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Texxi | Where's the App?

  1. Does it have an app?
  2. So it gets people a taxi - boring
  3. But I don’t go to nightclubs
  4. But I don’t care enough to share
  5. But I need my car for many things
  6. But I care about air quality
  7. Half Way There
  8. HLT Cloud | RoadSpaceTime Auctions
  9. So what is it then smarty pants?
  10. An Exchange? Like Trader stuff? Boo! Hiss!
  11. Huh?
  12. Isn’t securitisation bad?
  13. BigData | Cloud | Mobile | Social | Futures
  14. A new urban transport paradigm
  15. A new revenue and road pricing model
  16. Applied financial innovations
  17. So let us recap
  18. More dosh for the cabbies
  19. Less oil, Less CO2 , Less Noxiousness
  20. Cashflows & Probabilities
  21. New Model Urban Revenue Stream
  22. Your destination pays your taxi fare
  23. The Journey is the Destination too
  24. Everyone is a cloud vehicle user now
  25. Thanks for listening