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Addis Ideas Business Model / Pitch Deck

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A presentation detailing the Addis Ideas mobile application.

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Addis Ideas Business Model / Pitch Deck

  1. 1. NGO’s / IGO’s, Government Agencies, Private Firms Innovative Africans $2.3 Trillion spent on Foreign Aid, but development still lags
  2. 2. African Innovation + Collaboration = African Development Solutions
  3. 3. Collaborate. Submit Ideas. Get Sponsored. Our Solution African Innovation Collaboration Outside Sponsorship
  4. 4. How Addis Ideas Works Submit your ideas to a live feed Collaborate to make the best possible development solutions Get access to Verified Sponsors – key stakeholders in development
  5. 5. The Market 229 Million Target Market 298 Million African Internet Users $275 Billion • Our target market captures 77% of African internet users • This is $275 Billion opportunity
  6. 6. Meet Yonas Young, Cosmopolitan Africans 6.1 % $800 billion
  7. 7. Our Products: Mobile & Web Integration 1. Mobile-Friendly Web Application 2. Android Application and / or iOS (Delivery Date TBA) 3. SMS Integration
  8. 8. Real-time Interactions Gamification: An Innovative Approach to Development Leaderboards Badges Reputation Points Community Analytics Management Dashboard
  9. 9. Co-Founder Technical Co-Founder Former VP, Goldman Sachs CFO, ALLE Bejimla Co-Founder Developer Managing Partner, Deloitte EthiopiaMarketing Fellow Marketing Fellow Founder, Soukeina Our Team Tia Ayele Dennis Shah Alpha KifluMitu Yilma Charles Gomes Ermias SehaiRabiya Asad Kimberly Mihayo Olivier Alais Board of Advisors Founder, Soukeina Simba Marekera Marketing Fellow Chanty Gbaye
  10. 10. African Ideas Matter.
  11. 11. Key Partners Key Resources NGOs Businesses Venture Capitalists International Development Community Valuable Sponsors Critical Mass of Users Educated & Innovative Consumers Scalable & Innovative Project Ideas Key Activities Platform Development Pilot Program in Ethiopia Customer Learning Initiatives Traditional Marketing Strategies Building Sponsor Relationships
  12. 12. Customer Segments Social Entrepreneurs Do-Gooders Sponsors Advertisers & Marketers Value Propositions Get noticed – turn your opportunity into a reality & get funded. Improve the world around you. Be the change you wish to see. Social engagement. Find and support innovation around you. Target the market around you. Customer Relationships Expect meaningful collaborations, project growth, visibility, and possible funding. Expect fulfilling initiatives to engage in. Expect to find scalable, popular, and innovative projects. Expect exposure amongst targeted groups.
  13. 13. Company Social Networking Crowdfunding Project Ideas African Development Focus Facebook Kickstarter Linkedin AngelList Kiva SeeClickFix Addis Ideas Competitor Analysis
  14. 14. Our Supporters “An app that harnesses the power of African Innovation. ” “Addis Ideas addresses challenges faced on the African continent from African perspectives .” Smile & Mobile Mark Anthony Neal Startup Spotlight Duke Professor, Author, & Left of Black blog creator “A revolutionary mobile app to crowd source development ideas. ” Tech Moran Startup Spotlight
  15. 15. Contact (770) 377-3747 www.addisideas.org Tia Ayele | Co Founder info@addisideas.org twitter.com/addisideas Linkedin.com/in/addisideas facebook.com/addisideas