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Wearables PPT

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Wearables PPT

  1. 1. Wearables
  2. 2. • Drew Radcliff • Jeff Chudik • Zach Ganz •Matthew Williams •Thomas Ramirez •Torrey Hutchison OUR TEAM
  3. 3. Hypothesis • If wearables have a primary role in the enterprise environment, then companies can benefit by improving security, saving money, and increasing efficiency. • Can they improve employee satisfaction and health? • Can they improve current business processes? • Can they be used as authentication?
  4. 4. Challenges • Security • Privacy • User Experience • Connectivity • Fragmentation • Immature Ecosystem • Scalability • Form factor • Battery life • Higher price point Percentage of consumers who would buy a fitness band a certain price points
  5. 5. FINDINGS • Corporate Wellness Programs • Can increase employee health and happiness • Reports show lower turnover rate after adopting corporate wellness and wearables • However, these programs should be optional • Some employees react differently to wearables and some can find tracking fitness information to increase anxiety[1], [2] Key Points: Studies have shown wearables can increase employee happiness and lower turnover rates
  6. 6. • Improves Employee Efficiency [3] • Employees wearing wearables while on job are more productive • Implementing wearables can also increases employee satisfaction FINDINGS CONT. Key Points: Wearables can make employees more efficient
  7. 7. FINDINGS CONT. • Employee Benefits Ultimately Lead to Enterprise Benefits • Employee wellness leads to lower insurance rates for enterprises • Happier employees leads to lower turnover and higher productivity [1], [3] • Increased employee efficiency leads to greater overall results Key Points: Improving employee health can create tangible benefits for the enterprise
  8. 8. • Disney MagicBand [4] • RFID Bands used for access control, guest tracking, and purchases in Disney Land • Epicenter [5] • Implanted wearable device used to authenticate users [5] • Theatro– The Container Store • Wearable voice recognition and Wi-Fi voice for employees [6] [7] FINDINGS CONT. Key Point: Wearables are useful for many applications in the enterprise environment
  9. 9. WEARABLE AUTHENTICATION • Multifactor Authentication systems in one of four ways 1.What you have 2.Presence factor or proximity factor 3.Biometrics 4.Proof of alternative knowledge [12]
  10. 10. TEST PLAN • Example Tasks • Typing a set of lines • Watch an exciting Youtube video • Walk 20 feet • Pickup and move a 20 lb box across the room • Why these tasks? • Tasks were designed to engage sensors that were available on all bands
  11. 11. PRELIMINARY RESULTS MATT VS JEFF Key Points: Peaks and valleys do not overlap/stride length
  12. 12. PRELIMINARY RESULTS MATT VS MATT Key Points: Peaks and valleys are very close. Distance between strides are the same
  13. 13. SUMMARY • Wearables can provide many benefits for the enterprise • Lower turnover rate • Save money on insurance • Potential use as authentication mechanism • Enterprise has intangible benefits too • Increased employee efficiency • Increased employee happiness • Increased employee health
  14. 14. NEXT STEPS 1. Compile literature review article 2. Acquire bands for study/testing 3. Discover or create a way to export data from band 4. Conduct experiments based on test plan 5. Collect and document testing results
  15. 15. REFERENCES • [1]E. Cath, “Can wearable technology boost corporate wellbeing? - ProQuest,” Proquest, 2015. [Online]. Available: http://search.proquest.com/docview/1706364364/fulltextPDF/2895CC 6680E54F48PQ/1?accountid=13360. [Accessed: 01-Apr-2016]. • [2]C. Wellness and C. Wheelock, “WHITE PAPER Enterprise Wearable Technology Case Studies 40 Profiles of Wearable Applications in Automotive ,” 2015. • [3]J. Boitnott, “Wearable Tech Is Improving Employee Productivity and Happiness,” Entrepreneur.com, 2015. [Online]. Available: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/245458. [Accessed: 01-Apr- 2016]. • [4]Disney, “MagicBands & Admission Cards | Walt Disney World Resort,” Disneyworld.disney.go. [Online]. Available: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/plan/my-disney-experience/bands- cards/. [Accessed: 01-Apr-2016]. • [5]L. Mearian, “Office Complex Implants RFID Chips in Employees’ Hands,” Computerworld.com, 2015. [Online]. Available: http://www.computerworld.com/article/2881178/office-complex- implants-rfid-chips-in-employees-hands.html. [Accessed: 01-Apr- 2016]. • [6]Theatro, “How The Container Store Uses Wearable Tech to Think Outside the Box | CIO,” 2015. [7] A. Sacco, “Wearable computer for retail,” CIO.com, 2014. [Online]. Available: http://www.theatro.com/sites/default/files/Product Files/datasheet_wearablecomputerforretail-2.pdf. [Accessed: 01-Apr-2016]. [8] R. D. Labati, R. Sassi, and F. Scotti, “ECG biometric recognition: Permanence analysis of QRS signals for 24 hours continuous authentication,” Proc. 2013 IEEE Int.Work. Inf. Forensics Secur.WIFS 2013, pp. 31–36, 2013. [9] T. Lugovaya, “Biometric Human Identification based on ECG,” Electrotechnical University “LETI,” 2005. [Online].Available: https://physionet.org/physiobank/database/ecgiddb/biometric.shtml. [Accessed: 02-Mar-2016]. [10] D.Gafurov, E. Snekkenes, and P. Bours, “Gait authentication and identification using wearable accelerometer sensor,” 2007 IEEEWork. Autom. Identif. Adv.Technol. - Proc., pp. 220–225, 2007. [11] M. O. Derawi,C. Nickely, P. Bours, and C. Busch, “Unobtrusive user- authentication on mobile phones using biometric gait recognition,” Proc. - 2010 6th Int. Conf. Intell. Inf. Hiding Multimed. Signal Process. IIHMSP 2010, pp. 306– 311, 2010. [12] L. O’Gorman, “Comparing passwords, tokens, and biometrics for user authentication,” Proc. IEEE, vol. 91, no. 12, pp. 2021–2040, Dec. 2003.