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How do you deal with customer complaints?

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Customer complaints - While the theme of customer service is a very broad one today we are going to focus on one particular area and that is customer complaints.

We are going to take a look how customers deal with complaints and what you need to do to help resolve the situation.

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How do you deal with customer complaints?

  1. 1. How do you deal with customer complaints? WWW.RAVISHUKLE.COM
  2. 2. "Hi guys, my name is Ravi Shukle your Customer Service Specialist and today we will be diving into the topic of Customer Complaints"
  3. 3. Have you ever complained about bad customer service?
  4. 4. Of course you have!
  5. 5. But the real question then becomes were you vocal about it?
  6. 6. The way I look at it there are two kinds of customer...
  7. 7. #1 The first is your Vocal Customer Your vocal customer is the type of person to quite simply say what’s on their mind. When it comes to customer service and their experience this usually means vocally letting a member of staff know exactly what they think. Or in the case of online sending a direct response to the company.
  8. 8. #2 The second is your SilentCustomer Your silent customer is the type of person who notices all the same experiences as the vocal customer but does not make a point to mention it to any members of staff. In fact the silent customer is just as passionate about their experience as the vocal customer but instead chooses to express their feelings by other means i.e. online feedback forms and even review sites.
  9. 9. The key take away here is Not all your customers will let you know if they have had a good or bad experience
  10. 10. That is why you want to make sure you follow up with your customers and engage to find out what they thought about your product or service.
  11. 11. Now with that in mind I wanted to share a short story With You
  12. 12. About what happened to me when I went to visit the Dentist. I’ll let you decide in this situation which type of customer I was…
  13. 13. Click here to read the full story Show me WWW.RAVISHUKLE.COM