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Eat Sleep Social: Why We're All Fingers And Feeds

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The shift from desktop to mobile doesn't just mean that the devices we spend our time with has changed but the way we read and consume content has undergone a huge shift - we're now in a feed based culture.

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Eat Sleep Social: Why We're All Fingers And Feeds

  1. Why We’re All Fingers And Feeds... BROUGHT TO YOU BY
  2. We used to be all...
  3. Now we’re all...
  4. WE’VE BECOME ALL FINGERS AND FEEDS http://wallpaperswide.com/lovely_fingers-wallpapers.html
  5. It’s not just about going from big screen to small screens though......
  6. On the small screen we’re living in feeds
  7. Less destractions or noise around them...
  8. Less destractions or noise around them...
  9. Content is front and centre CAUTION It’s easy to keep scrolling past the mundane. You need to stop fingers in their tracks. Fit in, not every feed is the same. Different fingers want different things.
  10. Feeds are hungry for the right content, with the right context
  11. Context and tips to enhance feeds and make happier fingers
  12. Twitter images... A recent introduction on the platform, inline images. Both the website and app now display an image in feed. It’s not the standard square format like in other feeds, but a landscape image. If your image is larger than the preview, you click to view the image. Make your tweet and message stand out, take away the click and work to 1023 x 535 to create a beautiful feed.
  13. Instagram video... If you’re shooting the video in the app, pick the most appealing still frame which will make users stop scrolling and wait for the video to load. Use the Instagram video feature to tease content outside of the app, a 15 second snippet with endframe, clear call to action and URL in the description. Be aware of sound, even a beautiful video with harsh sharpe sounds will be cut short when your mobile starts screaming.
  14. Vine... You’ve got to be good to stand out on there, it’s easy to get it wrong. The stop motion bar has been set high but it’s a trusted and fun method. Perfect loops are always appreciated Comedic cuts do well, and the comedy channel is a goodplace to get some inspiration. Add your Vines to a relevant channel to get in those new feeds Check out: Argos_Online, Brandon Calvillo, Ian Padgham for some inspiration. Brands On Vine also feature the best in branded content.
  15. Facebook page post links... There are 33 million monthly active users in the UK and 26 million of those are accessing via the mobile feed*. It’s a mixed feed of friends and pages. A feed not based on the time content is posted but an algorythm of popularity. Good content is rewarded with more exposure, so make your content as appealing and attractive as possible. Calls to action, clarity, short sharp messages and clear imagery. Use page post links with images increase click through *http://techcrunch.com/2013/08/13/facebook-mobile-user-count/
  16. Tumblr rich media... More artistic community, very visual Supports all formats - image, video, music Animated GIFs are popular formats Animate your content and stand out IBM do a great job of creating content which plays to very well in the context of the platform See brands.tumblr.com for more of what brandsare up to
  17. MAKE AMAZING CONTENT, GIVE FINGERS A REASON TO TAKE A BREAK... image from Veja app campaign: http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/veja-for-ipad-campaign
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