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Facebook Open Graph 6.10.10

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John Maver and Jamie Tedford share their thoughts on how Facebook Open Graph differs from Connect in their MITX presentation about the social web.

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Facebook Open Graph 6.10.10

  1. Facebook Open Graph<br />Living in a Personalized and Social Web World<br />John Maver & Jamie Tedford<br />
  2. Speaker Bios<br />Jamie Tedford is Founder and CEO of Brand Networks, a leading Social Solutions company.  Our clients include Starbucks, Warner Brothers, PUMA and Monster.com to name a few.  We’re proud to have been recently named a “Preferred Developer Consultant” by Facebook.  Prior to Brand Networks, Jamie was the SVP Media Innovation at Arnold Worldwide.  He is also a founding Board Member of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA).  Jamie is a frequent contributor to Marketing Daily, and his commentary on Social Media, Word of Mouth Marketing, and Advertising has been featured in the New York Times, on CNN and ABC News. <br />Jamie Tedford<br />John Maver is Principal and Co-Founder of Thought Labs, which helps companies get connected to their customers using social media. John has worked with small businesses and Fortune 100 companies to find the right strategies, implementations and success metrics for their brands.  He has been involved with the Facebook, Bebo and MySpace platforms from the time they were released and created an application for Facebook that is currently ranked in the top 100 (out of over 500,000 applications). John also co-authored the book, “Facebook Development: A Complete Guide to Smart Application Development for the Facebook Platform.” Prior to specializing in social media, John spent ten years leading software-development teams and building award-winning software-debugging products. <br />John Maver<br />
  3. 500 Million Users = 3rd Largest Country<br />
  4. The old social graph contained relationships<br />between people<br />(and some groups and brands) <br />is friends with<br />Larry<br />is a Fan of<br />is a member of<br />Local Pizza Co<br />People Who Love Cheese<br />
  5. The Open Graph shows relationships<br />between objects<br />uses <br />is sister to<br />Larry<br />loves to eat<br />is a member of<br />Local Pizza Co<br />likes to watch<br />People Who Love Cheese<br />
  6. Anything can now be<br />part of the graph<br />Your company<br />Your brand<br />Your product<br />Your content<br />Your idea<br />Your service<br />
  7. The Social Plugins<br /> Just like Connect, but lighter<br />Recommendations<br />Activity Feed<br />Login with Faces<br />Like Button<br />Comments<br />Like Box<br />FacePile<br />Live Stream<br />
  8. Like Button<br />
  9. Activity Feed and Recommendations<br />
  10. Like Box<br />
  11. Login with Faces<br />Facepile<br />
  12. Comments<br />Live Stream<br />
  13. Instant Personalization<br />
  14. Stake your claim on “the Graph!”<br />
  15. The Open Graph is the new Gold Rush!<br />
  16. Pandora- Stakes-Out Music<br />
  17. Kayak- Stakes-Out Travel<br />
  18. Levi’s- Stakes-Out Jeans<br />
  19. So if we’re in the new Gold Rush… <br />what’s the Gold (or Goal)?<br />
  20. Gold Dust- Earned Social Media<br />·     Each Like, Share, Recommend has a potential 135X multiplier<br />
  21. Golden Nuggets- Enhanced Search Results<br />·    If Facebook Search is going to rival Google, start your FSO<br />
  22. The Mother Load is in “the Stream!”   <br /><ul><li> Likes = Opt-In to News Feed</li></li></ul><li>Stake Your Claim! Happy Prospecting<br />
  23. Privacy<br />
  24. Questions?<br />