Mobile (Skypak & AXIS Bank Drop Boxes)(Skypak & AXIS Bank Drop Boxes) Jump the Queue… you can also enroll for net banking facilities (Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) / NEFT / RTGS)
  24. 24 Customer Services -Payment Convenience Customers can also locate nearest payment centre by login to TPDDL website Details of Three Nearest Payment Centres is mentioned on the Bill (left side towards bottom) View the complete details of all payment avenues on TPDDL website To know more please contact our 24 Hrs Sampark Kendra (011-66404040) OR Customer Care Centres OR write us to
  25. 25 • Cash payment can be done ONLY up to Rs. 4,000.00 for Energy Bill, Energy Installment, Theft bill etc. All payments above Rs.4000.00 are to be made through Cheque OR Demand Draft (Pay Order) OR Electronic Modes like Online Banking / Credit or Debit Cards. • In case of two instances of Cheques dishonoring with in the three consecutive months period, future payments (for next six months) shall be accepted only through Demand Draft (Pay Order). Additionally, Rs.200/- will be charged as handling charges for each Cheque Bounce / Dishonour instance. • Demand Note payments having security deposit amount up to Rs.20000 can also be accepted through cash. • Online payment will be reflected in your account after two working days. The payments through credit/debit cards will be required to be made at least 3 days in advance before Due date, so as to avoid late payment surcharge. • No part payment is allowed on Online payments through credit/debit cards • There is no payment limit for making payment through Net Banking option. No processing fees/charges shall be collected by Payment Gateway/Bank etc. on such payment from the consumer. Customer Services -Special Payment Instructions Make your Cheque / Demand Draft (Pay Order) payable to TPDDL CA No. XXXXXXXXXXX#. Cheque should not be post-dated and should be account payee and payable at Delhi. # XXXXXXXXXXX denotes your 11 digit CA Number To know more please contact our 24 Hrs Sampark Kendra (011-66404040) OR Customer Care Centres OR write us to
  26. 26 APPLY for ADVANCE PAYMENT SCHEME: • Request can be made by paying minimum amount of Rs. 5000.00 and multiples of Rs. 1000.00 thereafter or six month billing of the customer, whichever is higher. • Get an interest at the rate of 0.5% above the Savings Bank rate of State Bank of India as applicable on 01st January and 01st July of the calendar year, for next six months, payable half yearly on such deposit / balance amount lying unadjusted in the connection account. Customer Services -Special Payment Schemes To know more please contact our 24 Hrs Sampark Kendra (011-66404040) OR Customer Care Centres OR write us to Pay-n-Win Schemes for regular paying customers (i.e customers with ZERO outstanding amount)
  27. 27 Know your Meter Know your Bill Customer Services -Communication with Customers (Building Transparency & Trust)
  28. 28 Power Outage Schedule (Print / Munadi / Online) Customer Services -Communication with Customers (Building Transparency & Trust) Check out for the current and scheduled outage for the next 2 days at our website by entering your CA No.
  29. 29 Customer Handbook Customer News Letter FAQs on website for instant query redressal Customer Services -Communication with Customers (Building Transparency & Trust)
  30. 30 Meetings with RWAs / IWAs and Eminent Citizens CSR Activities with and for Consumers Addressing the needs of SCG (JJ) Consumers thru CSR (Medical / Drug de-addiction camps, Facilitate income generation through Vocational Training Programs on plumbing, electrician etc., Adult Literacy Centres) Customer Services -Relationship Building
  31. 31 Customer Services -24*7 Reliable & Quality Power Supply Ensuring 24*7 reliable and quality power supply through • Implementing a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system • Implementing outage management system (OMS) for prediction and prioritization of power outage • Electricity Distribution Network mapping on geographic information system (GIS) • Unmanned Grids • Mobile Transformers • SMS based fault management system Customers are informed in advance about any Network Maintenance Activity planned in their area
  32. 32 Customer Services -Be a GREEN Customer To know more please contact our 24 Hrs Sampark Kendra (011-66404040) OR Customer Care Centres OR write us to Opt for Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment Service
  33. 33 Customer Services -Help us to Serve you Better To update your Contact Information call our 24*7 Sampark Kendra (011-66404040) OR visit nearby Customer Care Centres OR write us to Help Us to Stay in Touch: REGISTER / UPDATE YOUR CONTCAT DETAILS Register your Mobile No. and have freedom from remembering your CA No. when you Call Us and much more (get confirmation of registration and resolution of complaints, prior information of power outage and expected restoration time, Receive alerts like payment reminder before disconnection).
  34. Thank You NOTE: This is not a document giving rise to any legal action and breach of any information, terms etc. This has been published for customer awareness only. The conduct of Discoms is governed by Electricity Act,2003, and Rules / Regulations framed therein read with DERC Regulations / Directives issued from time to time.