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網站分析地圖 The map of digital analytics - 201710

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Shared @ the 4th meet up of the main Taiwan digital analytics community - web analytics 101

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網站分析地圖 The map of digital analytics - 201710

  1. 1. 網站分析地圖 Terence Peng WA105 Web Analytics 101 4th Meet Up
  2. 2. http://www.thatsmags.com/china/post/10356/the-longest- straight-path-on-earth-starts-in-east-china-ends-in-liberia
  3. 3. https://thetruesize.com/
  4. 4. • 能指導 Senior & Associate Web Analytics Master • 能提供顧問服務 Senior Web Analytics Consultant • 能正確解讀 報表 Associate Web Analytics Consultant Web Analytics Consultant Association
  5. 5. 4. Executive- Level 3. Director-Level 2. Manager-Level 1. Entry-Level From: DAA Job Descriptions_sample_8-10-2016
  6. 6. Level 1: This level of digital analyst is defined as an entry-level professional who maintains little to no previous digital analytics experience in a professional environment. This role requires an aptitude for interpretation and synthesis of data and an inherent curiosity for asking questions and answering them using analytical thinking. Professionals at this level should be acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the organization’s mission and strategies along with basic foundational knowledge of digital analytics metric definitions, data collection methods, analysis functions, and communication practices. A person at this level generally has an undergraduate degree in business or a related field. Level 2: This level of digital analyst is defined as a practitioner who has worked at the enterprise level of an organization. Professionals at this level possess knowledge of digital data collection methods, data analysis and segmentation practices, data visualization and communication principles, and governance over an enterprise digital analytics center of excellence. At this level, the person has acquired and understood more than the basic techniques and technologies, has managed or produced digital analysis projects, and maintains knowledge of data collection methods, segmentation, and advanced analytical concepts. In addition, the practitioner may be developing specialty skills (e.g., digital campaign analysis, search optimization, social media metrics, voice of customer analysis, attribution modeling, predictive analytics) and also may have experience supervising digital analytics staff. Practitioners at this level generally hold an undergraduate degree or an advanced degree along with the appropriate certifications. Level 3: This level of digital analyst is advanced. The professional works at the enterprise level of an organization making strategic decisions, partnering with organizational executive management, and giving enterprise direction to digital analytics program staff and program users. People at this level frequently consider external business factors (e.g., industry and market changes, competition) when making decisions and constantly nurture the organizational environment in order to encourage innovative ideas and initiatives. Practitioners at this level frequently hold advanced degrees and appropriate certifications. Level 4: This level of digital analyst is an executive level. The professional makes strategic decisions, partners with organizational executive management, and gives enterprise direction to analytics staff. Practitioners at this level frequently hold advanced degrees and appropriate certifications. For personal growth, continuing education focuses on business strategy, change management, business policies, leading teams, and collaborations and partnerships. From: DAA Job Descriptions_sample_8-10-2016
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  8. 8. Current DAA Certification Exam Categories Include: • Web Analytics Site Optimization • Measuring Marketing Campaigns Online • Creating and Managing the Analytical Business Culture https://www.digitalanalyticsassociation.org/Files/PDF_education/DAA-knowledge-required-certification-5-2017.pdf
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  13. 13. Dimensions & Metrics Segmentations Events Custom Dimensions & Metrics Data import & Measurement protocol Big Query
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  17. 17. 標籤管理系統 網站 分析 APP 分析 DMP 個人化APP推播 展示/搜尋廣告 影片廣告 行動廣告 個人化網站內容 Email 行銷 資料科學 應用 資訊 視覺化 < 擴大受眾 > CRM 廣告平台內 的類似受眾 DMP 內/外 第三方資料 https://goo.gl/jdqnGm
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