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Business Finance For Non-Financial Managers

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Discover How to Use Financial Information to Make EFFECTIVE Business Decisions!

In this fast challenging business world where the emphasis is on good corporate governance and high profitability, financial awareness for Managers* is not an option, it has becomes compulsory and a necessity to stay competitive!

This course has been specially designed for managers* in the manufacturing sector who do not have a full financial training and strong finance background but whose responsibilities involve and include the following:

• Understanding his or her contribution to the company business goals, plans and profitability
• Managing and/or running the business which includes department, production, research and development, engineering and other support functions and operations
• Planning and decisions making
• Accountability for the profitability of the business, sales plan and growth, market share, department cost, cost control, expenditure and goals
• Managing credit limit and control
• Capital Budgeting and returns on investment
• Project planning
• Budgeting and forecasting
• Negotiation with Suppliers, Banks and Customers

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