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Creating your own joomla templates April 2019

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In this presentation we will look at how to build a simple Joomla template from scratch.

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Creating your own joomla templates April 2019

  1. 1. Creating your own Joomla templates Joomla User Group Sydney April 2019 Presented by Tim Plummer
  2. 2. Problem with off the shelf templates • Bloat • many template clubs try to make their templates as flexible as possible, and as a result include a lot of stuff you are never going to use. • Loading large javascript frameworks such as Bootstrap or foundation, which make it easier on developer but include a lot of stuff you will never use. • Time spent turning things off / disabling • Often need to load sample data to get template looking like demo, then you send a lot of time turning things off / disabling the stuff your site doesn’t need. • Design is not unique, other sites may look very similar
  3. 3. Why create your own template? • Unique fully custom design • Light weight • Complete control over everything • Use whatever javascript framework you like (or none at all)
  4. 4. Disadvantages of custom template • Not great for people with no design skills • Some coding required
  5. 5. Bare minimum • templateDetails.xml – defines all the files used by this template, sets parameter etc. • index.php – main file for your template
  6. 6. Other files you should have • At least one CSS file – make your template look pretty & make it mobile responsive • favicon.ico – image at top of browser window • template_preview.png – back end preview image of template • template_thumbnail.png – back end thumbnail of template • offline.php – page that shows when site is set to offline • error.php – error page • component.php – cut down template that loads when you use &tmpl=component in url
  7. 7. templateDetails.xml
  8. 8. index.php
  9. 9. index.php
  10. 10. Questions