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Tiffany Spiritual Family History

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spiritual family history

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Tiffany Spiritual Family History

  1. 1. S piritual and Family His tory Tiffany B ohrer
  2. 2. Google “the meaning of Tiffany” and you will find that it means“Manifestation of God.” My parents told me that my name symbolized God’s greatest encouragement in the form of creativity. I am so grateful for theirdeclaration of purpose with my name and the courage and faith of my strong family roots to see every Big Dream Come True!From the very beginning, I would listen to stories from my Grandfather whowas awarded the Purple Heart during Word War II. Through tear filled eyes,he would tell me how he saw Jesus stand above his fox hole giving him peaceand hope to make it through all the landmines and the promise of returningsafely home.
  3. 3. I was born in Huntington Beach, California. My Father was a passionate, hard-working salesman. My Mother was a strongadventurous homemaker, that transformed a humble beach house intoher proudly professed “Love Shack.” My primary years are filled with images of seashell hunts with my Mom in matching outfits that she made by hand, peewee cheerleading, swimming and winning sand building contests at a very young age. “Most Original” was my prize title at the age of four.
  4. 4. The beach has always been a very powerful place of connection for me and my precious times with God. I have wonderful memories of taking longwalks and talks with my Dad along the shoreline, smiling and saying hello toeveryone we encountered. Our footprints would magically disappear behindus, as the surf would usher in a clean slate for tomorrow. I would stare over the water, listening to the crash of the waves, the whispering secrets ofshells and feel the most incredible presence of God and his creative power.
  5. 5. At the age of 6, we moved to Texas and soon thereafter, my parents divorced. For many years I lived with my Mom and younger brother in the harsh lands of West Texas. Although my mother did her best to recreate the “love shack” in Texas, my heartbelonged to the white sandy beaches with annual summer trips to rekindle my first love and dream of living by the shore. Perseverance not only runs in our family… It Swims! I decided to “bloom where I was planted” and if you can bloom next to tumbleweeds and scorpions; you can bloom anywhere. My determination found resolve in a lap pool, where it filled the void of the missing ocean. In fact, I swam so much, that I raised more funds for the American Cancer Society than any other man, woman or child in the entire West Texas region. The “Swim for Life” leaders finally told me to stop swimming and go home, like everyone else had done hours earlier. I was 11 years old.
  6. 6. My Mom always encouraged a verypersonal relationship with Jesus.She would say we should alwayshave our Spiritual Breakfast… that itwas the most important meal of theday. She would read the bible to usevery morning with a devotional tohelp us have the right vision andperspective for the day.“Life is What You Make It!” - Mom
  7. 7. My Dad encouraged me to be very thorough with my spiritualtraining and to always check my facts and be very well read.He balanced the good feeling of a devotional with some goodole fashion Hermeneutics and Exegesis! Seek the truth! And do it with a smile! “Smile and the world smiles with you ” - Dad
  8. 8. Both of my parents provided a diverse denominational journey. I have had theprivilege of worshipping God in many different venues including Lutheran, Full Gospel, Baptist, Methodist and Non-Denominational churches. I found God’s love everywhere. I also found one focus in diversity. Different declarations ofdoctrines and a myriad of messages all boil down to one thing: the unwaveringand consistent love of God. The Gospel of Mark tells us to “love God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength.” And that there is no greatercommandment than to “love your neighbor as yourself.” My role in my best life is also a commitment to my name sake. My role is to be one who loves, encourages and gives the gift of manifesting success and healing to others through an extraordinary and divine friendship with Jesus Christ.
  9. 9. One of the greatest testimonies ofGod’s power in perseverance is inthe life of a quadriplegic namedChuck. As a boy, he jumped headfirst from a high-dive into a shallowpool and broke his neck. At the ageof 14, Chuck was sentenced to awheelchair for life. If that wasn’tenough, he survived more carwrecks than I can count and ahorrific two-story fall from anelevator malfunction. And yet,Chuck never complains. Ever. Hesays what he means and does whathe says and always with a smile. Iknow this because Chuck is my StepFather. He married my mom when Iwas a teenager.
  10. 10. My Mom became a Registered Nurse to support our family after thedivorce. She worked long hours to help bring healing to everyone she met both professionally and personally. She fell in love with Chuck when he was in a wheelchair knowing that her responsibilities would far exceed the vision of fairy tales and life happily lived ever after. How did she do it? A lot of laughter, grace, persistence and a very authentic relationship with Christ that is continually filled with the qualities of 1 Cor. 13:4 “Love is patient. Love is Kind.”
  11. 11. My Dad is also very persevering. He is remarried to my beautiful step-motherVanessa who is a fantastic mom and teacher. They have two handsome boys Jonathan and Ryan. My Dad’s work over the years has included countless hours with overseeing the 24 hour Prayer Hotline at his local church, coaching my brothers’ athletic teams and staying fit as an avid runner in several marathons. Ironically, one marathon that is worth mentioning is the race where he pushed a dear friend who is a quadriplegic in an 8K run for charity. I am so very grateful for his inspiring and clear vision of the verse Hebrews 12:1 “Let us run with perseverance!”
  12. 12. This is a snapshot of me and myyounger brother Jimmy. Mybrother’s greatest inspiration inmy life growing up was his senseof humor, awesome break dancingskills and honesty. He is verypassionate about his family andhis love for Christ with a brilliantcreative flair. As a child he wasalways either making me gigglenon-stop or making me cry byputting horny toads in my bed. Asan adult, you can find him marriedto his stunning wife with 2beautiful children whileperforming skits in church wherehe sings like Prince and breakdances like Michael Jacksonentertaining hundreds of people inworship services.
  13. 13. I was taught at a very young age that “Faith without works is dead.” I believe that a living faith is very actively producinggood works. I followed in my parents footsteps by volunteeringand fund raising on an active level all during elementary school, Jr. High and High School. What started with Swim for Life at age 11 continued with becoming the Statewide Winner of theMDA - Jerry Lewis School “Hop-a-Thon” Fundraiser when I was a senior in high school. I raised close to $10,000 with one fundraiser while competing for Miss Teen Texas.
  14. 14. After high school, I moved toLubbock, Texas and received a B.A.in Fine Art from Texas TechUniversity. My brother enrolled acouple of years later and became aYouth Minister at a local church. Iwas extremely active at theMethodist Student Foundation whereI met my first husband who was alsoa Youth Minister. It must have beencontagious as I too became a YouthMinister. I got to meet some prettyamazing people on this journey. Youcan see me here with Toby Mac, thelead singer of DC Talk at a YouthSpecialties Conference.
  15. 15. Several years later, I was blessed with two beautiful children. London, my amazingbeautiful daughter, was the first “manifestation of God.” She can sing like an angel and wants to be a rock star. Now 12 years old, she writes music, plays the guitar, paints and is an amazing athlete. Hawkins, my fantastic handsome son, is thesecond gift from God. He is 8 years old and currently the world’s youngest standup comedian, artist, Beyblade Master and back-up dancer for his sister. My children are a constant reminder of absolute gratitude, joy and the balancebetween creative power and humility in my life. Becoming a mother has allowed me to fully embrace the artist, teacher, leader and minister roles for fully discovering and nurturing our creative spirit with grace and a very enduring steadfast faith.
  16. 16. Over the years I have taught my children to sing, laugh, write, draw, color, paint, dance and pray. I’ve taught them to count, add subtract, speak andspell. But nothing is as hard as teaching my own children about divorce. Iwas able to fall back on the foundation of love, forgiveness, faith and gracethat my parents have given to me as a divine legacy. I learned valuable and visible actions of today will bestow hopes and dreams in my children’s tomorrow.
  17. 17. Several years after my divorce, I married my husband Joe Bohrer. We met while I was working as a contracted director of logistics for the International Creativity Launch. He was chosen as an official ambassador and was being honored for his creative work with HGTV and PBS showcasing his fine art and furniture design. That certainly was impressive enough, but it was Joe’s similar spiritual side that was veryintriguing to me. It turns out that Joe had been a Southern Baptist Minister for twenty years before becoming a Creative Director. We were kindred spirits from the start with love at first sight when we met.
  18. 18. As Joe and I embarked on our new creative mission together, I became the step-mother of two more beautiful children who are out on their ownin this wonderful world. Logan is 20 years old and has his Dad’s creative sense of adventure with dreams of changing the world through skateboard and tee-shirt designs. Vanessa is 26 years old and is diligently working her way through college with dreams of one day owning her own cinema fashion design company.
  19. 19. Over the years I have received many inspirational blessings over my life. I keep these positive affirmations tucked away in an encouragement file. I focus on mymission statement daily to know God’s plan for my life. One verse that I truly enjoy is the one said in church every Sunday at Journey. “God can do anything youknow, far more than you and I can ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working with us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us.” -Ephesians 3:20 My wildest dream ever since I was a little girl… “Be a great leader for exciting creativity with a cause surrounded by the love of my family.”