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2013 crw training day 3

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2013 crw training day 3

  1. 1. PCS Curriculum Review WeekJune 18-20, 2013Eastern Elementary SchoolDay 3
  2. 2. Welcome Back!It’s the last day!
  3. 3. Group ActivityFind someone from another team and share:1.Something you are proud you accomplishedyesterday2.Something you hope to accomplish today3.Something you have a question on fromyesterdayAs you listen to your partner…1.Congratulate them on their accomplishment2.Answer their question (if you are able)
  4. 4. Day 2 Reflections/FeedbackGot more work done than expectedSnacksMusicThe people I’m working withFinding more resources than expectedHow well we got alongCollaboration between team membersMabel’s donutsWorking without interruptions
  5. 5. 3-2-1 Reveals (Day 2)Expectations Surprises ClarificationsTo be overwhelmed Getting more done than weexpectedMath IIITire out quickly Cheetos are in the other room Common Core AnchorsGet finished with day 1 work Began to see the “big picture” Cross-Curriculum Issues (ideas,formats, etc)Struggles Amount of free resourcesavailable onlineWhen do we get paid?To move a little slower than day1Had even more clarity for ourguideWhen will documents be live?80’s music Do we write out the fullstandard on the YAG?What if we finish early?
  6. 6. Norms for the Week• Start & end punctually• Dress appropriately• Listen actively• Disagree respectfully• Participate enthusiastically• Focus completely (monitor yourtechnology)• Have Fun
  7. 7. Remember…What is learned hereleaves here
  8. 8. Schedule: Day 3• 8:00-8:30 – Opening Session• 8:30-11:45 – Work Session• 12:00-1:00 – Lunch (on your own)• 1:00-4:30 – Working on the Work• 4:30-4:45 – Listening/Debrief Session
  9. 9. Direction for Today1. Review Yesterday’s Work2. Continue the Work
  10. 10. Deliverables for Today1. Draft essential questions, learning targets,and criteria for success for the entirecourse/year2. Embed suggestions for ESL integration3. Embed suggestions for assessment formats4. Embed ideas for cross-curricularlessons/units (6-12)5. Finalize YAG6. Finalize Guides
  11. 11. Checklist
  12. 12. ELA Integration
  13. 13. Integrated Model of Literacy• Students must gather, comprehend,evaluate, synthesize, and report oninformation and ideas in order to…– conduct original research in order to answerquestions or solve problems AND– to analyze and create a high volume andextensive range of print and non-print texts inmedia forms old and new
  14. 14. Shared Responsibility of Literacy DevelopmentThe 9-12 standards are divided into twosections– ELA– History/Social Studies, Science, and Technicalsubjects.
  15. 15. Shared Responsibility of Literacy Development• College and career ready students mustbe proficient in reading complexinformational text independently in avariety of content areas• Increasing proportion of informationaltexts
  16. 16. Literacy Integration: The Work• Refer to the ELA Common CoreStandards pg 59-66• Integrate the appropriate standard (bywriting it out) for the unit/time period itaddresses• Do this throughout your guide
  17. 17. Resource Identification• Add the following to your guide:Sites below have been reviewed by teachers participating in CurriculumResource Week but have not been verified by PCS district staff• Criteria–Maximum 10 per marking period–May NOT include any of the following:• Any sites that require any money – even if there are free optionsavailable• Blogs or other social media (including Pinterest)• Youtube• Obvious sites (Study Island, etc)• Any site already listed on the CRT or Media & InstructionalResource Site
  18. 18. Group WorkFor each content area/grade your group is responsible for:1.Create Essential Questions for the entire year/course2.Create Learning Targets and Criteria for Success for the entireyear/course3.Align all learning targets and criteria success to the standards4.Embed suggestions for…1. ESL Integration2. Assessment format ideas3. Cross-curricular lesson/units (6-12)5.Embed ELA integration ideas (6-12)6.Create final drafts of all guides including…1. Pacing for benchmarks2. Learning targets, essential questions, big ideas, and criteriafor success3. Suggestions for ESL integration, ELA integration, andAssessment format
  19. 19. Concluding Directions• Turn in all work to your facilitator• Collect your check• Give yourself a pat on the back• Have a wonderful summer!