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How Apple Took Over the Smartwatch Market

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The Apple Watch has plenty of competition in the smartwatch space, but don't count this newcomer out yet.

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How Apple Took Over the Smartwatch Market

  1. How Apple Took Over the Smartwatch Market
  2. Apple’s new watch has been one of the most anticipated smartwatch launches to date.
  3. It’s the first new product line under CEO Tim Cook, and it’s launching just as the wearable tech market is taking off.
  4. But the Apple Watch isn’t the first of its kind.
  5. There are plenty of other strong smartwatch competitors already on the market.
  6. Take a look…
  7. The Samsung Galaxy Gear S.
  8. The LG G Watch R.
  9. The Pebble Time.
  10. And Motorola’s Moto 360.
  11. According to Canalys, 4.6 million smartwatches were shipped in 2014, and Samsung leads the pack.
  12. 0 300000 600000 900000 1200000 1500000 Samsung Pebble FitBit Sony Lenovo LG Top Smartwatch Vendor Sales in 2014 Source: Statista.
  13. Smartwatch shipments are expected to skyrocket this year, to 40 million.
  14. Considering Apple wasn’t even in the running last year, it’s got a lot of ground to make up.
  15. And it’s going to do it very fast.
  16. Business Insider said the Apple Watch will account for 40% of smartwatch shipments this year — and 48% by 2017.
  17. More conservative estimates by CCS Insight still put Apple Watch market share at 25% of this year.
  18. So why is Apple expected to outpace the competition so quickly?
  19. Because the company has smartly focused on the design and luxury aspects of its new device, just as smartwatch users are starting to care about both.
  20. Gartner says we’re entering the second phase of wearable tech, where users want more fashion and style from their wearables.
  21. And that will give Apple an advantage against the competition.
  22. “Major wearable device makers like Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics will have to modify their strategies to follow the changes in the market.” - Angela McIntyre Research Director at Gartner
  23. But that’s not Apple’s only angle.
  24. Forrester Research says Apple will beat the competition because of its “trusted relations with consumers and its second-to-none ecosystem.”
  25. And all of this is already starting to pay off.
  26. KGI Securities estimates that worldwide pre-orders of the Apple Watch topped 2.3 million units.
  27. That’s nearly twice the amount of Samsung smartwatch sales in all of 2014.
  28. So while strong competitors beat Apple to the smartwatch space, it appears the Apple Watch is now the real threat in the wearables market.
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