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5 Cold Emailing Rules for Sales Beginners

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What every Beginner Sales Professional should know before starting with Cold Mails?

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5 Cold Emailing Rules for Sales Beginners

  1. 1. ToolsOnCloud 5 Cold Emailing Rules for Sales Beginners What every Beginner Sales Professional should know before starting with Cold Mails?
  2. 2. © ToolsOnCloud.com Rule 1: KISS  KEEP IT SHORT & SIMPLE  Literally every product or service on Earth can be described in 2-3 sentences. If you cannot, then you must work on refining your product description.  Nobody reads a full Email from an unknown sender.
  3. 3. © ToolsOnCloud.com Rule 2: Personalize, Personalize & Personalize  Always Research your prospect and send a personalized mail instead of sending a mass BCC mail listing down all the features of your product.  Remember you are sending an Introductory Email, not a Catalog.  Try finding out some commonality between you and your prospect in order to gain his attention. It helps in building a rapport.
  4. 4. © ToolsOnCloud.com Rule 3: Organize your Content Researchers on Business Writing suggest:  A Paragraph should be restricted to 6 Lines  One Paragraph should not be used for describing more than One Thought.  Every sentence should be limited to 15-20 Worlds.
  5. 5. © ToolsOnCloud.com Rule 4: Add VALUE  Your objective in Sales is to Develop Relationships  You can develop relationship with your prospect only when you add VALUE to them.  Best way is to provide them some Insights or Tips which would help them in their business.  Provide them researched insights about their Industry or the market in which they operate.
  6. 6. © ToolsOnCloud.com Rule 5: Include Call to Action (CTA)  What do you want the prospect to do after reading your email?  Call you Back?  Reply to your Email?  Schedule a Demo/Meeting?  Download a Report/Case Study?  Directly go to your website and Buy something?  Best Practice is to include only 1 Call to Action rather than many.  More Options you give on CTA, more will you confuse them.
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