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30 LinkedIn Influencers You Should Be Tracking

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What could you learn from the world's leading professional voices? Here are our picks for 30 LinkedIn Influencers you should be tracking, plus their must-read posts about marketing, branding, business, and more.

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30 LinkedIn Influencers You Should Be Tracking

  2. 2. Here are 30 LinkedIn Influencers you should be tracking… ! What could you learn from the world’s top professional voices?
  3. 3. Must Read: “Why I Believe Energy Can Transform Companies and Communities” ! Follow Angela on LinkedIn or Twitter @angelaahrendts Angela Ahrendts CEO, Burberry
  4. 4. Must Read: “The Core Beliefs of the Delightfully Successful” ! Follow Dharmesh on LinkedIn or Twitter @dharmesh Dharmesh Shah Founder & CTO, HubSpot
  5. 5. Must Read: “Best Advice: You Can Do Anything You Choose” ! Follow Martha on LinkedIn or Twitter @MarthaStewart Martha Stewart Founder, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
  6. 6. Must Read: "Big Data Is Already Producing Big Results" ! Follow Daniel on LinkedIn or Twitter @DanielBurrus Daniel Burrus Founder & CEO, Burrus Research
  7. 7. Must Read: "Taking On A Turnaround" ! Follow Meg on LinkedIn or Twitter @MegWhitman Meg Whitman CEO, Hewlett-Packard
  8. 8. Must Read: “Why I, Conan O’Brien, Turned Down The Microsoft CEO Job” ! Follow Conan on LinkedIn or Twitter @ConanOBrien Conan O’Brien CEO, Conan
  9. 9. Must Read: “Best Advice: What I Learned From Jack Welch Hanging Up on Me” ! Follow Beth on LinkedIn or Twitter @bethcomstock Beth Comstock CMO, General Electric
  10. 10. Must Read: “This Will Be The #1 Business Skill Of The Next 5 Years” ! Follow Shane on LinkedIn or Twitter @shanesnow Shane Snow CCO, Contently
  11. 11. Must Read: “A Simple Rule to Eliminate Useless Meetings" ! Follow Jeff on LinkedIn or Twitter @jeffweiner Jeff Weiner CEO, LinkedIn
  12. 12. Must Read: “What If Brands Learned to Say Thank You?” ! Follow Nicolas on LinkedIn or Twitter @nicholasbordas Nicolas Bordas VP, TBWA/EUROPE & President, BEING Worldwide
  13. 13. Must Read: “How One Small Sandwich Shop Became a Giant eCommerce Success Story" ! Follow Hunter on LinkedIn or Twitter @hunterwalk Hunter Walk Partner, Homebrew VC
  14. 14. Must Read: “Career Curveballs: How I Learned to Tame the Ego" ! Follow Deepak on LinkedIn or Twitter @DeepakChopra Deepak Chopra Founder, Chopra Foundation
  15. 15. Must Read: “Why You Need to Break the Rules at Work" ! Follow Claire on LinkedIn or Twitter @Claire Claire Diaz-Ortiz Manager, Social Innovation, Twitter
  16. 16. Must Read: “Your Customers Don’t Care About Touchpoints; They Care about the Journey" ! Follow David on LinkedIn or Twitter @davidedelman David Edelman Partner, Digital Marketing Strategy, McKinsey
  17. 17. Must Read: “Building a High-Trust Culture Series (#1: It Starts with Integrity)” ! Follow Joel on LinkedIn or Twitter @JoelCPeterson Joel Peterson Chairman, JetBlue Airways
  18. 18. Must Read: “The Future of Brands? Individuals.” ! Follow Clara on LinkedIn or Twitter @clarashih Clara Shih CEO, Hearsay Social & Author of The Facebook Era
  19. 19. Must Read: “Big Idea 2013: Put a Content Engine Inside Your Company” ! Follow Steve on LinkedIn or Twitter @steverubel Steve Rubel Chief Content Strategist, Edelman
  20. 20. Must Read: “What The Best Brands Will Do In 2014” ! Follow Andreas on LinkedIn for more Influencer posts Andreas von der Heydt Country Manager, Amazon BuyVIP
  21. 21. Must Read: “Doing the Job When No One Thinks You Can” ! Follow Sallie on LinkedIn or Twitter @SallieKrawcheck Sallie Krawcheck Business Leader, 85 Broads
  22. 22. Must Read: “Why Branding Is the Next Essential Startup Competency” ! Follow Tomasz on LinkedIn or Twitter @ttunguz Tomasz Tunguz Venture Capitalist, Redpoint
  23. 23. Must Read: “State of Digital Journalism: The Media Business Is, And Will Be, Just Fine” ! Follow Pete on LinkedIn or Twitter @petecashmore Pete Cashmore Founder & CEO, Mashable
  24. 24. Must Read: “How To Sell Ideas Like Gladwell” ! Follow Jonah on LinkedIn or Twitter @j1berger Jonah Berger Wharton Professor & Author of Contagious: Why Things Catch On
  25. 25. Must Read: “Six Tips for Forcing Yourself to Tackle a Dreaded Task” ! Follow Gretchen on LinkedIn or Twitter @gretchenrubin Gretchen Rubin Author of The Happiness Project
  26. 26. Must Read: “Why You Shouldn't Say 'You're Welcome'" ! Follow Adam on LinkedIn or Twitter @AdamMGrant Adam Grant Wharton Professor & Author of Give And Take
  27. 27. Must Read: “Defining Digital Transformation: Through the Looking Glass of Customer Experience” ! Follow Charlene on LinkedIn or Twitter @charleneli Charlene Li Founder, Altimeter Group
  28. 28. Must Read: “Why Giving is Good for Business” ! Follow Blake on LinkedIn or Twitter @BlakeMycoskie Blake Mycoskie Chief Giver, TOMS
  29. 29. Must Read: “How Nonprofits Get Significant Value from Content Curation” ! Follow Beth on LinkedIn or Twitter @kanter Beth Kanter Author, Beth’s Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media
  30. 30. Must Read: “The Art of Evangelism” ! Follow Guy on LinkedIn or Twitter @GuyKawasaki Guy Kawasaki Chief Evangelist, Canva
  31. 31. Must Read: “Best Advice: You Are in Control of the Clicker” ! Follow Arianna on LinkedIn or Twitter @ariannahuff Arianna Huffington President & Editor-in-Chief, The Huffington Post
  32. 32. Must Read: “Memo To The BuzzFeed Team” ! Follow Jonah on LinkedIn or Twitter @peretti Jonah Peretti Founder & CEO, BuzzFeed
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