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Pourquoi et comment Alan a supprimé les réunions ? - Thomas Rolf

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En plus de ré-inventer le système de santé, Alan construit les fondations d’une nouvelle organisation de travail. Aussi contre-intuitif que cela puisse paraître, ils ont supprimé les réunions. Thomas Rolf Product Manager chez Alan nous explique comment, pourquoi et les principales leçons à retenir de ce choix radical.

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Pourquoi et comment Alan a supprimé les réunions ? - Thomas Rolf

  1. 1. Thomas Rolf Product - alan Getting things done without meetings LPCx - April 2019
  2. 2. Reimagine the health system by creating a better flow centered on the user alan
  3. 3. 25M € ARR, x5 in 2018 30 000 beneficiaries �� alan in few numbers 90 alaners 75M € raised
  4. 4. Getting things done without meetings
  5. 5. ❏ Preparation ❏ Quality of debate ❏ Decision making ❏ Follow ups Meetings are hard
  6. 6. Rethinking how to run meetings
  7. 7. Meetings are a medium, not an activity
  8. 8. async written communication alan
  9. 9. How do we make decisions? 1. Scope of the discussion 2. Context 3. Proposal 4. Specific questions 5. Ping right people 6. Timeline Owner makes a decision based on all input
  10. 10. Example: pricing update in 2018 1. Scope: decide on potential change in pricing for our insurance products for 2018 2. Context: feedback from the market, profitability analysis, link to long-term pricing strategy 3. Proposal: do nothing, 2 options to decrease prices 4. Specific questions: asked for additional info and point of view on the recommendation 5. Ping right people: CEO, CFO, Data Scientist, Sales referent 6. Timeline: close in 1 week
  11. 11. Quality of thinking Time to take a step back, go deep and structure your thoughts Transparency No FOMO, no gossip, no undocumented decision-making Inclusivity Give everyone a chance to contribute with a scalable approach Remote work Immediate benefits Easy to contribute and stay up to date when not in the office
  12. 12. ❏ Coaching 1.1 ❏ Monthly all hands ❏ Creativity sessions ❏ Hiring decisions And enjoy social events! Chat when needed
  13. 13. Challenges Close written discussions quickly Avoid having too many discussions in parallel and close them quickly when urgent Onboard new hires Steep learning curve to get used to our way of working
  14. 14. Try it out! 1. Share a structured document ahead of the meeting and ask for comments 2. Try making a decision without meeting 3. Let me know how it went!
  15. 15. Questions? thomas.rolf@alan.eu