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The "T" in STEM - A spotlight on technology

This latest info graphic gives a brief snapshot on latest opportunities and challenges for U.S. employees and employers in the technology sector.

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The "T" in STEM - A spotlight on technology

  1. spotlight on technologyThe ‘t’ in STEMExperts agree that STEM jobs are essential to a growing economy and Opportunity Markets expected job growthvital to our nation’s competitiveness. Technology, or computer-related The top 10 metropolitan areas that have a strong through 2020occupations, make up 49% of overall STEM employment and are expected to concentration and a substantial volume of IT jobs (compared 800,000 new jobsgrow at a much stronger rate compared to overall employment over the next to total employment) and are predicted to grow their IT employment by more than 8% in the next five years.several years. Demand for these workers is being driven by the increasedneed for businesses, government and other organizations to design, adoptand leverage the latest technologies. While workers in these fields should seattle 13.8% of computer sciencepossess strong problem-solving, analytical and communication skills, these bachelor degrees granted bostonoccupations also offer great opportunities for individuals that want to push to women in 2009-2010. columbus baltimorethe boundaries of technology by using their imagination and creativity. san francisco san jose washington 14.3% 21.8% dallas atlanta overall computer- austin employment related occupations LABOR DEMAND Top 10 jobs by employment top starting salaries The top 5 hot jobs by FOR COMPUTER AND 1 Computer Support Specialists Two out of the top five starting growth % (through 2020) MATHMATICAL SCIENCE salaries for all majors went The average number of 2 Software Developers, Applications to computer grads who are Software Developers, Systems Software 32.4% advertised vacancies in this 3 Computer Systems Analysts starting off with the following Average annual salary (2011): $100,420 occupational category continually average salaries: outnumbers job seekers by over 4 Software Developers, Systems Software 30.6% 3:1 Database Administrators Computer engineering majors Average annual salary (2011): $77,350 64,499 5 Network and Computer Systems Administrators $ Network and Computer Systems Administrators 27.8% 6 Computer Programmers Average annual salary (2011): $74,270 7 Computer and Information Systems Managers Computer science majors 27.6% 8 9 Information Security Analysts, Web Developers, and Computer Network Architects Computer Occupations, All Other $ 63,402 Software Developers, Applications Average annual salary (2011): $92,080 22.1% Computer Systems Analysts 10 Database Administrators Average annual salary (2011): $82,320 Computer Science/Mathematics bachelor degree demographics White 65% Black 10% asian/pacific is. 9% other 8% hispanic 7% American Indian 1%