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Melbourne university may 2017

A quick presentation on the challenges that social media still presents for corporate comms teams in 2017

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Melbourne university may 2017

  1. 1. Is social media really the new normal, in corporate communications? Tim Lloyd @timolloyd
  2. 2. helpful 2 My background  Director, Helpful Technology  Head of digital, UK Department of Health  Head of digital, UK Department for Business  Former journalist
  3. 3. helpful 3 What we’re covering today  What should good online corporate communications look like?  The challenge faced by teams  Characteristics of good digital corporate communications teams  Making the case for better digital communications
  4. 4. helpful 4 Why should you be interested in this?  Our insight from projects with 24 different organisations around the world  Public, private and third sector  The changing way we use the web
  5. 5. helpful Brexit reveals the filter bubble
  6. 6. helpful Digital for corporate communications
  7. 7. helpful Marketing: Big budgets Big numbers ‘social media command centre’
  8. 8. helpful Internal comms: Save budget Say more ‘collaborate’
  9. 9. helpful Corporate comms: Press office, shareholder or stakeholder comms
  10. 10. helpful The team who tell people ‘why’ an organisation does something, not just ‘what’ they’re doing
  11. 11. helpful 11
  12. 12. helpful 12 The challenge for social media in corporate communications  Corporate comms, marketing and other functions exist in silos  Skills aren’t shared
  13. 13. helpful 13 ‘We need social media specialists’
  14. 14. helpful 14 Held back by lack of personal confidence  Management teams are of an age where career skills development has flat lined  Exposure to new channels and technology is low
  15. 15. helpful 15 The challenge for social media in corporate communications
  16. 16. helpful 16 Media have set the pace
  17. 17. helpful 17 No-one takes ownership of customer service
  18. 18. helpful It’s not all bad
  19. 19. helpful 19 National Crime Agency leader online
  20. 20. helpful 20 Customer service from KLM
  21. 21. helpful 21 Air Accident Branch clarifying facts
  22. 22. helpful What should online corporate communications look like?
  23. 23. helpful The team who tell people ‘why’ an organisation does something, not just ‘how’ talk to people
  24. 24. helpful 24 Why bother?  Accountability  Explaining and countering misinformation  In the case of the public sector and charities, because we contribute  Save money on calls and processing complaints  The precedent has been set by others (transport)
  25. 25. helpful Not marketing? Then it’s often overlooked
  26. 26. helpful Vauxhall forgot to listen online 26
  27. 27. helpful AirAsia perfect mix of marketing and customer service 27
  28. 28. helpful TSA communicate policy 28
  29. 29. helpful 29 Characteristics of great social teams  Their leaders are online  They’ve invested in customer service  Staff have a shared understanding of sound evaluation
  30. 30. helpful 30 They work directly with their audience
  31. 31. helpful 31 They earn a place in your timeline
  32. 32. helpful Caveat: none of the above is a substitute for fixing broken services
  33. 33. helpful 33 How are we evaluating the effectiveness of corporate communications?  Re-use of their digital content in the places that matter online  Outcomes rather than outtakes – evidence that people have understood their message  For example: comments, responses, participation in an event
  34. 34. helpful 34 Think about how organisations use social media  Search for them on social media – are the experts there too?  How easy is is to find information on social about why a company does what it does?  Who is advertising to you, and who is actually involved in the conversations you’re seeing online?  Be curious. Turn off ad-blocking, follow some different brands, companies on Facebook
  35. 35. helpful Questions? @timolloyd