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IF Supply Chain Risk Briefing Service 1pp flyer

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IF Supply Chain Risk Briefing Service 1pp flyer

  1. 1. Innovation Forum works with some major companies providing a risk and best practice briefing service for their internal stakeholders, their customers and suppliers, usually on a quarterly basis. We’re expanding the service to new customers and offering tailored insight briefings for companies. These are delivered by secure PDF four times a year, and cover areas such as: ›› UNIQUE SUPPLY CHAIN INSIGHTS for your company: tailored to your needs. ›› INSIGHTS INTO SPECIFIC AREAS of human rights (eg FPIC) or particular commodities (such as palm oil) based on your preferences. ›› INTELLIGENCE on NGO campaigns and their intentions and impacts.  ›› TARGETS: competitor benchmarking and comparisons in key areas.  ›› STATS: the key numbers in the last quarter that you need to know, and why they matter. ›› RESULTS: how your performance shapes up versus your peers. ›› MANAGEMENT TIPS: how leading companies are adapting management structures and incentives to deliver sustainable procurement and purchasing. ›› HORIZON SCANNING: the key risks and opportunities that are coming down the track. INSIGHT THAT WORKS FOR YOUR BUSINESS We realise that there is no one-size fits all solution for the challenges that companies face. Innovation Forum directors Toby Webb and Ian Welsh have spent the past two decades engaging with leading global brands and businesses, helping them identify the business-critical sustainability issues they need to focus on and, crucially, how to develop the right messages to communicate these issues to internal and external audiences. Innovation Forum’s extensive network of expert analysts and independent commentator contacts gives us a unique ability to call on the sort of candid and informed insight that is of real value to our clients. CUTTING EDGE CREDENTIALS We combine this with the most-important points and outcomes from our annual conference and forums series –  16 in total in 2016 –  that cover the key business issues such as deforestation, business and human rights, smallholder farmers and agricultural supply chains. We bring together the informed opinion-formers –  and our clients gain from the resulting insight. Our directors chair every event, moderate the conference sessions, and deliver back to our clients their informed take on the innovative points and ideas raised by expert speakers and during open debate. We also interview speakers and delegates regularly – their insight helps guide our conference and forum series, and we share this with our own clients through our briefing and advisory services. Alongside our quarterly briefing in secure, readable, PDF format, our clients benefit from private face-to-face briefings – with their operations colleagues and board-level executives. We do these for a companies around the world in the form of workshops, seminars, roundtables and presentations, all in a highly interactive and tailored format. WHO WE WORK WITH We work with a number of companies and organisations, who have taken advantage of our bespoke briefing and tailored insight services. These include Walgreens Alliance Boots, SOK Corporation, Interface, and the EU Beet Sugar Sustainability Partnership. We also have hundreds of senior sustainability executives a year at our events from some of the largest companies and most influential NGOs around the world. To enquire about this service please contact: Tobias Webb, Innovation Forum founder, at: tobias.webb@innovation-forum.co.uk or Ian Welsh, publishing director, at ian.welsh@innovation-forum.co.uk Supply chainriskbriefingservice