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Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine - The Chip is the Machine

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The Personal Genome Machine™ advances Next-Generation sequencing to PostLight™ sequencing—the translation of chemical sequence information directly into digital form. PostLight™ technology means genetic sequencing is leveraged by the extreme scalability of semiconductor technology. Moore’s law is applied to genetic analysis.

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Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine - The Chip is the Machine

  1. 1. Ion TorrentThe Chip is the Machine ™Ion TorrentThe Chip is the Machinescalabilitysimplicityspeed
  2. 2. Scalability massively scalable semiconductor technology Simplicity natural biochemistry, no optical components Speed runs in about two hours, not days or weeksDiscover Ion TorrentThe Ion Personal Genome Machine™ (PGM™) is simpler, more cost-effective, and more scalable than any other sequencingtechnology. The PGM™ sequencer is a benchtop system utilizing groundbreaking and disruptive semiconductor technologythat enables rapid and scalable sequencing experiments.Ion Torrent technology uses a massively parallel array of proprietary semiconductor sensors to perform direct, real-timemeasurement of the hydrogen ions produced during DNA replication. A high-density array of wells on the Ion semicon-ductor chips provides millions of individual reactors, and integrated fluidics allow reagents to flow over the sensor array.This unique combination of fluidics, micromachining, and semiconductor technology enables the direct translation ofgenetic information (DNA) to digital information (DNA sequence), rapidly generating large quantities of high-quality data.The Personal Genome Machine™, along with Ion Torrent semiconductor chips, Ion Torrent reagent kits, and the TorrentServer/Torrent Suite software, allow Ion Torrent to deliver a cutting-edge sequencing solution.
  3. 3. Discover scalability Discover simplicity Discover speedscales like a semiconductor simple chemistry direct, real-time detection technology• Leverages $1 trillion semiconductor • Simplest sequencing chemistry: • Makes sequencing accessible to industry investment hydrogen ion detection (pH meter) new applications and markets• Scales by density: 40 cumulative • Natural nucleotides: no enzymatic • Short run time supports fast years of Moore’s Law cascade, no fluorescence, and no research cycle and faster time to• Scales by volume: 400 standard chemiluminescence publication semiconductor foundries from • Low-cost, standard reagents • The Chip is the Machine™: no optics, which to choose no light, no scanningSequencing and analysis pipelineThe Ion Torrent™ sequencing workflow consists of a number of standardelements—creation of a DNA or RNA library, a simple PCR process creatingamplified templates on proprietary Ion Sphere™ particles, followed by a sequenc-ing run on the PGM™ platform.With the completion of a PGM™ sequencer run, data automatically transfer to thededicated Torrent Server that runs Torrent Suite software. Here, raw Ion signalsare converted to base calls and stored in industry-standard SFF or FASTQ files.These data can be processed by a variety of commercially available softwarepackages for applications such as variant detection, RNA-Seq,ChIP-Seq, or de novo genome assembly.
  4. 4. Specifications Ion 314™ Chip Scale 1.3 million wells Data output Starting at 10 Mb of high-quality sequence* Ion 316™ Chip Scale 6.3 million wells Data output Starting at 100 Mb of high-quality sequence* Ion 318 Chip ™ † Scale ~12 million wells Data output Starting at 1 Gb of high-quality sequence* For all chips Data output SFF/FASTQ file output Reagents Complete sets of reagents, including library, template, and sequencing kits Applications Amplicon sequencing, microbial sequencing, RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, targeted resequencing, copy number analysis, methylation, paired-endsOrdering information Description Part No. Personal Genome Machine™ Ion PGM™ System 4462921 Includes PGM sequencer (4462917) and Torrent Server (4462918) ™ Service Contracts AB Assurance Plan ZG11SCIONPGMSYS Rapid Exchange Program AB Assurance Plan ZGEXSCIONPGMSYS Semiconductor Sequencing Chips Ion 314™ Chip Kit (8 chips) 4462923 Ion 316 Chip Kit (4 chips) ™ 4466616 Ion 316 Chip Kit (8 chips) ™ 4469496 Reagent Kits Ion Xpress™ Fragment Library Kit (up to 20 reactions) 4468987 Ion Fragment Library Kit (up to 20 reactions) 4466464 Ion Total RNA-Seq Kit (12 reactions) 4466666 Ion DNA Barcode 1-16 Kit† (10 sets of 16 libraries) 4468654 Ion Xpress™ Template Kit (10 reactions) 4469001 Ion Sequencing Kit (8 reactions) 4468997 Ion Control Kits Ion Control Materials Kit (3 reactions each per control) 4466465 Ion Sphere™ Quality Control Kit (20 measurements) 4468656 Ion Library Quantitation Kit (250 reactions) 4468802 * Throughput calculated with Escherichia coli DH10B genome, using Ion Sequencing 314 chemistry and a 100 bp read length PGM™ sequencer configuration. † The content provided herein may relate to products that have not been officially released and is subject to change without notice.For Research Use Only. Not intended for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.© 2011 Life Technologies Corporation. All rights reserved. The trademarks mentioned herein are the property of Life Technologies Corporation or their respective owners.Printed in the USA. CO23490 0711www.lifetechnologies.com