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Q&a (for everyone)

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Common Q&A for the the new standards

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Q&a (for everyone)

  1. 1. Common Core/Essential Standards:Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Tuesday, January 17, 2011
  2. 2. Answer: While some states are phasing in the standards, DPI has indicated that all new standards must be put intoQuestion: Can this be phased place for the 2012-2013 schoolin one level at a time? year. Having said that, High Schools will work on a phased- in schedule for some courses (since graduation requirements are different for freshman entering HS in August of 2012)
  3. 3. Answer: The standards are available for anyone who desires their own copy by visiting ACRE website. There is also a CommonQuestion: When will teachers Core app for the iPhone andreceive individual copies of the Android phones (sorry, nothing onstandards? the Essential Standards, yet). Because of the extreme length of the standards and all supporting documents, the state is not supplying paper copies.
  4. 4. Answer: Time for collaboration and planning will be decided at the individual school level. TheQuestion: Will time for PCS calendar committee iscollaboration be allotted aware that we are transitioningthroughout the 2012-2013 to new standards this year andacademic year? a request has been submitted to include additional time in the schedule for ongoing integration days throughout the year.
  5. 5. Answer: Our next district-widetraining sessions are March 2and March 23. Additionally,optional content-level trainingevents are being offeredaround the county beginning in Question: When do we getFebruary. These trainings willbe repeated in different another training session?locations to better meet theneeds of teachers in terms ofcontent, time, and location. Alltold, there are 192 additionaltraining opportunities (see MLPto register!)
  6. 6. Answer: Parents will be kept informed of changes by media releases, the Success for Every Child blog, and also by school-Question: How will parents be level meetings aseducated on the new appropriate. Schools arestandards? encouraged to pass on information to parents at the appropriate time. In December Thomas Feller, the PCS RttT Coordinator, was interviewed by local radio station WECU, and more are planned.
  7. 7. Answer: There are severalschools who are alreadyimplementing certain parts ofthe new standards. Teachersof subjects that do not have a Question: May we begin now orstate-level test at the end of the do we need to wait for 2012-year are encouraged to 2013?implement as many of the newstandards as they are able to.
  8. 8. Answer: Lesson plan formats are Question: Will these newa school-level decision. standards change our lesson plan formats?
  9. 9. Answer: Crosswalk documentsare available at the ACREwebsite. Teachers are cautionedto not spend too much time in the Question: When will we getcrosswalks at this point, though, the crosswalk documents?but should instead focus on theactual standards documents andthe unpacking documents.
  10. 10. Answer: We have asked school leaders in our county to let the RttT/Staff Development DepartmentQuestion: Will there be videos know when they see stuff going onto show model lessons being in their building that they thinktaught using the new common needs to be shared and we will video those lessons and post forcore curriculum with real others to see. We are also findingteachers and real students? free materials online (which will be shared during trainings today and at future sessions – also look for them on the Success for Every Child blog)
  11. 11. Answer: We are still waiting for word from Raleigh as to whether the State Legislature willQuestion: Will we appropriate funds for textbooksreceive new and resources. We havetextbooks to align already been identifyingwith these standards? textbooks (should funds become available) and are also working to find free resources. Your IC has access to a shared resource folder on Groupwise where these resources are regularly shared & updated.
  12. 12. Answer: Team meetings are largelya school-based decision so thatindividual schools can decide what Question: Are we movingis best for their staff. PLCs are the toward a one size fits allbest configuration we have seen for approach to teaching?identifying what needs to be taught, Meaning, will the PLC applydeveloping common formative to common planning andassessments, and fostering structure pacing?professional development at theschool level. Every school shouldbe using them as part of their over-all strategy to improve studentachievement.
  13. 13. Answer: Yes. PCS is in theprocess of identifying an exactformat for the new curriculumguides and they will be Question: Will the countycompleted during the summer provide pacing guides for theof 2012. Curriculum Summer new standards? If so, when?Institute 2012 (CSI) will focuson going over these newguides for teachers.
  14. 14. Answer: After this year, PLC schedules will be largely determined at the schoolQuestion: How often will we level. All teachers arehave PLC meetings to discuss encouraged to meet at leastthe changes in our standards once a week with their PLCand how to fill the missing so they can develop common lessons, work on integratedgaps? unites, create common formative assessments, and frequently review student achievement data.
  15. 15. Answer: The guides will be developed by teachers, administrators, and central- office personnel. If you areQuestion: Who’s developing interested in participatingthe pacing guides? Can I be please let your principal orpart of this process? District-level curriculum specialist know. Final decisions will be made in the late spring as to who will make up the committees.
  16. 16. Answer: In our training for thenew standards we are workingto model expectations for 21st Question: Will this be handscentury learning, meaning on or technology based? Wemuch more self-directed need hands on classeslearning. Having said that, yes, instead of our own learning.there are upcoming after- This is discovery; what if weschool trainings for every do it wrong on our own?content area that will beoffered.
  17. 17. Answer: Planning time decisions are made at the local school level. Cross- curriculum planning shouldQuestion: Will there be time for be part of regular PLCcross-curriculum planning? meetings. Teachers are encouraged to work with their administrators to develop a schedule that allows regular time for collaboration.
  18. 18. Answer: No, though the formatis changing. For moreinformation on 21st century Question: Are the EOGsassessment, please visit the really going away?NC DPI’s ACRE website.
  19. 19. Answer: By visiting theQuestion: If I forget the Success for Every Childanswers to these questions websitewhere can I find them again? (http://successforeverychild. wordpress.com)
  20. 20. Answer: You can submitquestions to the RttT team viayour principal, your IC, or Question: If I think of morethrough the Success for Every questions I want to ask howChild website (there’s a form do I submit them?on the site for questionsubmission)