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Stamp Out Agile and DevOps Bottlenecks

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The most critical step in the agile transformation and DevOps adoption process is identifying the bottlenecks in the product delivery cycle. So, how do you go about finding and eliminating those dreaded bottlenecks? Tanya Kravtsov shares her experiences along with tools and methods that facilitate the discovery process while encouraging innovative thinking among team members. Join Tanya to explore ways you can use Mind Maps, Innovation Games (Speed Boat, Buy a Feature, and more), Stick Figure Process Flows, and Team Collaboration to identify, prioritize, and resolve bottlenecks. Learn ways to deal with the most common bottlenecks that cripple development progress—data generation, test environment setup, test execution, and results analysis. Automating these manual processes ensures the quality of the product by testing continuously and giving us more time for exploratory testing. This in turn helps improve developer productivity, reduces delivery cycle time, and adheres to agile principles of responding to change quickly while delivering quality software to customers. Leave with a new understanding of development bottlenecks and the tools you need to stamp them out.

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Stamp Out Agile and DevOps Bottlenecks

  1. 1. K1 Keynote 6/7/2017 8:30:00 AM K1 Stamp Out Agile and DevOps Bottlenecks Presented by: Tanya Kravtsov Audible Brought to you by: 350 Corporate Way, Suite 400, Orange Park, FL 32073 888-­‐268-­‐8770 ·∙ 904-­‐278-­‐0524 - info@techwell.com - https://www.techwell.com/
  2. 2. Tanya Kravtsov Audible Tanya Kravtsov is a director of QA at Audible, helping build a new QA organization to support innovative web product development at scale. Previously, as head of automation and continuous delivery at ROKITT, senior QA manager at Syncsort, and VP at Morgan Stanley, Tanya focused on quality, automation, and DevOps practices, working with internal and external customers to transform development and testing processes. Tanya is passionate about process automation, continuous integration, and continuous delivery. She is a founder of the DevOpsQA NJ Meetup group and a frequent speaker at STAREAST, QUEST, and other conferences and events. Follow her on Twitter @DevOpsQA.
  3. 3. Tanya Kravtsov Stamp Out Agile and DevOps Bottlenecks “The bottleneck is never code or creativity; it’s lack of clarity” Scott Berkun
  4. 4. Agenda  Introduction  Definitions  Identify Bottlenecks  Environments  Test Data  Test Execution  Communication  FinalThoughts  Q&A
  5. 5. Tanya Kravtsov • Director of QA at • Founder of DevOpsQA NJ Meetup group • Developer turned Tester @DevOpsQA
  6. 6. My Inspirations
  8. 8. What is a Bottleneck? Short-Term Bottlenecks Long-Term Bottlenecks
  9. 9. “Any improvements made anywhere besides the bottleneck are an illusion” Why does it matter?
  10. 10. Map your Delivery Pipeline Identify all players in the system Identify all handovers between the players
  11. 11. Play the Innovation Games  Identify anchors holding back you process  Speed Boat Game  Prioritize the anchors  Buy a Feature  Cut the anchors – Improve the process  Remember the Future
  12. 12. Brainstorm Mind Maps SixThinking Hats Storyboarding Interviews
  13. 13. Use the Five WhysTechnique 1. Gather the team 2. Define the problem 3. Document theTimeline 4. AskWhy 5 or more times 5. Assign Action Items Problem • Customer found a high severity bug in production Why? • The bug was missed during the regression run Why? • Regression run was only limited to subset of test cases Why? • There was not enough time to test everything Why? • Code was not completed until last day of the sprint Why? • There was a requirement change half way thru the sprint Action Items • Lock the requirements until end of sprint
  14. 14. Run Retrospectives Start What can we do better? Stop What doesn’t work? Continue What do we do well?
  15. 15.  Infrastructure as Code  Automated Configuration  Virtualization Environment Setup Dev •Unit Testing •Automated Functional Tests Integration •Environment Smoke Test •Product Smoke Test •Automated Integration Tests QA •Environment Smoke Test •Product Smoke Test •Automated Regression •Manual Exploratory Testing Staging •Environment Smoke Test •Product Smoke Test •UAT Prod •Environment Smoke Test •Product Smoke Test
  16. 16. Environment Monitoring  Infrastructure Monitoring  Automated Environment Readiness test  Automated Product Readiness test  Application Performance Monitoring
  17. 17. Common Repository for Artifacts  Source Control Management Repository  Development andTest Artifacts  Software Repository  Release/Deployment Artifacts
  18. 18. UnitTesting Test Driven Development Behavior Driven Development
  19. 19. RegressionTesting  Automated Web ServicesTesting  Automated UITesting  Parallel Execution  Cross-Browser/Cross-Device  SelectiveTesting  Automation Health Dashboard
  20. 20. PerformanceTesting  Performance CapacityTest SoakTest LoadTest StressTest  User ExperienceTest
  21. 21. Static Analysis and Code Review Security vulnerabilities Accessibility evaluation Coding Standards Memory Leaks Code Coverage SEO analysis Code Reviews
  22. 22. Data Discovery SyntheticTest Data Data Subsetting Data Masking Data Cleanup Test Data Management
  23. 23. Automated Analysis and Reporting  Consolidated Results  Failure Analysis  Defect Logging  Automated Email Notifications  Reporting Dashboard  Root Cause Analysis
  24. 24. KnowYour Audience Who are they? What is their level of knowledge? What do they need? How am I going to solve their problem? Are there any hot buttons to consider? If your audience isn’t listening, it’s not their fault, it’s yours
  25. 25. Create Clear and Simple Message Ideal score - 60-70, with the grade level 6-7 Flesch-Kincaid (plug-in for Word and Outlook) Reading Ease: 35.6 Grade Level: 14.2 Reading Ease: 56.0 Grade Level: 8.9
  26. 26. Manage Unrealistic Expectations  Testing can be 100% Automated  Automation is a lot faster than manual testing  Automation should be maintenance free  Automation can be created without any scripting  Adapting DevOps will result in 50 builds a day fully tested and ready for production 28
  27. 27. Target State Communication
  28. 28. FinalThoughts