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Research into channels

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Research into channels

  1. 1. Research for Main task Tina Hartnell
  2. 2. These are the most commonly watched TV channels in the UK and the most popular programs currently shown on each channel.
  3. 3. BBC The Apprentice – Any age group Strictly come dancing – Middle aged British Bake off – Mainly older audiences (data from Google) After doing this research it is clear that this channel is generally aimed at middle aged to older audiences so therefore is unlikely to get many views for my target group. I have also discovered that BBC does not show adverts so therefore I cannot use this channel.
  4. 4. ITV Downton Abbey – ‘Modern’ Audiences X-factor - Young, Housewives with children Coronation street – Broad, female, house wives with children. (data from http://www.itvmedia.co.uk/) From doing this research it has become clear that the audience most aimed at by ITV is modern middle aged females and therefore means my means that my target audience are not likely to see my advert if it is on this channel.
  5. 5. Channel 4 Made in Chelsea – Females aged 18-24 years old. Come dine with me – Young to middle aged adults. Educating the East End – Teenagers and parents (results from Google) This channel appears to appeal to a very close audience to that which I am trying to appeal to so this channel is a possibility for broadcasting my advert.
  6. 6. Channel 5 Big Brother – 18 – 25 year olds. Home and Away - Young to middle aged adults. Peppa Pig – Pre-school children. (research from google) It is clear from this research that this channel is not right for broadcasting my campaign advert as it reaches to a very broad audience and my intended audience is too specific.
  7. 7. E4 Hollyoaks – initially teenagers and young adults. The Inbetweeners – 15 – 25 year olds. Made in Chelsea - Females aged 18-24 years old. (data from Google) This channel appeals to almost the exact age group that I want to view my campaign advert and therefore is the most suitable for showing my advert with regards to achieving the best results.
  8. 8. Overall After completing this research into each television channel it has become clear that E4 is the best channel to broadcast my advert as it has the most likely chance of my intended audience seeing it and taking notice.