department of management computer application principles of management digital electronics mass communication production & operations management organisational behaviour journalism and mass communication operating system management planning print journalism ii gateway of tally menu creation of company financial accounting web based programming management information system ipu tips dwarka directing staffing boolean algebra principles of editing enhancing an os types of operating systems services provided by the operating system tally unity radio journalism and production practices of life insurance principles & methods event management entrepreneurship development journalism media research personality accounting financial management capital structure theories sources of finance human resource management six sigma total quality management kaizen depreciation admission ggsipu trinity dwarka modern approach management- traditional approach importance of management management as a science management - meaning management as an art data warehouse & data mining linux environment bca-mobile computing java programming acceptance testing unit testing integration testing organizing controlling commutative law associative law logic operating system objectives returning errors from functions php error and exception syntax handling objectives of editing symbolism simultaneity golden rules of editing bjmc radio journalism & production survey loading a company meaning of editing zero defects accounting concept of depreciation to calculate the proper cost of the product. funds for replacement. to retain to meet legal requirements. out of profits to allocate the cost of fixed assets. to compute tax liability of the owner. need for depreciation concept dividend polymorphism inheritance encapsulation abstraction program execution layers of computer systems computer accounting software quality control od interventions features of od management by objectives long-range change comprehensive change select company net factor income from abroad compensation of employees methods of measuring national income private final consumption expenditure process of communication matching concept accounting conventions rhythm clarity secondary storage devices advance computer networks operating systems journalism and mass communication- department of journalism and mass communication department of journalism network security congestion control & resource allocation advance internet working resource-sharing functions and benefits network user applications cryptographic building blocks department of computer application characteristics of a network foundation theories of personality languages quality management ram & rom cpu dram motherboard sram main memory magnetic tape computer application- wage boards accounting treatment residential status incidence of tax radio interviews radio talk cost of capital video camera write html using notepad or text edit features of indian economy indicators of economic growth elasticity of demand law of demand advantages of using the database approach the entity-relationship model instances and schemas main characteristics of the database approach dbms functionality common error in business writing parts of speech types of communication emotional quotient human capital database multimedia data mining data warehouse types of information programming language business economics production system marketing mix marketing bca top ballb college in delhi best ballb college in west delhi ballb best college in delhi best ggsipu ballb college in delhi ncr ggsipu admission for bajmc best ggsipu college in dwarka bajmc trinity dwaka best institute of ggsipu in delhi ncr best institute in west delhi dwarka (h) admission in ggsipu in delhi ncr students college top ggsipu institutes for placement for bca top ggsipu bca institute in delhi best bca college in delhi ncr bca admission in ggsipu in delhi ncr bca admission best ggsipu college in delhi ncr management: nature & characteristics principles of management-management- principles of management-management-concept & mean management process management process & functions management process: overview principles of management- management process & f management function management roles henry mintzberg’s managerial roles top management reconciliation of managerial functions & manageria middle management managerial levels managerial levels & roles- management-concept & meaning concept & meaning nature & characteristic limitations of planning derivative plans types of planning principles of planning essential requirements of an effective plan. process of planning nature of planning significance of planning organizing: meaning authority nature of organizing organizing authority sources of authority organizing authority & responsibility process of organizing organization significance of organizing responsibility job analysis sequence of activities in staffing nature training & development features scope principles of staffing recruitment importance of directing types of motivation motivation techniques directing- motivation nature of directing techniques of directing process of motivation dimensional modelling problems with er model design requirements star schema er modeling dimensional modeling: salient features dimensional modeling: vocabulary er vs dimensional modeling data preprocessing incomplete (missing) data major tasks in data preprocessing forms of data preprocessing reasons for inaccurate data data quality reasons for incomplete data data cleaning computer networks network basics sharing data common network types shared peripheral device network definition the uses of a network simultaneous access to data effect of defariffing tariff regime three phases of de-tariffing pgi-tariff regime the word detariffing tariff advisory committee pgi- insurance challenges that a business faces applet declaration contrast application with applet body of an applet applets introduction to java applet programs running the applet applets and web pages – html java applets java applet classes the posix standard comparison linux features linux vs unix gnu is not unix! advantages of linux what is shell script what is shell? linux basics introduction to linux applications of mobile computing presentation outline basics of mobile computing mobile networks database management system database users data independence printer it basics modem keyboard introduction to information technology introduction to e-commerce search and identification purchasing products and services electronically multistage model for e-commerce product and service delivery selection and negotiation after-sales service e-commerce oop concept jdk versions object solution of equation k-map solution for equation 2 variable k map 4 variable k map 3 variable k map minimization technique karnaugh map decimal number systems number system decimal to binary conversion binary number system radix (base) of a number system positional notation converting decimal to binary boolean variables consensus theorem boolean theorems distributive law boolean constants boolean functions the nand gate the exclusive or gate the or gate the and gate the exclusive nor gate the not gate (or inverter) the nor gate logic gates alpha testing good testing practices software engineering beta testing validation testing observations about testing levels of testing regression testing factors contributing to the software crisis computer systems engineering software crisis life cycle model software life cycle software product use resources non-optimally. other approaches to integration system testing software engineering- types of testing drivers and stubs bottom-up integration types of testing top-down integration effectiveness efficiency process functions of management absorption law digital electronics- boolean algebra boolean laws and gate using nor gate demorgan’s theorems example of digital system analog waveform analog digital waveforms example of analog system digital analog vs. digital bits binary operation of mobile ip three basic capabilities of mobile ip mobile computing registration process discovery process mobile ip encapsulation mip encapsulation move detection agent solicitation co-located addresses mobile ip scenario operating system basics introduction to operating systems organizing files and folders layers of computer system providing a user interface managing hardware introduction to operating system functions of operating systems visual c++ • j2me (java2 micro edition) middleware protocols layers middleware components mobile computing services protocols architecture software layers window ce network layers c/c++ mac os visual basic os─ symbian os hrm hrm- organization change resistance resistance to change – kurt lewin individual resistance organization resistance what went wrong with nokia reasons: factors in resistance to change organization change resistance centralized processing information technology concepts recent development in field of it decision of appropriate information technology for database models distributed processing choice of appropriate it system purpose of rewriting need of rewriting uniformity why do we rewrite readability rewriting of a news story editing and rewriting metacharacters quantifiers: regular expressions modifiers data validation web based programming - data validation legal postion of the secretary company secretary statutory duties corporate law duties of company secretary qualifications of the secretary appointment of a company secretary actual position or status of a company secretary qualtities of the company secretary fuctions of secretary. merits of cps3 elements of a production system continuous production system types of production system3 characteristics of ips types of ips demerits of cps intermittent production system characteristic of cps going concern materiality objectivity business entity monetary unit historical cost accounting period golden rules of accounting consistency basic principles of accounting the game theory price leadership models sweezy’s kinked demand curve model price leadership model the cartel arrangement cournot’s duopoly model prisoner’s dilemma collusive models :the cartel arrangement collusive models the cartel arrangement models of oligopoly importance of code of ethics business ethics- features of business ethics types of ethical activities benefit of managerial ethics features of business ethics approaches to management ethics objections to libertarianism business ethics forms of libertarianism inventory perpetual inventory system financial accounting-inventory inventory systems periodic inventory system methods of inventory valuation inventory valuation weighted average price method objective of inventory valuation balance sheet in tally profit and loss account in tally receipt voucher trial balance in tally contra voucher computer accounting software- economic development. indicators of economic development factors in economic development indian economy- economic growth. indian economy economic growth. economic growth vs economic development assessing information needs of the organization relevance of information in decision making characteristics of information cost-benefit analysis of information sources of information dimensions of information .steps to help various industries .exports of agricultural items measures to manage unfavourable bop growth oriented export import policy exim policy merits of exim policy bop and exim policy export-import (exim) policy 2002-07 measures to correct deficit bot psycho-analytical theory of personality cattels’s trait theory- sixteen primary traits big five traits model theory personality traits influencing organizational beha chris argyris’s immaturity-maturity theory factors shaping personality organisational conflict management of conflict consequences of conflict types of conflict causes of conflict features of conflict conflict resolution example web based programming - php error and exception kinds of bailment reward point of view non – gratuitous bailment modes of creation of agency gratuitous bailment bailment. bailment for exclusive benefit of the bailor business law contract of bailment and pledge bailment for exclusive benefit of the bailee contract of agency contract of bailment objectives & principles of readability: human interest: brevity editing balance and fairness: surveys have several advantages suitability to tabulation and statistical analysis media research - survey content sensitivity to subgroup differences four alternative data collection modes descriptive and analytical surveys feedback ability to tap the “unseen” adaptability standardization ease of administration advantages: rapport elements of a business plan new ventures essential guidelines business plan reading process benefits of a business plan business plan preparation what is business plan? pitfalls to avoid in planning the if statement logic of an if-else statement the switch statement control statements the if-else statement nested if statements decision statements loop statements the switch multiple-selection structure logic of an if statement print journalism ii- principles of editing listening contrast parallelism continuation of thought watching. fluency in reading experienced/inexperienced staff selection of the copy deciding the display or placement deadlines tools of editing need for editing putting the headlines adjusting the length shortage of space improving the expression editing & its concepts scope of editing phone ins & radio bridge radio discusson radio news radio documentaries music on radio simple announcement radio drama radio formats writing for media- .norms of translation writing for media- translation translation translation process types of translation need for translation distinction between authority and power organisational power sources of power scarcity of resources power tactics dependency and power nature of power importance of resources non- substitutability of resources factors affecting dependency bonus notice renewal premium receipt procedure & documents documents claim settlement form first premium receipt (fpr) list of documents renewal premium notice policy bond plant layout facilities planning types of plant layout importance of plant layout mixed layout objectives of plant layout product layout static layout process layout idea screening commercialisation .idea generation new product development types of new product product development test marketing new product development stages business analysis publicity vehicles advertising personal selling public relations classifications of advertising imc communication tools direct marketing sales promotion imc - imc communication tools. sales promotion uses patent rights merger and takeover. sources of oligopoly various forms of oligopoly characteristics of oligopoly oligopoly models huge capital investment economies of scale. control over certain raw materials meaning of research observation schedule primary data collection methods secondary data collection approach methods of data collection primary data collection approach interview collection approach questionnaire overcoming barriers features of performance management performance planning barriers to effective performance appraisal methods of performance appraisal performance appraisal potential appraisal performance management definition performance appraisal vs. potential appraisal fourth generation(1970-90) fifth generation(1990 till date) first generation (1946-59) third generation(1965-70) introduction to computers and i.t generation of computers invention of computer second generation(1957-64) delete a company pre-defined groups in tally payment voucher for making accounting entries:- shut a company valuation of preference shares valuation of ordinary shares. a company may issue two types of shares: claims valuation of shares ordinary shares redemption dividend growth model features of preference and ordinary shares preference shares value of a preference share-exampl market value lack of attention .principles of zero defects steps for improvement poka yokes lack of knowledge continuous improvement benchmarkingbasis of bench markingadvantages of benchmarking errors or defects are caused by two factors quality cost types of benchmarking internal sources owner’s investment internal sources debt collection external sources share issue internal sources ources of finance can be classified external sources bank loan internal sources retained profits internal sources sale of fixed assets internal sources sale of stock event management: principles & methods key elements of event management venue target audience event sponsor logistics event organizers key roles of an event organizer event infrastructure media the communication process methods of communication seven barrier of communication of communication business communication c importance of communication factors affecting communication sales management a-c-m-e-e approach purpose of sales training: sales training design decisions for designing sales training programme the a-c-m-e-e approach to sales training design arranging for tools of editing editing : soul of journalism the nature of item deciding what will and what will not be published. making the selected stories palatable and presenta time taken in editing. process of editing. editing includes editing defined interpersonal skills group norms collaborative problem solving skill conflict management skills develop and establish goals - team building and effectiveness group cohesiveness issue in creating team players types of work teams management skills organizational behavior limited size of marke low capital formation policies and programmes to alleviate poverty unemployment and indebtedness poverty is a socio-economic problem. rapid population growth among the poor under development inflationary pressure low productivity magnitude and nature of poverty vicious circle of poverty low education low demand low rate of economic development low real income factor affecting individual behavior gender perception libertarianism theories of free will & determinism personal factor psychological facto determinism vattitude & value soft determinism attitude & value creativity ability education view on hard determinism nominal group technique evaluate alternatives generate alternatives techniques of decision making brainstorming gaming theory select the alternatives individual decision making decision tree establish objectives collect information creative techniques linear programming implement the alternative probability theory network theory modern techniques for making programmed decisions: identify the problem rom(read only memory) random access memory types ram– random access memory dynamic ram (dram) cache memory auxiliary memory memory hierarchy history of six sigma achieving zero defects steps of six sigma kaizen is a method of continuous improvement principles of kaizen. computer fundamentals pdas mainframes applications of computers mini and microcomputers personal computers network computers supercomputers servers workstations laptops research hypothesis compatible with current knowledge logical consistent types of hypothesis testable (should not be null) characteristics of hypothesis succinct (to the point) criteria for good hypotheses by poll voting rights of equity shareholders corporate law- voting and poll to vote voting rights of preference shareholders in the case of any other company popular methods of voting in case of a company having share capital by show of hand rules regarding voting product-layers features & classification layers of product product-definition product mix: product perception & evaluation product-features physical configuration: explicit characteristics: associated services: package and brand name: product-life-cycle implicit characteristics poverty is a great cause of denial of human rights positive and negative rights natural rights there are no universal human rights because there opposition party is equally important civil liberties empower individuals universality of rights social welfare rights claim and liberty rights elections are held to elect the representatives elected representatives independent judiciary rule of law on convertible debentures partially convertible debentures capital market primary market secondary market fully convertible debentures marketing of financial products and services- ull value is converted into equity at a specified it can be legitimate or illegitimate political beh organisational politics has the following features it is a deliberate effort on the part of people to organisational politics features of organisational politics control of engineering quality quality production &operations management customer’s satisfaction reduction in scrap goodwill creation control of manufacturing quality economy control of purchased material quality increase in profit traditions and ideas from some of its neighbors as culture of india fairs unique geography clothing monuments religion socio-economic and political scenario the culture of india has been shaped by its long h wildlife features of small scale business do very little to improve the standard of workers household industry ancillary industries importance of small scale business highly labour intensive small scale industry is classified charge of income tax a local authority an association of persons(aop) or body of individu every other artificial juridical person total income is to be computed as per the provisio helps in relationship building and pr activities canvassing highlighting added features of product carrying out need for events enabling interactive mode of communication costing 5 c’s of event designing creating and maintaining brand image launch of a new product customization income from entrepreneurship profit income from property retained earnings corporate tax undistributed profits salary and wages in cash printers monitors gas plasma display types of output devices: cathode-ray tube (crt) less expensive than a lcd monitor ink - jet printers resemble televisions output devices laser printers use picture tube technology passive-matrix lcd active-matrix lcd field emission display place (distribution) features & services ackage terms of payments. physical evidence price of the product warranty discount allowances labels product credit common features of business economics it is concerned with normative micro-economics and market research economic analysis of the industry conditions which are relevant to the business. nature of business economics advice on foreign exchange management application of business economics demand forecasting investment appraisal security management analysis it takes help of macro-economics html can be edited by using a professional html ed html example: document tag adobe dreamweaver html stands for hyper text markup language html tags html example the end tag is often called the closing tag. microsoft expression web coffeecup html editor a markup language is a set of markup tags interfaces and inheritance public class person and properties public male as boolean end class overloading end structure object oriented programming public eyecolor as color methods object oriented programming concepts events public appendages as integer ratio analysis- meaning different meanings to different terms useful in judging the operating efficiency helps in depicting changes helps in comparison ignores price level changes ignores qualitative factors no single standard ratio importance of ratio analysis helps in locating weak spots of the business ffective control useful in simplifying accounting figures may give false result based on incorrect data one of the best tools available to financial analy loss of substratum oppression of minority petition for winding up (sec 272) winding-up of company winding-up by the tribunal illegality of objects and fraud by the tribunal voluntary modes of winding-up bubble company deadlock in management steps in handling a page fault • thrashing • operating-system examples • allocation of frames virtual memory page table when some pages are not in main memory • page replacement • copy-on-write background encoding techniques point-to-point clock recovery: nrz (non return to zero): baseline wander: encoding schemes: non return to zero inverted multipoint contraction of muscles units of force push from side and front characteristics of a force dynamic friction point of application. magnitude resultant force force: a push or pull acting on a body that causes classifying forces direction batch processing prioritizing system requests the os organizes and controls the hardware. time sharing system managing file systems. facilitating networking and multi programming it is the software the enables all the programs we resource allocation controlling and allocating memory evolution of operating systems os acts as an interface between the application pr input/output operations program creation protection educational planning and administration. radio is a scientific device role of radio towards society particularly in a developing country suitable equipment radio has immense values research design process of designing and conducting research synopsis types of research design exploratory research design: experimental research design a research design is the arrangement of conditions a research project descriptive research design they are always taxable unless exemption under sec perks/perquisites different forms of salary allowances are provided for a specific purpose or income under the head salary retirement benefits: there are two types of allowances where section 10 house rent allowance (hra) special allowances magic multiplier diffusion of innovation interest approaches: development communication awareness evaluation trial localized approach can erases data and reuses it many times less vulnerable to data corruption cd -compact disc disadvantages of magnetic disks types of optical disks cost per bit of storage is low high recording densities data access rate superior than tape system optical disks advantages of magnetic disks access to i/o devices system access editors and debuggers an interface between applications and hardware controlled access to files program development definition of qwl involves occupational health car what is happiness for you definition of qwl involves nature and scope of qwl importance of qwl appropriate salary. quality of life ways to improve qwl problems in improving qwl aspects of qwl change accounting date alteration of company choose company change accounting period . recourse & non-recourse factoring 3. disclosed & undisclosed factoring disadvantages of factoring factoring in india advantages of factoring domestic & export/cross-border/ international fact maturing & participation factoring types of factoring factorin advance father of the quality movement: edward deming employee involvement edward deming what does total quality management encompass? continual improvement customer-focused elements of tqm principles of tqm process-centered integrated system features of c language c programming- features of c language character set of c language c programming variables rules for constructing variable names data types in c language variable declaration cash cow growth share matrix) star products strategies of bcg question mark? portfolio analysis-bcg matrix boston consulting group they are the leader in mature or declining industr issues with growth/share matrix revenue receipts financial statements revenue expenditure department of management- capital expenditure disclousre in financial statements: defferred revenue expenditure classification of capital and revenue expenditure classification of expenditure grievance redressal officer grievance redressal systen customer cell handling customer grievances dpg complaint cell customer grievance handling insurance ombudsman consumer protection act types of paragraphs the first draft letters how to concise ideas revise – re-revise-edit components of a paragraph reading aloud for further changes writing formats : journals logical sequencing essays & reports concise ideas ideas dissected into elements structure of paragraphs efp camera angles studio cameras consumer grade convertible types of cameras basics of camera light and sound portable cameras.. eng eng and efp camera types of video camera consumer grade cameras video camera and its types portable camera studio camera working convertible camera roduction & operations management- quality quality assurance the quality gurus – edward deming two aspects of quality the quality gurus – joseph juran high level language complier low level language interpreter mechanical language middle level language asymmetrical proportion principles of design proximity and alignment color and typography similarity positive and negative space balance dominance organizational development process consultation role of organization development survey feedback normative educational process emphasis on intervention and action research participation of change agent management development organization development crane camera movement fcp sound forge camera movement with mounting equipmnts fire wire dolly arc mounting equipments pedestal tack / truck liberty : meaning & features economic liberty justice : meaning relationship between liberty & equality types of liberty equality :meaning &aspect national liberty civil liberty natural liberty dimensions of rights political liberty personal liberty j.a howard specific product information cues a reinforcement aidas” theory non-triggering cues “right set of circumstances” theory securing attention behavioural equation” theory informational cues theories of selling “buying-formula” theory gaining interest triggering cues: current image errors in positioning doubtful positioning what is image market positioning mirror image positioning strategies why positioning? competitor positioning attribute positioning process consultation: organisation development grid organisation development: od and management development introduction to tally printing of various documents advantages of tally cost / profit center comprehensive coverage import / export of data number of companies currency accounting without codes tally solutions pvt. ltd. different tally versions features of tally interest calculations the financial year information indian money market marketindian banking system commercial banks indian capital market financial institutions department of managemen cooperative banks indian banking system regional rural banks private final investment expenditure expenditure method government final expenditure gross value added operating surplus mixed income of self employed salary and wages in kind sentence errors barriers of communication media of communication principles of effective business communication-7 c channels of business communication basic forms of communication forms of verbal communication vocabulary building punctuation introduction to business communicatio radio is inexpensive pictorial good broadcasters one listener. simplicity of radio a radio receiver is portable: radio does not need electric power supply characteristics of radio what is news proximity consequence other forms of print media human interest timeliness conflict print media elements of news history of print media prominence foreign trade policy foreign trade policy 2009-2014 objectives of foreign trade policy 2009-2014 foreign exchange management act 2000 advantages of foreign investment foreign exchange reserves need for foreign capital disadvantages of foreign capital -indian economy objectivity concept accounting concepts and conventions realisation concept going concern concept business entity concept accrual concept accounting period concept dual aspect concept historical cost concept classes of pension workforce retention benefits social & state pension define contribution employment based pension retirement income benefits compensation pension pension benefits of pension plans types of pension defined benefit pension plan bios setup tasks performed at boot up booting required grub loader booting and rom bios interaction dos secondary boot loaders boot process occurs booting and start-up sequence data types and operators in vb .net creating vb .net project sub routines and functions features of vb .net introduction to vb .net data types and operators conditions income statement financial reports accounting principles principles of accounting accounting as an aid to decision making balance sheet transactions stakeholders the balance sheet organization's management actual reach external reach interaction events as a communication tool direct interaction indirect interaction reach the mismatch between service facility & arrivals queueing system notation categories of customers service process arrival process representation of queueing system terminology queuing theory characteristics of an entrepreneur entrepreneurship types of entrepreneur introduction to entrepreneurship risks associated with entrepreneurship entrepreneurial process entrepreneur vs entrepreneur comparison between entrepreneur and manager characteristics of entrepreneurship product class the cultural symbol approach competitors‘ based positioning attributes based positioning types of positioning errors types of positioning physical characteristics positioning process of positioning emphasis elements of emphasis breaking monotony sentences art of putting words together sentence variety recurrence concision types of emphasis writing for media primary memory ram and rom computer memory dram: dynamic ram magnetic storage devices ram: random access memory storage devices optical storage devices sdram (synchronous dram) eeprom: electronically eprom dsa generation & verification dsa parameters one-way authentication protocol digital signature standard dsa explanation authentication protocols signature generation dsa operation mutual authentication protocol. meeting of directors meeting of members power of tribunal to call an agm requisitionists themselves provisions regarding agm the tribunal section meeting of contributors importance of agm board of directors penetration identification exception-condition rule-based detection resource-usage anomaly detection statistical anomaly detection threshold detection intrusion detection techniques time-stamp quantitative research fundamental pure and applied types of research quantitative vs. qualitative descriptive vs. analytical research qualitative research pure research analytic research input and output devices bar code reader keyboards digitizer point and draw devices voice recognition systems scanner alexander the great- colonial india aryan invasion(1700-1300bc) indus valley civilization origin of india mughal empire india renaissance rebellion paging hit ratio translation look-aside buffers the physical addresses paging hardware with tlb address translation scheme mapping logical addresses to physical addresses paging model of logical and physical memory paging hardware implementation of page table baseline typography parts of typeface ascender typographic element internet advantages & disadvantages of web based web based technologies three-tier architecture what are web sites web applications world wide web three tier architecture applications web application diagnostic research studies hypothesis-testing research studies exploratory formulative research studies objectives of research descriptive research studies advanced computer network locations resource sharing theories of development paradigms of development types of unilinear theories unilinear word view of development types of non-unilinear theories non- unilinear he world view of development mechanical law of conservation of energy energy and its form thermal magnetic radiant energy electrical sound forms of energy potential energy types of energy motivation maslow’s need hierarchy theory z motivation process carrot and stick approach characteristics of motivation theories of motivation mcgregor’s theory x and theory y need and types 4th pc:- 1983 2nd pc:- 1957 national labour commission in 1969 3rd pc:- 1973 department of management wage board composition pay commissions net asset value mutual fund trust players in mutual fund association of mutual funds in india. asset management company mutual find is a collective saving schemes mutual funds transgenerational design process of design . elements and principles of design describe basics of design and graphics what is design. approaches to design basics of design and graphics to describe basics of design and graphic news editing specialized writing/editing forms of print media print journalism objectives of the study editing style editing principles traditional method of measuring development characteristics of development gross national product qualitative perspective the concept of development media and development limitation of gnp as a measure of development development communication concept and indicators of development advanced computer symmetric key encryption branch offices: mobile users personality and advertising freudian theory learning objectives neo-freudian personality theory personality is prone to change trait theory soup and soup lover’s traits personality is consistent target market additional consideration market targeting process of targeting evaluate the market segments single segment concentration product specialization targeting strategies market specialization selecting the marketing segments selective specialization differentiation and tools framework framework libraries vb .net fedt common language runtime (clr) common language specification common type system .net overview second law of motion third law of motion third law friction second law types of friction newton’s laws of motion first law law of inertia units & measures international organization for standardization iso: quality standards so 9001:2008 generic so 9001 benefits of iso standards nline functions when to use inline functions advantages: inline functions outside member functions as inline syntax : inline function sample program disadvantage of inline function programming using c++ limitation of secondary devices magnetic tape types demand with unity elasticity types of price elasticity theory of production relatively more elastic demand perfectly inelastic demand relative inelastic demand functions of management information system structure of mis: conceptual structure outputs of management information system role of management information system network storage das rom introduction to it memory flash memory secondary storage cache ram types of storage san pen drive nas magnetic disk 2nd computer generations universal automatic computer vacuum tubes integrated circuits transistor 1st computer generations the microprocessor bpo components difference between bot and bpo balance of trade policy measures for bpo balance of payment wageboard composition pay commission national labour commission locating device pointing device digitizing tablets advantages of keyboard factor affecting depreciation objectives of depreciation depreciation accounting decentralisation of power legislative procedure enpowerment process benifits of enpowerment characteristics of enpowerment enpowerment leverage taxation exceptions to basic conditions in taxation features of acounting accounting objectives information system in accounting objectives of media research formulative research hypohesis radio script radio production radio journalism eng camera parts of video camera efp camera working of video camera design and graphics graphic design conceptual art visual communication circular permutation business model combination registered office clause liability clause memorandum of association population growth effects of growth on economic development fill light uni direction microphone omni direction microphone lapel microphone key light 3 point lighting techniques types of video camer types of microphone capital structure theories – d) traditional appr time value of money goals of financial management financial management financial and management accounting the nature of accounting basis of market segmentation market segmentation levels of segmentation inter company transaction cost of control minority interest wholly owned subsidiary company consolidation of financial statement holding and subsidiary company kernel linux distributions linux vs. windows features of linux linux history primary data functions of statistics characteristics of statistics empty tag container tags html line breaks html paragraphs personality measurement big five personality traits personality traits determinants of personality tqm flexi-time concept hrd role of hrm in strategic management batch processing systems multiprogramming systems time sharing systems distributed systems real time systems parallel systems functions of kernel kernel of an operating system abstract view of an operating system what is an operating system? changes in occupational structure in india trends in national income in post independence era basic characteristics of the indian economy as dev economic development economic growth humanware & firmware & computer system organization instruction and information data evolution of computer machinery layout material flow information optimisation of resources point rating method rating methods factors influencing plant location facility management total productive maintenance juran’s quality triology deming’s 14 point approach to tqm deming wheel pareto analysis: control quality control techniques quality control system dimensions of quality consumer equilibrium or budget line assumption of indifference curve analysis indifference ordinal utility approach indifference curve law of diminishing marginal utility cardinal utility approach: total marginal average utility database management system (dbms) kirkpatrick’s evaluation criteria phases of skill acquisition considerations in training design training needs assessment methods of training classic training system smart card e-wallet e-cash types of electronic payment system mobile commerce types of ecommerce brief history of ecommerce uses of ecommerce ecommerce culture and heritage indian history the great indian heritage india that is bharat event organization structure elements of events types of events characatersticks of events definition and purpose of events evaluation and assessment human resource and management creating an event need of events management of events types of charts written communication non verbal communication verbal communication interoperability proprietary system open systems network addresses internet protocol transmission control protocol bus topology star topology ring topology types of topologies wide-area network metropolitan-area network local-area network features of quality circles role of human resource management in strategic man importance of human resource management objectives of human resource management scope of human resource management methods of computing the depreciation . relation between nominal and effective rate of i nominal and effective rate of interest compound interest simple interest scope of financial mathematics financial mathematics anti aliasing analysis of bresenham’s algorithm dda pseudo code dda algorithm 2d transformations clipping bresenham’s pseudo code bresenham’s line drawing algorithm analysis of dda algorithm scan conversion algorithms drawing line on the computer screen raster graphics types of computer graphics applications of computer graphics java & c java and c++ building stand alone java program java api core api java developer's kit java applications features of java programming java challenges in organisational behaviour organisational behaviour models cost-benefit analysis attributes of information types of systems system development life cycle concept of system executive information systems decision support systems transaction processing system high level language. machine language compiler system software application software types of software software and hardware of computer block diagram of computer computer market forces equilibrium micro economics macro economics decision making production managers production process production management production and operations management marketing management financial market financial products financial services banking services mfps trinity tips about tips. dwarka bjmc bba
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