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Beyond The Ink Smudge To Digital Relevancy : Social Media For Newspapers, the Media, Small Business, Brands

  1. Beyond the Ink Smudge to Digital Relevancy Your Social Guide Toby Bloomberg @tobydiva @tobydiva
  2. Mr Our Game Plan Deconstruct Brand, Journalists & Advertising The Share Construct What’s Up Next Mr. Deed Goes To Washington, Babe Bennett reporter
  3. “Don't be a sitcom kid be a real kid.” Bill Cosby
  4. Deconstruct Stand Alone
  5. ?? What does social media mean at your newspaper? Daily Telegraph News RoomEditors Publisher Consumer Insights Circulation Advertising IT Product Journalists ???????
  6. Integrate Stand Together
  7. Media Websites4 What is different?
  8. How Are You Unique?
  9. Risk Agile
  10. Quote s
  11. Legacy Strengths - Beyond the “Channel” Community integration Community involvement
  12. Confidential Chat - 1884
  13. Educate Emotional Connection Entertain Now I Care Content
  14. Legacy Strengths - Beyond The “Channel” Depth and variety of content Community integration Community involvement Local credibility Entertainment Depth of coverage/reporting
  15. What does digital relevancy mean to your community? NYT Innovation Report
  16. New York Times Innovation Report
  17. Your Community Strengths/ Values Newspapers Your NP
  18. Advertising Journalists Brand
  19. When the history of online journalism is written, it will be hard to ignore the biggest mistake made by news organizations and media companies: thinking of the World Wide Web as primarily a one-way broadcasting or publishing medium. Richard Gordon, Medill School of Journalism Northwestern
  20. What If Social Media Is Not … The Front Page Home Page Then What IS Social Media? Or
  21. Brand
  22. Twitter + Facebook Integration
  23. Leads To …
  24. Often Forgotten … Easy To Do
  25. Drives traffic to website video blog
  26. Northampton Chron @ChronandEcho Morning all, seems all quiet overnight and nothing major on the far. Headlines to follow Not all tweets have to be breaking news
  27. Credibility For: Brand + Journalists + Employees Advertisers New Hires Partners
  28. Journalists
  29. 3 Aspects of Personal Branding Your values, goals & story Ethics & credibility Your reputation & perceptions
  30. Content - Both Personal & Brand
  31. FaceHat Tip - Courtesy WSVN Engagement
  32. Hat Tip - Courtesy WSVN Engagement
  33. Diva Marketing Post 7 Tips To Rockin’ Facebook Engagement A La Frank Somerville
  34. Content – Inspired from Passion
  36. To build digital community through social sharing Construct now I care tweets and posts Create personal brands that align with corporate values Maintain authenticity and journalistic credibility The Point of Posting
  37. Hashtags: Yours, Mine & Ours Hash tags can increase engagement almost 100% (2x) for journalists and 50% (1.5x) for news organizations. ~ Twitter
  38. 1. Tweet your beat 2. Share some personal 3. Include urls, photos, video 4. @ cite your sources 5. Create lists 6. Thank your community for retweets, mentions 7. Behind the scenes 8. Live tweet breaking news 9. Participate in tweet chats 10. More is less .. 120 characters 11. @ each other 12. Talk with your community! Grow Your Twitter Community – Journalists
  39. Accuracy 1st … never sacrifice for speed e.g. breaking news posts Verification of sources including digital Credit: Quote marks, via @, thanks to @ HT @ (Hat Tip) Only Facts? Can Opinions Be Included? Indicate if your opinion or an ‘editorial post’
  40. Be careful regarding perceived (digital) bias. Q: Will who you follow impact your reputation? Errors: take responsibility, correct. apologize Inside Out Golden Rule: Do unto others as they would like not as you would want. News organizations that tweet 20% fewer URLs and 100 more @mentions grow followers 17% more than expected. ~ Twitter
  41. “Your followers don't need you as much as you think. They can easily move on to another individual or change sources if they sense that you aren't who they think you are.” Professor (of media) Dennis Blader, University of New Haven
  42. Advertising
  43. Promotion
  44. through paid & organic to grow social audience Facebook Drives Reach
  45. Take Aways Know your goals Know your website CPMs Test types of content Test targets Communication among Sales, Social & Marketing Hat Tip to T.J. McLarty, Austin Statesman
  46. Share 772/
  47. Engage
  48. Bring valuable and entertaining content to others Define ourselves to others Grow and nurture our relationships Self-fulfillment Tell about causes or brands WHY People Share NYT Research
  49. Social Sharing Influencers Motivation to connect with with their networks. You and the brand are 2nd. Trust is the cost of entree Keep it simple and it will get share and won't get muddled
  50. What’s on the Horizon?
  51. New Fronts Conde Nast - Digital Video Network
  52. 80M Users
  53. /
  54. The Social Disappearing Act The Social Disappearing Act
  55. #amaatsocial
  56. Your Community Strengths/ Values Newspapers Your NP
  57. Questions Your Responses What is success for your newspaper? For you? What is your area/your beat of expertise? Who is your audience/s? Who will you follow/friend? What social networks will best drive results? Where will you dedicate your to color outside the line time? How will you actively participate with your community? How often will you post and when? What type of content will you focus on media posts, topic curation, your creation? Getting Started: Journalists
  58. Your Next Steps How Will You Reconstruct?
  59. Continue the Conversation Toby Bloomberg @tobydiva