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Technology Trend 2019

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Technology Trend 2019

  1. 1. https://futureoflife.org/background/benefits-risks-of-artificial-intelligence/ Technology Trend 2019 Review of what future may bring
  2. 2. Disappear Rename Remain
  3. 3. #1: Intelligent: Autonomous Things By 2021 10% of new vehicles will have autonomous driving capability, Compared with less than 1% in 2017
  4. 4. Autonomous Drone
  5. 5. BIG DATA Analytics Deep Learning Human Intelligence Augmented Analytics Neural-Net-based Machine Learning Algorithm Data with Volume, Variety, Velocity, Veracity Human judgement that lead to decision making and action https://www.slideshare.net/DrSamirAsaf/augmented-intelligence-short-version, p.7. #2: Augmented Analytics
  6. 6. Information Insight Foresights Decision Actions Descriptive Analytics Preventive Analytics Predictive Analytics Prescriptive Analytics Pre-emptive Analytics What happened Previously? What is the cause? What will happen next? What should we do? What more can we do? http://www.eisiltd.com/blog/augmented-analytics-and-its-importance-for-the-organizations/ Data Analytic Landscape
  7. 7. How data transformed the NBA | The Economist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUvvfHkXyOA
  8. 8. Data Veracity Unverified data is a new type of vulnerability—one that every business leveraging digital technologies must address. The potential harm from bad data becomes an enterprise-level existential threat.
  9. 9. Speaking About Bad Data Do you think Machine will know what they are?
  10. 10. AI Driven Development By 2022 At least 40% of new application development projects will have artificial intelligence co-developers on their team. #3: AI-Driven Performance – Cognitive Technology
  11. 11. Amazon uses AI on Cross Selling Starbucks uses AI on Customer Engagement NETFLIX uses AI with Product Performance
  12. 12. Citizen AI As artificial intelligence (AI) grows in its capabilities, so does its impact on people's lives. Businesses looking to capitalize on AI's potential must acknowledge this impact, "raising" AI to act as responsible representatives of their business.
  13. 13. The primary reason enterprises use AI for Making business decision Provide customer with information for their decision Automate repetitive process Produce reports EXECUTIVES ACKNOWLEDGE DATA ANALYTIC TECHNOLOGY ARE MORE EFFECTIVE AT PRODUCING PROBLEM-SOLVING INFORMATION WHEN PAIRED WITH AI 29% of executives expect PREDICTIVE ANALYTIC as top priority from AI- powered solution. 48.5% 13.6% 6.1% 4.6% 57.9% OF BUSINESSES WITH BIG DATA TECH HAVE AI SOLUTIONS DEPLOYED
  14. 14. AI Playground LESS MORE Artificial Reliance on BIG DATA BOTTOM UP (Pattern Driven) Theorize (Learning) Intelligence Reliance on human conceptual understanding of the WORLD TOP DOWN (Concept Driven) Commonsense (Cognitive) Less DATA, not more Cognitive Computing? Reasoning Expertise Sense Making Nature
  15. 15. #4: Digital Twin-Blurring the line Between Reality and Simulation
  16. 16. Internet of Thinking Real-time intelligence needs more than Things. It's time to build the Internet of Thinking. Hardware help Businesses deliver “thinking” at the point of interaction.
  17. 17. Digital Twins Business Drivers Maintenance and reliability Business process/Asset optimization Product development New business model
  18. 18. 1 Cloud to the edge 2 Empowering edge devices 3 Communicating to the edge #5: Empowered Edge
  19. 19. Connecting the Edge 5G
  20. 20. Connecting Edge with 5G Faster Speed Low Latency High Density 5G will be matures in 5 – 6 years
  21. 21. #6: Immersive Experience-Digital Reality
  22. 22. 2019 2024 2029 Conversational Platform Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality Immersive, Ambient User Experience McKinsey
  23. 23. Voice Eye Tracking Motion Tracking Position Tracking Gesture/ Emotion Temperature How we Interact with the Digital World
  24. 24. Extended Reality Immersive experiences are changing the way people connect with information, experiences, and each other. Through virtual and augmented reality, extended reality is the first technology to “relocate” people in time and space—and it’s bringing about the end of distance. Accenture
  25. 25. #6: Blockchain
  26. 26. BC for Data Security Blockchain Gartner 2018 Hype Cycle
  27. 27. Monetary and Fund Transfer Cross-border transfer Storefront and Online Transaction Identity and Data Transfer Possible Blockchain Applications
  28. 28. Interconnected Space Smart spaces are physical or digital environments populated by humans and enabled by technology which are increasingly connected, intelligent and autonomous. #7: SMART Space
  29. 29. https://www.bilkulonline.com/indias-smart-cities-plan-can-adversely-impact-environment-15571/ Environment Safety Transportation Utility & Infrastructure Building Measurement Paradigm: City as a Platform
  30. 30. #9: Privacy & Ethic-Digital Privacy and Net Citizen Right
  31. 31. #10: Cloud Computing
  32. 32. Quantum computer processor: Qubit placed in the center of a processor Quantum Computer in 2018 is still in Theoretical stage
  33. 33. We are moving a year closer toward SINGULARITY