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Finance and Accounting Professionals: Workforce Attitudes and Motivators

This info graph on the latest workforce trends for finance and accounting professionals shows that two out of every three (67%) are on the lookout for another job, yet the same proportion feels genuinely engaged by their current employer.

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Finance and Accounting Professionals: Workforce Attitudes and Motivators

  1. 67finance & accounting professionals: of those intending tO change jobs, the greatest attrition risks are:workforce attitudes 70% Senior Executives and Middle Managementand motivators Most cited reason: poor management (Senior Executives: 27%, Middle Management: 25%) percent intend toInsights from over 12,000 Finance and Accounting professionals across the globe look for another job 73% Baby Boomers in the next year— Most cited reason: poor up from 62% in 2009 management (31%) 75the notion of a Career-for-life with one employer 69% Workers in the Americas Most cited reason: lack of opportunities for advancement (31%) Do you use your social media percent derive meaning network when making career/ from their work by their employment decisions? (% yes) T least likely to see he opportunity to excel/ develop in their field; the relevance of a however only 51% say 46% All Finance & one-employer career are they experience this in their current job Accounting professionals 50 those in EMEA (14%) and 50% Gen Y Baby Boomers (19%) 59% APAC region 28% of professional/technical workers still believe in the When job searching do you one-employer career percent say their current manager inspires them rely on traditional methods or social media? 67 to do their best work Traditional methods (e.g., job boards)Compared to other professional/ Social mediatechnical workers, significantly fewer 58%Finance & Accounting professionals 43% 45%think the one-employer career is still 30%relevant today (25%) All Finance & Apac region percent say they feel Accounting engaged with their professionals current employer— up from 60% in 2011kellyservices.comAn Equal Opportunity Employer © 2012 Kelly Services, Inc.Source: 2012 Kelly Global Workforce Index. Note: Professional/Technical workers are those who work, and/or possess experience and skills in fields such as: Education, Engineering,Accounting and Finance (requiring a four-year degree), Healthcare, Information Technology, Law, Marketing/Sales (requiring a four-year degree), and Science.