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Bankdagen 2010The battle for retail bank customers<br />Gustaf Brandberg<br />Digital Business Advisor<br />Digital Transf...
In previousepisodes:<br />Fivethesis from Bank 2.0<br />
#1 Get to know your customers.<br />How will my divorce affect my economy?<br />What happens when I retire?<br />What if I...
#2 Provide simplicity…<br />Simple search<br />Check your account balance and budget in the store<br />Transfer money to y...
#3 …assisted by a human touch<br />
#4 …on The People Web<br />Kiva.org<br />
#5 …from vision to execution<br />
New players:Re-think your competition, orWhat is a bank?<br />
Peppe, my personal banker.<br />”The main reason we have a bank is to get rid of the transaction costs for card payments.”...
Your options forIncremental innovation<br />
Trust<br />or Cost?<br />
Customer<br />Phone<br />Bank<br />Community Moderator<br />reactive<br />proactive<br />Service Design<br />Branch Office...
Your options forDisruptiveinnovation<br />
Otherplayers<br />
Hot trends in mobile consumerapplications:<br />Mobile Money Transfer <br />Mobile Payment <br />Near Field Communication<...
New products and services<br />2011: Swedish person-to-personpayment service…?<br />Butthere is alreadysuch a service!<br ...
Place your bets!<br />17<br />5/25/2010<br />
Horsespainted by a committee<br />18<br />5/25/2010<br />
19<br />Services Tieto is building<br />Proximity PaymentsProximity payments<br />Loyalty programs<br />Inshopquidance<br ...
In conclusion<br />
The party is getting crowded:Adaptnow or fadeaway<br />
Synchronize all channels with excellent customer interaction management<br />22<br />5/25/2010<br />
Allow innovative newservices to cannibalizeon existingones<br />23<br />5/25/2010<br />
Thanks<br />This presentation will be available on slideshare.net/TietoCorporation<br />It contains Public Domain pictures...
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19<br />Services Tieto is building<br The battle for retail bank customers - Bankdagen 2010

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