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21 Tips to a More Successful Dental Practice

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Creating a profitable business is difficult.

That's why we've created this infographic, 21 Ways to a Make your Dental Practice More Profitable.

If you're having trouble making your dental practice as profitable as you'd like, then this infographic and corresponding blog post is a must read.


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21 Tips to a More Successful Dental Practice

  1. 1. 1. Create A Systematized Internal Marketing Plan 21 WAYSto make your Give a gift card to all referring patients Make follow-up calls after long procedures Send a basket of goodies to high value patient’s workplace Organize a “dental health” lecture Hand out hygiene bags to local businesses Ask 1 patient per day for a referral Ask 1 patient each day for a review 2. Incentivize Your Staff Rewards Post on board in break room and monitor daily Determine % of profit that goes into profit sharing. Reward based on performance to KPI’s. Modern technology not only makes patients feel comfortable and confident in your skills, but also portrays the image that you keep up with technological advances in dentistry. OCT NOV DEC 3. Give Bonuses To Staff 4. Use Modern Technology 5. Greet Everyone 6. Answer the Phone The second a patient walks in, they should be greeted with a smile and welcomed into the office. Don’t let phone’s go to voicemail! New patients will simply call another dentist. Have a backup solution in place that phone calls can roll over to if you aren’t there. This backup solution must have the ability to book appointments. Hi, How are you? 7. Build the ideal practice 8. Learn Patient Names 9. Specialize Have your team help you come up with a long term plan. This will help them feel ‘vested’ in the practice. Everybody should call the patient by their name. This makes them feel comfortable, and shows you care. Find a ‘niche’ and specialize. Sleep Apnea. TMJ. Implants. Whatever it is, be known as ‘the dentist’ for that service. 10. Create an Office Culture Make sure that every staff member is on board with your visions and goals for your practice. If they aren’t, find somebody else. 11. Expand Your Services When it comes time to grow your book of patients, think about ways you can expand your services and improve the value you provided to strengthen your competitive position and help pique the interest of prospective patients. 12. Offer Flexible Financial Terms Providing flexible payment methods can help build rapport with patients. When you ensure that a wide range of options is available, patients may be more inclined to accept treatment recommendations. 13. Remember to Engage Your patients will leave if you show indifference, if they fear the dental visit and you haven’t developed trust. Therefore, remember to use patient newsletters to remain in the forefront of their minds and provide them with invaluable snippets of information to guide their oral health decisions. 14. Improve Your Cancellation Rate by Upgrading Your Scheduling System Integrate text message reminders of appointments. These have proven to have the highest % of interaction. 15. Make Sure Your Staff is Trained When your patients come in for their appointments, you are not the only professional they'll be in contact with. In fact, your front desk team IS your practice to new patients. Make sure that each person who greets and works with your patients, either in person or on the phone, is well trained in dental best practices as well as communication. This will help improve the overall experience. 16. Create Incentives for Staff to Help Control Costs Have a contest where the person that contributes the greatest cost saving idea gets a quarterly bonus of something substaintional such as an iPad, Flat Screen TV, etc. 17. Run Reactivation Campaigns Any practice that has been in business for a while, likely has hundreds if not thousands of inactive patients. These are ones you’ve built a relationship with in the past. Get those patients in the door! 18. Have the BEST Patient Experience Everywhere Create a new patient experience unlike any other. Do what others AREN’t doing. Don't forget to utilize the internet to obtain new patients! Either learn online marketing such as SEO & Web Design inside and out, or hire a dental marketing firm you can trust. 19. Online Marketing SOURCES: http://blog.titanwebagency.com/more-profitable-dental-practice http://www.slideshare.net/emailankur/10-most-profitable-changes-to-my-dental-office http://www.patientnews.com/content/8-tips-running-successful-dental-practice http://www.dentistryiq.com/articles/2013/02/six-steps-to-making-hygiene-a-profit-center.html http://www.dentistryiq.com/articles/2014/11/less-stress-more-profit-for-your-dental-practice.html www.titanwebagency.com | (801) 783-3101 DENTAL PRACTICE M O R E P R O F I T A B L E Aweing your patients should be a high priority. Impress them with your ads, your building exterior, the inside of your office, etc. At each of these points, leave an impact—that means not looking like every other dentist’s office in the country. This doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. Being a pediatric dentist that establishes vividly at every turn the focus on making a painless, fun experience for kids offers as much wow factor as being the high-end office with expensive furniture and nice paintings. 20. WOW Factor Dentists who stop trying to improve, both in their medical expertise and their business, stagnate and fall behind. Momentum can only take you so far, regardless of how big your last burst of effort to improve may have been. By continuously looking for ways to improve your craft, your customer service, your marketing, your team efficiency, you’ll stay ahead of the competition, ahead of stagnation, and ahead on your bottom line. 21. Keep Learning