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Teresa Block 2016 Resume

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Teresa Block 2016 Resume

  1. 1. TERESA C. BLOCK 316 Carnation Lane Hurst, TX 76053 817-689-7118 email: tcblock@yahoo.com Experience My responsibilities as a geological/geophysical technician have focused on keeping Petra and SMT/Kingdom projects up to date with current well information, geologic data, shape files and 3D seismic data, especially for the purpose of creating maps and building lateral cross sections. Loading seismic data into LMK and SMT and digitizing hand contoured maps were critical tasks through the years. Providing others with the information they need to do their jobs effectively is top priority in my mind. As an engineering technician, my responsibilities included well evaluation from inception to completion: data research and compilation, EUR calculation production forecasting, decline analysis, reserves forecasting, economic evaluation, AFE preparation, and budget preparation. I have a wide range of experience and competency in the industry, including state and federal regulatory filing and drilling/completion reporting. Employment Burnett Oil, Fort Worth, Texas: 07/2015 – 09/2015 Contract Geological Technician (temporary position)  PETRA  DrillingInfo  iHS (Enerdeq and DirectConnect)  Excel  Miscellaneous Research EOG Resources, Fort Worth, Texas: 11/2004 – 06/2015 Lead Geological/Geophysical Technician  PETRA  SMT/Kingdom  Petrel  LandMark (Seismic 3D loading)  PowerPoint XTO Energy, Inc., Fort Worth, Texas: 11/2003 -- 11/2004 Engineering/Geological Technician  PETRA  ARIES Rosewood Resources, Dallas, Texas: 9/2000 -- 11/2003 Engineering Analyst  ARIES  MicroSoft Access  Regulatory Reporting (Colorado, NewMexico, Utah) .
  2. 2. PC Based Software  Industry specific programs including: ‒ PETRA ‒ DrillingInfo ‒ iHS (Enerdeq and Direct Connect) ‒ SMT/Kingdom ‒ Petrel (Microseismic Projects) ‒ LMK (Seismic 3D Data Loading) ‒ ARIES  Microsoft Office 2013: ‒ Excel ‒ PowerPoint ‒ Word ‒ Access Education South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (Rapid City, South Dakota) Civil Engineering Major Completed 2-1/2 years of basic engineering study, including Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Drafting, Surveying, Statics, Engineering Economics University of Texas, Permian Basin (Odessa, Texas) Completed classes in Differential Equations and Linear Algebra Industry Workshops Nautilus:Fundamental Concepts of Seismic Techniques (May 2010) Petroleum Generation and Migrations (September 2012) Using Seismic Data from Early Capture to Early Field Development (November 2013) Introduction to Clastic Depositional Systems (July 2014)