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Net core, mssql, container und kubernetes

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Talk on how to build .NET container and how to run them in Kubernetes.

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Net core, mssql, container und kubernetes

  1. 1. Google Cloud Platform .NET Core, MSSQL, Container und Kubernetes thomas@endocode.com .NET User Group Berlin-Brandenburg, March 2nd, 2017
  2. 2. Google Cloud Platform HI! Thomas Fricke thomas@endocode.com CTO Endocode • System Automation • DevOps • Cloud, Database and Software Architect
  3. 3. Google Cloud Platform MORE BUGFIX EXAMPLES • Application breaks • systemd problem • NO! journald problem • analysis: application writes a log line longer than the kernel buffer used by journald • FIX: enlarge the kernel buffer • Push fix to the upstream kernel
  4. 4. Google Cloud Platform ENDOCODE • high-quality software solutions • best software engineering practices: test driven • well known open source projects: https://github.com/endocode • diverse range of technologies • decades of experience • software development, • team management • 100000s of server years in public and private clouds • Be it web, mobile, server or desktop we use: open source meet any challenge
  5. 5. Google Cloud Platform WHY AM I HERE? • FSFE recommendation • .NET is going to be Open Source • Microsoft has announced a Linux first policy • Containers everywhere • Kubernetes now available on Azure • Large legacy code base in .NET • Security • Protecting Infrastructure • Industry 4.0 Buzz • ...
  6. 6. Google Cloud Platform AGENDA • Container • Kubernetes • CoreOS • Create and Run an Example .NET Application • Clean! Docker Image • Registry • Local Kubernetes Setup • Minikube • Pod • Service
  7. 7. Google Cloud Platform LAYOUT
  8. 8. Google Cloud Platform CONTAINER OR VIRTUALIZATION Topic Container Virtualisation Isolation OS Level, OS namespaces CPU Level: Ring 0/Ring 3 foreign CPU no yes, with emulation foreign kernels, OS no yes kernel is common emulated devices no yes security host devices direct virtio driver security CPU performance 100% 95% IO performance 100% <<100% root isolation yes yes USER directive CPU cache attacks easy possible PoC ?
  9. 9. Google Cloud Platform Greek for “Helmsman”; also the root of the words “governor” and “cybernetic” • Runs and manages containers • Inspired and informed by Google’s experiences and internal systems • Supports multiple cloud and bare-metal environments • Supports multiple container runtimes • 100% Open source, written in Go Manage applications, not machines Kubernetes
  10. 10. Google Cloud Platform kubelet UI kubeletCLI API users master nodes The 10000 foot view etcd kubelet scheduler controllers apiserver
  11. 11. Google Cloud Platform UI All you really care about API Container Cluster
  12. 12. Google Cloud Platform Deployment Replicaset v1.7.9 v1.7.9 v1.7.9 Replicaset v1.10.2 v1.10.2 v1.10.2
  13. 13. Google Cloud Platform CoreOS
  14. 14. Google Cloud Platform CoreOS trusted computing Kubernetes rkt CoreOS Linux Firmware TPM TPM Cluster access Container Integrity OS Integrity Hardware
  15. 15. Google Cloud Platform ECOSYSTEM Torus
  16. 16. Google Cloud Platform SECURITY BUGS IN IMAGES • Heartbleed: CVE-2014-0160 • Bug in SSL/TLS exposing the private key of a server • present in 80% of containers still 18 months after disclosure • GHOST: CVE-2015-0235 • glibc vulnerability in gethostbyname • exploitable in some conservative distributions https://www.banyanops.com/blog/analyzing-docker-hub/ https://coreos.com/blog/vulnerability-analysis-for-containers/
  17. 17. Google Cloud Platform STATISTICS FROM BANYAN OPS (May, 26, 2015)
  19. 19. Google Cloud Platform STARTING POINT - ARCHITECTURE
  20. 20. Google Cloud Platform WE NEVER START FROM SCRATCH - Almost no project starts from a green field - Technical debt - environments not made for microservices
  21. 21. Google Cloud Platform ● strict layered architecture ○ separation of stateless ○ and persistent data ● inside the pods ○ developers are free to use what they want ○ contract is binding to the outside
  22. 22. Google Cloud Platform EXISTING HETEROGENEOUS ENVIRONMENT - Programming languages and their runtimes - Various databases from various generations - SQL - NoSQL - Local and sessions storage - Message queueing
  23. 23. Google Cloud Platform SEMI-AUTOMATED DEPLOYMENT - Deployment chain automation - Knowledge about staging and release processes typically implicit and critical
  24. 24. Google Cloud Platform VM CLUSTER BASED ARCHITECTURES - Assumes complete OS - Package management - Configuration management (at runtime)
  25. 25. Google Cloud Platform MIGRATION
  26. 26. Google Cloud Platform FROM VMs TO PODS OS instances microservices in Pods - pods are containers sharing the same fate - created together - running on same node - terminationg together - one network address - shared volumes
  27. 27. Google Cloud Platform FROM VMs TO PODS VM cluster Pods running on Kubernetes - cattle: stateless containers - pets: databases configuration management separation of build time and run time
  28. 28. Google Cloud Platform CASE STUDY
  29. 29. Google Cloud Platform immmr - one number for every need immmr combines the best of Internet base communication with the advantages of mobile communication immmr makes it possible to use a single mobile number from any device
  30. 30. Google Cloud Platform .NET Kexel Webserver • Typical Hello World • Setup a Clean Container • Ubuntu 16.04.2 TLS • Microsoft .NET Version DEMO TIME
  31. 31. Google Cloud Platform
  32. 32. Google Cloud Platform MORE FROM ENDOCODE - https://endocode.com - https://endocode.com/blog/ - https://endocode.com/trainings-overview/ - Visit us on GitHub https://github.com/endocode -
  33. 33. Google Cloud Platform
  34. 34. Google Cloud Platform Dive into Kubernetes! Watch our Webinar ‘Dive into Kubernetes’ on our YouTube Channel https://youtu.be/8694GGJlpZ8 Register for a free Google Cloud Platform Trial with $300 Google Cloud Platform Credits https://goo.gl/dUzDWi Use another $200 partner credits https://goo.gl/eYldnT
  35. 35. Google Cloud Platform Endoctus Academy Next Trainings: INTRODUCTION TO KUBERNETES April 27th May 4th May 18th https://endoctus.com/course/introduction-to-kubernetes
  36. 36. Google Cloud Platform QUESTIONS? - https://endocode.com - https://endocode.com/blog/ - https://endocode.com/trainings-overview/ - Visit us on GitHub https://github.com/endocode -