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GSEHealth.com Managing stress Tips and Tricks

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GSEHealth.com Managing stress Tips and Tricks. Visit our website mylifeinsuranceforelderly.com for great such tips and tricks and do not forget to subscribe us.

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GSEHealth.com Managing stress Tips and Tricks

  1. 1. Managing Stress www.gsehealth.com
  2. 2. Why Managing Stress? • What is the need of this? • Now a day, people are too busy in their life and do not have time for themselves. • It is becoming like disease. • Common causes for stress include physical causes, such as illness or injury, and mental (psychological) causes, such as anxiety or fear. • That is why, we need to manage stress. It is the great curse for our physical disease.
  3. 3. What are the main causes of stress? • Examples of life stresses are: • The death of a loved one. • Divorce. • Loss of a job. • Increase in financial obligations. • Getting married. • Moving to a new home. • Chronic illness or injury. • Emotional problems (depression, anxiety, anger, grief, guilt, low self- esteem) • Breakups etc
  4. 4. What are examples of stress management? • I personally felt good experience to manage stress. Rajyoga Meditation is the great technique or meditation to control our mind and remove any kind of stress forever. • Learn Rajyoga to your nearest Brahmakumaris Center. • Physical Exercises • There are only 2 things which can remove stress forever.
  5. 5. Rajyoga Meditation: Benefits
  6. 6. Benefits of Rajyoga Meditation • Unconditional Life • Stress Free Life • Peace of Mind • Healthy Life • Faster Healing • Better and Sound Sleep • Increased Work Efficiency • Harmony in Relationships • Reverses Heart Problems • Better Control on Thoughts • Increased Attention Span • Slowed Ageing
  7. 7. Benefits of Rajyoga Meditation • Understanding the self • Realising one's potential • Ability to face challenges • Release from tension • Freedom from anxiety and fear
  8. 8. How to Learn Rajyoga Meditation • Just Visit Your nearest Brahmakumaris center which has centers all over the world. • Start practicing the meditation there in cool environment. It is the best place to learn it. • You can watch Peace of Mind TV channel or Peace of Mind Youtube Channel. You will have ideas about it. Visit Official Website: www.brahmakumaris.org
  9. 9. Thanks for watching  • Visit www.mylifeinsuranceforelderly.com and gsehealth.com for more information. We write about it in our blogs. Subscribe us. • Share this to the whole world. 