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Tizen Web App Development webinar

Learn about Gear S3 capabilities and kick start development by creating a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) Web application.

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Tizen Web App Development webinar

  1. 1. • A few housekeeping items: • All attendees will be automatically muted during the webinar to limit disruption during the presentation • If you have any questions for the presenters, please post them in the chat box and we will answer them at the end during Q&A. • If you have any technical issues during the webinar, please send a chat to the Samsung Host for assistance. • This session is being recorded and will be shared with the presentation slides on the Samsung Developer webpage: • http://bit.ly/SDP-WEBINARS • And please don’t forget to respond to the survey posted at the end of the webinar. Your feedback is crucial to improving the webinars. Welcome to the Samsung Gear S3 We b App Webinar 12/15/2016
  2. 2. Gear S3 Web App Development Webinar &Samsung Developer Program SEA - Content & Services Mountain View, CA Kavitha Gopalan Niklas Lyback The information in this presentation is offered only for general informational and educational purposes. These materials are intended, but not promised or guaranteed to be complete or up-to-date, and should in no way be taken as an indication of future results. © 2016 Samsung Electronics America Inc.
  3. 3. How can we help you? Dev Support Team based in Mountain View, CA supports you and your Android and Tizen projects: Samsung Android SDK Tizen SDK Using the Watch Face Editor and the Theme Editor Submission and promotion of your apps Register with the Samsung Developer Program for free: http://bit.ly/JOIN-SDP General inquiries: support@samsungdevelopers.com Feedback: Niklas Lyback at n.lyback@samsung.com (m) +1.408.759.3610 (PST)
  4. 4. Upcoming Webinars Area Subject Date Description Wearables Gear S2/S3 Web app development December 15th For developers - beginners Product overview of Gear S3 January 10th For BD, PMs. Register: http://bit.ly/SDP-Webinar-Jan10 Watch Face Editor Q1/2017 For designers Watch face development Q1/2017 For developers Web widget development Q1/2017 For developers Galaxy Apps and Promotion Programs Games for Samsung and promotions via Galaxy Apps Q1/2017 Present revenue opportunities for game publishers Samsung IAP in Galaxy Apps Q1/2017 Samsung IAP SDK, Unity Services, and item management Themes Themes overview and Theme Editor Q1/2017 For designers – market opportunity and how to use the tool
  5. 5. Gear S3 Web App Development
  6. 6. Smartwatches The fastest growing device in the wearable industry Global Wearable Unit Forecast by Type (Mil) 2.00 5.04 30.32 50.40 66.71 72.20 79.07 87.37 21.50 20.00 30.15 34.97 44.10 48.84 53.90 55.08 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Smartwatch Fitness Band Source: Wearable Electronic Devices Forecast, Garner, 1Q, 2016 Wearable Market (Smartwatch, Fitness Band) is continuously growing
  7. 7. Smartwatches The fastest growing device in the wearable industry Wearable Market (Smartwatch, Fitness Band) is continuously growing Source : Strategy Analytics, WDE Service Smartwatch vs. Swiss Watch Global Shipments Swiss watches Smartwatch es
  8. 8. Launched 8 models to date with great designs and special editions More than 6M+ devices have been sold in accumulation 2014 2015 20162013 Gear 2 & Gear 2 Neo (`14.APR) Gear Fit (`14.APR) Gear S (`14.NOV) Gear S2 Classic Rose Gold & Platinum (`16.JAN) Galaxy Gear (`13.SEP) Gear S2 by de Grisogono (`16.MAR) Gear Fit2 (`16.JUN) Gear S2 & Gear S2 Classic (`15.OCT) Gear S3 Classic & Frontier (`16.NOV) Samsung was the pioneer and has been the leader in the wearable industry
  9. 9. Installed base: Estimated installed base of Samsung Gear S2 devices 2016: 3M * Demography: Gear S2: 80% male, 20s to 40s Total number of downloads per device within first 6 months : 8+ apps, 80% watch faces Watch faces: Recommended price points: $0.99 and $1.99 Apps: Recommended price points: $0.99, $1.99, $2.49 and $2.99 Promotion in staff picks: Typically 2 weeks Criteria: brand, usability, number of downloads, optimized experience for Gear * IDC / WW Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker, 2016Q3, Samsung + Watch, 2015Q4-2016Q3 Key Metrics
  10. 10. Focus on this webinar: web application Widget Easiest and fastest way to access content with simple information. Web widget Widget User experiences Key components ESPN CNN Starbucks Bloomberg Golfzon Line Always visible at the center of the experience. Displays time as well as useful content. Full color always-on display Watchface IAP (In App Purchase) App Tray App launch Strengthens standalone use cases by reducing dependency on mobile device. Optimized experience for rotary UX. Built-in GPS Built-in Speaker Stand-alone Store Application IAP (In App Purchase)
  11. 11. Your service can be viewed by millions of Samsung Galaxy users 760M Samsung phones have Galaxy Apps pre-installed 77M users visit the Galaxy Apps store on a weekly basis
  12. 12. Some Examples Gear for Nest • Controls Nest Thermostat from Gear App • Uses Nest APIs to communicate with Nest devices GoPro Shutter Pro • Controls a GoPro camera from a Gear device • Communicates directly with GoPro camera over WiFi Stack • Game app • Built using Unity
  13. 13. New Features in Gear S3 Web Widgets are small Web apps that provide important information and convenient access. It is based on a subset of well known web standards Web Widgets Speech-to-Text (STT) features enable recognizing sound data recorded by the user and sending the result as text. Speech To Text In-App Purchase service can be used to sell digital content within your Gear App (such as additional Watch Faces, premium services and features, subscriptions, and more). Gear In-App purchase GPS and Speaker – Both BT and LTE models have GPS and a speaker. With built-in GPS, you can create various standalone use cases that require location-based information. GPS and Speaker
  14. 14. Gear S2/S3 runs on the Tizen OS You can develop Gear S2 / S3 applications using 2 types of APIs:  Web APIs Use CSS, HTML, and Java Script to interact with the Native subsystem  Native APIs Use C to interact with the subsystem and more advanced system settings and functionality. Tizen SDK
  15. 15. Build and Run Tizen Web App Web Application HTML 5 CSS JAVA SCRIPT Resources and Libs Install And Launch Web App Files Author Signature Distributor Signature .wgt
  16. 16. TAU Framework Page Indicators Single Popup Double Popup Bottom Button Circular Slider More Options Radio ButtonList View Date Picker Tizen Advanced UI (TAU) library has built-in UI components: • Pages • Page Indicators • Circular Indicators • Pop-up Notifications • Buttons • More Menu • List Views • Grid View • Checkbox and Radio Button • Progress and Activity Indicators • Sliders • Switches • Pickers
  17. 17. Sensors Gear S2 / S3 Sensors Some of the sensors in Gear S2 / S3 : • GPS o Gear S2 – 3G models o Gear S3 - all models • NFC • Heart Rate • Accelerometer • Gyro Sensor • Ambient Light
  18. 18. Application Types Stand-alone App Gear app that runs on a Gear device Companion Apps Apps have 2 parts: a host app that runs on an Android phone and a Gear app that runs on Gear device (for example, Uber and Photobucket)
  19. 19. App Publication in Galaxy App Store Galaxy Apps Seller Office – your UI portal to manage: • Your apps’ registration and certification • Your apps’ distribution and pricing • Your apps’ sales, promotions, discounts, coupons, and payment options • Your apps’ sales statistics • Your profits and financial reports http://seller.samsungapps.com/
  20. 20. Heart Rate Monitor Sample App • The HRM sample app shows how to get Heart Rate Sensor data and display it on a Gear device. • The app opens its main page. When you tap the ‘Start’ button, it displays the user’s heart rate. • ‘Beating heart’ animation is added to the image, while measuring the Heart Rate. • If the app cannot get the user’s heart rate information from the sensor, the app displays its information page.
  21. 21. The HeartRateSample app uses the HumanActivityMonitor API: Defines interfaces and methods to manage human activity data from various sensors on the device. Supports 4 types of sensors: PEDOMETER Pedometer data WRIST_UP Wrist-up gesture HRM Heart rate monitor GPS GPS information Heart Rate Monitor Sample App
  22. 22. Privilege • Tizen security architecture is based on privileges to protect device system and user private data. • To access the Heart Rate Sensor, your app must declare the following privilege in the config.xml file: http://tizen.org/privilege/healthinfo
  23. 23. TAU Components Some of the TAU components used in the HRM sample app: • Page • Bottom button • Title • Header • Footer • Rotary event
  24. 24. HRM Main Page Title Image Button HR value • Once the ‘Start’ button is tapped, the Heart Rate Sensor is started. • Contextual text ‘Measuring…’ is displayed until the sensors starts. • Heart Rate value is displayed over the ‘heart’ image. • ‘Beating heart’ animation is displayed while sensor data is being received. • Once the ‘Stop’ button is clicked, the sensor is stopped. Text
  25. 25. HRM Main Page Title Text Button • If the watch is not strapped properly, the Heart Rate Sensor may not work. • In this scenario, we show the Info page which displays useful information to the user. • Once user adjusts the device, tapping the ‘Back’ button directs them to the Main page for the user to try measuring their heart rate again
  26. 26. Your Next Steps Samsung Developer Program Resources Tizen SDK download: http://developer.samsung.com/gear/develop/sdk Tizen Studio installation guide: http://developer.samsung.com/gear/develop/creating-your-first-app Source code: http://bit.ly/HEART-GEARS3 This presentation: http://bit.ly/SDP-WEBINARS Register to Seller office: https://seller.samsungapps.com How can we help you? Register to Samsung Developer Program: http://bit.ly/JOIN-SDP Register to learn more about Samsung Gear S3: Jan 10th – Gear S3 Product Overview and Registration: http://bit.ly/SDP-Webinar-Jan10 Feedback would be greatly appreciated! http://bit.ly/SDP-feedback_Dec15th