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Tracxn - FoodTech India Startup Landscape

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FoodTech India Startup Landscape

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Tracxn - FoodTech India Startup Landscape

  1. 1. FOODTECH -INDIA Market Overview Nov 2014 Deal Discovery Made Easy
  2. 2. Deal Discovery Made Easy Sector Overview •Total dollar invested uptoNov 2014 ~ $125M •Currently tracking 150+ companies in Consumer FoodTech –60+ companies founded in 2014 alone •Industry Buzz –“Chipotle’s Profits Are Worth More Than Google’s” [Techcrunch] –“Our prediction is the next Uber-like success will come out of Food market” – ShervinPishevar, Sherpa Ventures [Link] –“MuncheryIs Eating The Restaurant” [Link] –“Software Eats Dinner” [Pando]
  4. 4. Deal Discovery Made Easy Deep Dive –Dine Out (1/6) DINE OUT RESTAURANT DISCOVERY TABLE BOOKING IN-RESTAURANT ORDERING HOSTED RESTAURANTS CHEFS DISH DISCOVERY IN-RESTAURANT PAYMENTS Enables consumers to discover restaurant menus by location and ratings. Zomato($114M), RedFoodie, HungryBells Enables consumers to discover nearby places to eat by dishes. FoodiesCompass, Binj, MyPref, Dishcoveri, Dishkhoj Allows users to book tables at different restaurants DineOut(acq), TableGrabber, Zeat, 24x7Table Mobile App to order before arriving/in a restaurant MeDine, Tap&Eat Mobile App to pay bills at restaurants with stored card info Momoe, Quikwallet Portal to book dining space with home/professional chef at their place MealTango, ConnectWithLocal, BiteTogether
  5. 5. Deal Discovery Made Easy Deep-Dive: Dine Out (2/6) Discovery (Restaurants/Dishes) 1 Company& Short Description Funding/Exits Zomato(2008, Gurgaon) Online and mobile restaurantdiscovery service. Has made 5 acquisitions internationally. Valued at $660M in Nov 2014. IIT Delhi founders $113.8M (Sequoia, InfoEdge, VyCapital) MyPref(2012,Indore) Location-basedfood finder, planner, reminder app. For Indore, Bangalore and Mumbai. BITS Pilanifounder Gawbl(2013,Pune) Android app that suggests restaurantsbased on user’s mood and location. Acquired (TimesCity, Jul 2013) Gimemo(2013,Delhi) Gamifiedfood discoveryplatform. In beta Koottan(2013,Kochi) Online restaurant discovery portalfor Kerala and Goa. Incubated at StartupVillage Dishcoveri(2013, Bangalore) EarlierZestbuds. Smartphone app for dish discovery. Incubated at Startup Chile and Founder Institute Spoonzo(2013, Ahmedabad) Mobile based social platform for food discovery Dishgram(2013,Bangalore) Mobile community along with restaurant and dish discovery RedFoodie(2014, Delhi) Online food guideand restaurant discovery FoodiesCompass(2014,Gurgaon) Restaurant discoverywith dishes. 200+ restaurants in Gurgaon. IIT Bombay founder. HungryBells(2014, Bangalore) Location-basedapp to discover eateries and deals. IIM Lucknowfounder
  6. 6. Deal Discovery Made Easy Deep-Dive: Dine Out (3/6) Discovery (Restaurants/Dishes) 1 Company& Short Description Funding/Exits Quinto(2014, Pune) Crowdsourceddish discovery app for Android. Earlier Dishoomit Binj(2014, Delhi) Mobile app for food discovery and discounts. Babson College team Dishkhoj(2014,Mumbai) App todiscover best dishes by location. Ex-Yahoo, IIM A, IIT Delhi team Foober(2014, Kochi) Online platform for restaurant discovery TalkingStreet(2014,Bangalore) Listings of local eateries and streetfood spots. IIM Bangalore founder Resotaste(2014, Mumbai) Building a food discovery app/website. Using correlative filtering and rank boost algosto show good recommendations. 4thFlavour (2014, Bangalore) In stealth. Likely building restaurant discovery platform basedon choice and interest
  7. 7. Deal Discovery Made Easy Deep-Dive: Dine Out (4/6) Table Booking 2 Company& Short Description Funding/Exits DineOut(2012, Delhi) Online table reservation websitefor Delhi/NCR. Served 18,000+ diners in over 450 restaurants Acquired (TimesCity, Apr2014, $10M) TableGrabber(2012,Delhi) Table reservation for consumers, along with Electronic Reservation Diary for restaurants.Incubated at Startup Chile and Microsoft Accelerator. Competed in TechcrunchDisrupt 2014. GourmetItUp(2012,Mumbai) Table booking and reservation for fine dining restaurants. 15,000+ memberships $300k (Angel,Oct 2014) BookYourTable(2012,Bangalore) Online table reservation for restaurants along withtech platform for merchants. IIM Bangalore founder BookingDiva(2012,Delhi) Online restaurant booking, offers and conciergeservices. Ex-Google, Bain, Haas MBA founder. UrbanRestro(2012, Mumbai) Table bookingand online reservation at restaurants and banquet halls Zeat(2013, Bangalore) Web based platform for restaurant table booking. BITS Pilanifounder. HungryTable(2013,Pune) Online portal tosearch, explore and book table reservations 24x7Table(2014, Delhi) Mobile app for table bookingalong with Electronic Reservation Book system for restaurants SavorTrip(2014,Pune) Mobile app to book last minute table reservations. Yet to launch Global Comparables OpenTable(1998, SFO) Funding: $48M Acq(Priceline, Jun 2014, $2.6B) Resy(2014, NYC) Funding: $2M (Lerer Ventures, Slow Ventures) Reserve (2014, NYC) Funding: Undisclosed (Google Ventures)
  8. 8. Deal Discovery Made Easy Deep-Dive: Dine Out (5/6) In-Restaurant Ordering & Payments 3 Company& Short Description Funding/Exits MeDine(2012, Bangalore) Mobile app to order food at restaurantsremotely before arriving, and win rewards Quikwallet(2012,Mumbai) Mobile wallet app to pay at restaurants. Merchants can run offers and loyalty programs Momoe(2014,Bangalore) Smartphone wallet app to pay at restaurants using stored card info. Ex-Honeywell, Bain,IIT Bombay, IIMB team Skippcard(2014,Bangalore) Mobile app for in-restaurantordering and bill payment. IIT Kharagpur, Delhi founders TapAndEat(2014,Delhi) Mobile app to instantly order food and drinks in restaurantsand pubs. NIT Karnataka founder Global Comparables TabbedOut (2009, Austin) Funding: $17.5M (NEA, Trellis Partners) Cover (2012, NYC) Funding: $7M (Lerer Ventures, Spark Capital, OATV) Dash (2011, Brooklyn) Funding: $1.9M (New York Angels)
  9. 9. Deal Discovery Made Easy Deep-Dive: Dine Out (6/6) Chef-Hosted Dining 4 Company& Short Description Funding/Exits MealTango(2013, Pune) Online marketplace to list and discoverdining space at home. Ex-Capital One, Oxford founder. ConnectWithLocal(2014,Pune) Marketplace for hosted dinners with local chefs,handles payments BiteTogether(2014,Gurgaon) Marketplacefor in-home dining space. Claims strong verification. Founders earlier founded FlyByKnight Global Comparables EatWith(2012, Israel) Funding: $9.2M (Greylock, Genesis Partners) Feastly(2012, Washington) Funding: $1.25M (WestlyGroup)
  10. 10. Deal Discovery Made Easy Deep Dive –Cook At Home (1/5) COOK AT HOME GROCERY RECIPE BOX CHEF AT HOME Retail/Marketplace Platform to buy grocery and household items BigBasket($42.8M), LocalBanya($5M), ZopNow, Eemli, Jiffstore($16k), MyGreenBox, Grocit Deliver meal kits with measured ingredients for listed recipes HalfTeaSpoon, iChef, CookFresh, Formybelly, YouJustCook, BeingChef Marketplace to book home/professional chefs at own home to cook meals Restokitch, Chefhost.Kitchen, CookFinder
  11. 11. Deal Discovery Made Easy Deep-Dive: Cook At Home (2/5) Grocery 1 Company& Short Description Funding/Exits BigBasket(2009, Bangalore) Onlineretailer for grocery and household items. Clocks 5,000+ orders a day, as of Sep 2014. IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore founders. $42.8M (HelionVC, Ascent Capital, ZodiusCapital, LionRockCapital) ZopNow(2011,Bangalore) Inventory-lightgroceries. Delivers from Hypercitynearest to customer pincode. Ex-MakeMyTripCTO, Amazon, IIT Kanpur, MIT dropout founder. Undisclosed (AccelPartners, Qualcomm Ventures) AaramShop(2011,Delhi) Online network for grocery,FMCG and CPG products. Has tied up with 3,600 local stores in 35 cities. Acquired (TimesCity, Jul 2013) EkStop(2011,Mumbai) Online retailfor grocery and household products. Raised angel from UnilazerVentures at 25% equity. Carnegie Mellon, INSEAD team. Angel (UnilazerVentures,Jungle Ventures) LocalBanya(2012,Mumbai) Online grocery and conveniencestore with 500+ orders daily $5M (BrandCapital Springboard) GoPeppers(2012, Delhi) Online grocery for Noida,Ghaziabad. IIT Guwahati team EasyMandi(2012, Hyderabad) Onlinegrocery shopping store. IIM Calcutta founder. Ex-COO at Bharti Airtel and HydAngels is co-promoter. Omart(2012,Mumbai) Online marketplace to order groceryfrom local stores. Ex-Bennett, Coleman and Co Ltd founders. Jiffstore(2013, Bangalore) Mobile marketplace toorder from local kiranashops. Incubated at Tlabs. $16k (Tlabs, UnitusSeed Fund) Eemli(2013,Mumbai) Online store for grocery, household and kitchen items. Sellorganic pulses under their brand EemliOrganic. IIT Bombay founder
  12. 12. Deal Discovery Made Easy Deep-Dive: Cook At Home (3/5) Grocery 1 Company& Short Description Funding/Exits GreenCart(2013, Mumbai) Online fresh fruits and vegetables shop.Angel funded by Techno Group. Angel (TechnoGroup) Mygreenbox(2014,Delhi) Mobilemarketplace to order from local stores. Also delivers from nearest store to customer. Ex-MyGrahak, Wirkle/LocationLabs, IIT Delhi team. Claims angel funding from IIT alumni. Angel NearBuyStore(2014,Bangalore) mCommerceapp to shop from nearby stores. Yet to launch Grocit(2014,Gurgaon) Smartphoneapp to order for grocery items from local stores. Supports group shopping. Ex-Tradus, NSIT founder QuickBasket(2014,Hyderabad) Mobile-firstapp for grocery shopping. Has three supply chains –Wholesale (Same Day), Personal Shopper (90min) and Bolt (30 min). Ex-Amazon, IIT Kharagpurfounder. GrocShop(2014, Mumbai) Mobile app to buygrocery items for nearby stores. IIT Bombay founders SabjiOn Wheels (2014, Gurgaon) Delivers fruits, vegetables, health,health boxes and weekly subscription boxes. Tailmill(2014,Noida) Online retailfor ‘tailing’/subscription plans for attaproducts. Will expand to other categories. Manipal Institute of Technology founder Happy Batua(2014, Delhi) Online grocery retailstore. Global Comparables FreshDirect(2002, NYC) Grocery Retailer Funding: $91M Good Eggs (2011, SFO) Farm-to-Table Marketplace Funding: $31.5M DTDOrganics(2007, Lafayette) Farm-To-Table Subscription Retail Funding: $28M Instacart(2012, SFO) Grocery Marketplace & Delivery Funding: $54.8M
  13. 13. Deal Discovery Made Easy Deep-Dive: Cook At Home (4/5) Recipe Box 2 Company& Short Description Funding/Exits YouJustCook(2013, Bangalore) Home delivery of ingredients for cooking recipes. Halfteaspoon(2014,Bangalore) Deliversmeal kits with measured ingredients for chef-designedrecipes. Piloted in Hyderabad, launched in Bangalore. IIT Kharagpurfounders. iChef(2014,Mumbai) Delivers chef-designedrecipe boxes for healthy meals with calorie count 500-700. 6 new recipes every 2 weeks. UT Austin founder. Being Chef (2014,Gurgaon) Online portal to order for ingredients of listed recipes and dishes. Formybelly(2014,Gurgaon) Meal kits for chef-designedrecipes with measured, cut and washed ingredients. Yet to launch. Cookfresh(2014, Delhi) Recipebox delivery for gourmet meals, with portioned, chopped ingredients. Introducing subscription based plans Global Comparables HelloFresh(2012, NYC) Funding: $67.5M (Rocket Internet, Kinnevik, Insight VP) Blue Apron (2012, NYC) Funding: $58M (First Round Capital, BVP, BoxGroup) Plated (2012, NYC) Funding: $21.4M (Lerer Ventures, Founder Collective, Great Oaks) Gousto(2012, London) Funding: $11M (Unilever Ventures, MMC Ventures)
  14. 14. Deal Discovery Made Easy Deep-Dive: Cook At Home (5/5) Private Chef-At-Home Marketplace 3 Company& Short Description Funding/Exits CookFinder(2013, Mumbai) Online marketplaceto book personal cooks and catering vendors. Restokitch(2013, Pune) Online marketplace platform to book andhire nearby chefs for events. IIT Roorkeefounders ChefHost.Kitchen(2014,London) Marketplace connecting chefs with customers for bespoke privatedining experiences. Has 20 chefs for India and Hong Kong. Angel backed by Chief Executive of AsianetNews Network. Angel Global Comparables KitchenSurfing(2012, Brooklyn) Funding: $19.5M (Tiger Global, USV, Spark Capital, SV Angel) Kitchit(2010, SFO) Funding: Seed (Andreessen Horowitz)
  15. 15. Deal Discovery Made Easy Deep Dive –Open Marketplaces (1/5) ORDERING/DELIVERY –OPEN MARKETPLACES RESTAURANTS CHEFS ORDERING ORDERING ORDERING & DELIVERY Online portals to discover home chefs nearby and order from them Eatero, Foodcloud, Imly($16k), Langhar($170k), Mealboat Open marketplace that enables online ordering from nearby restaurants and picks up and delivers to customer Swiggy, KhaanaOnTheGo, Yhungry, MealsOnWheels(acq) Online/Mobile platform to discover and order from nearby restaurants Foodpanda, TastyKhana(acq), TinyOwl($3M), JustEat, TravelKhana
  16. 16. Deal Discovery Made Easy Deep-Dive: Open Marketplaces (2/5) Restaurant Ordering 1 Company& Short Description Funding/Exits JustEat(2006, Bangalore) Originallystarted as HungryZone. Online ordering portal. IIT Kharagpurfounder. Raised undisclosed funding from Axon Partners, Forum Synergies with participation from JustEatGroup. Also raised angel from IAN Undisclosed (AxonPartners, Forum Synergies, JustEat, IAN) TastyKhana(2007,Pune) Online ordering portalfor home delivery from restaurants. Backed by Delivery Hero, acquired by FoodPandain Nov 2014 for an undisclosed amount. Acquired (Foodpanda, Nov 2014) Yummybay(2010,Kochi) Online food ordering portal fromrestaurants. Incubated at StartupVillage. DeliveryChef(2010,Mumbai) Online food ordering portal forMumbai and Pune. NYU Stern, Warwick Business School founders DineIn(2011,Chennai) Online food ordering portal launched by AnyCommerce. Merged with GoGrabin Sep 2014. GoGrab(2011, Chennai) Online ordering portal thatmerged with AnyCommerce’sDineInin Sep 2014. ex-PayPal founder. MasalaStreet(2012, Chennai) Ordering portal for food from restaurants in Chennai, Madurai and Coimbatore Foodpanda(2012,Delhi) Online food ordering platform, in 33+ cities in India.Acquired TastyKhanain Nov 2014. IIM Calcutta, ISB founders. Backed by Rocket Internet, Kinnevik Undisclosed (RocketInternet, Investment AB Kinnevik) QuickBurp(2012, Delhi) Online restaurant ordering portal with loyaltypoints for mobile recharge. Ex-HackerRankfounder TinyOwl(2014, Mumbai) Mobile ordering from nearby restaurants. Also provides delivery services. IITBombay founding team. $3M (Sequoia, Nexus VP, DeapUbhi) Global Comparables GrubHub(2004, NYC) Funding: $51M IPO (NYSE, Apr 2014, Mcap~$3B) DeliveryHero(2010, Berlin) Funding: $628M (Kite Ventures, Insight VP)
  17. 17. Deal Discovery Made Easy Deep-Dive: Open Marketplaces (3/5) In-Train Ordering 2 Company& Short Description Funding/Exits TravelKhana(2012, Delhi) Meal booking platform connecting train travellers with restaurantsin stations. Present in 100+ cities and 135+ stations with orders growing at 17% MoM(Sep 2014). Planning on starting services for bus journeys. BITS Pilanifounder. Venture (PalaashVentures, RajanAnandan) YatraChef(2013,Kochi) Online ordering portalto order from restaurants at stations during train journeys. RailTiffin(2014,Mumbai) Online food ordering portal fromrestaurants at stations using train/PNR number. At 50+ stations. Ex-Goldman Sachs, MDI-Gurgaon founder
  18. 18. Deal Discovery Made Easy Deep-Dive: Open Marketplaces (4/5) Restaurant Ordering & Delivery 3 Company& Short Description Funding/Exits GrabaGrub(2010,Mumbai) Online ordering portal along with home delivery from restaurants GetMyFood(2012,Bangalore) Ordering and delivery services froma network of 1000+ restaurants in Bangalore. ChandniChowkFood(2013,Delhi) Online portal that delivers food from ChandniChowkDelhi pan-India. Also includes gourmet items like sweets. IIT Kharagpurfounder Delfoo(2013,Baroda) Online portalto order from and book tables at restaurants. Also provides pickup and delivery service on every order. FoodMingo(2013, Hyderabad) Online portal for food orderingand table booking along with other restaurant services. Piloted in UK, launched in Hyderabad with 300+ restaurants. Provides loyalty and marketing platform for restaurants. KhaanaOnTheGo(2014,Gurgaon) Onlineplatform for food delivery from restaurants. DCE, NSIT founders. Swiggy(2014, Bangalore) Delivers food and dessertsfrom restaurants in 45 minutes. BITS Pilanifounders. Yhungry(2014,Delhi) Online food ordering platformalong with B2B delivery service called Bikemates. Ex-HSBC, Citi, CA founder. MyFoodPoint(2014, Delhi) Online food ordering portal for home delivery from restaurants MealsonWheels(2014, Mumbai) Online orderingand delivery from restaurants in 60 minutes. Acquired by AntFarmto become an end-to-end logistics and payment platform for local businesses. Acquired (AntFarm,Nov 2014, $2M) Global Comparables Caviar (2012, SFO) Funding: $15M Acquired (Square, Aug ‘14, $90M) DoorDash(2013, Palo Alto) Funding: $19.7M (Charles River Ventures, KhoslaVentures, YC)
  19. 19. Deal Discovery Made Easy Deep-Dive: Open Marketplaces (5/5) Chefs Ordering 4 Company& Short Description Funding/Exits Langhar(2012, Delhi) Online listings of nearby home chefs to order food from. Raised $20k from Tlabsand $150k from ArkAccelerator, Canada $170k (Ark Challenge, TLabs) Imly(2013,Mumbai) Marketplace to discover and order from home chefs. Incubated at MicrosoftAccelerator. Currently down/renovating. $16k (NASSCOM, Microsoft Ventures) FoodCloud(2013,Delhi) Onlineopen marketplace to discover nearby chefs and order from them for pickup/home delivery. Carnegie Mellon founder Eatero(2014,Bangalore) Onlinehyperlocalmarketplace for users to order home-cooked meals for pickup/delivery. Called Eatlandishearlier. Ex-Myntra, ThoughtWorksteam Mealboat(2014,Bangalore) Onlinemarketplace to discover and order home-cooked meals from chefs. Claims 20 chefs on platform, with 70 in pipeline. NIT Karnataka founder.
  20. 20. Deal Discovery Made Easy Deep Dive –Internet First Restaurants (1/6) INTERNET FIRST RESTAURANTS ASSET LIGHT SUBSCRIPTION ON DEMAND + HEAVY OFFICE FOCUS ON DEMAND LATE NIGHT DELIVERY ASSET HEAVY No Kitchen + Own Delivery + Subscription Tonguestun(no delivery), SpoonJoy Own Kitchen + Own Delivery + Subscription Bhukkadpanti, iTiffin, Nashta, NutriTown Office Focus + No Kitchen + Own Delivery + On Demand MyYummyBite Office Focus + Own Kitchen + Own Delivery + On Demand Frsh, Yumist, Eatonomist No Kitchen + Own Delivery + On Demand Holachef, Bite Club, Foodyn Own Kitchen + Own Delivery + On Demand FreshMenu, Tapcibo, NoodlePlay No Kitchen + Own Delivery + Late Night NightDelivery Own Kitchen + Own Delivery + Late Night BatmanDelivers, FlyByKnight, HungryOwl
  21. 21. Deal Discovery Made Easy Deep-Dive: Internet First Restaurants (2/6) Asset Light 1 Model Company& Short Description Funding/Exits Subscription (Office Focus+ Only Ordering) Tonguestun(2013, Bangalore) B2B food networkthat enables corporates to shuffle multiple caterers under single purchase order. NIT Karnataka founder. Subscription (Office Focus +No Kitchen + Delivery) SpoonJoy(2014,Bangalore) Delivers freshcut fruits, salad lunches and snacks at office desk on subscription plans. IIT Roorkeeteam. Angel backed by SachinBansal & MekinMaheshwari(Flipkart), AbhishekGoyal(Tracxn), SahilBarua(Delhivery). Angel On Demand+ Heavy Office Focus (No Kitchen + No Delivery) MyYummyBite(2013,Gurgaon) Online portal to order from restaurants and cooks who will deliver at office desk. Yet to launch. On Demand (Chefs Kitchen + Delivery) Holachef(2014,Mumbai) Mobile-first delivery ofmeals from chefs kitchens. Angel Investor (GloobDécor, Shopsense, Chaayos), IIT Bombay founder On Demand (Chefs Kitchen + Delivery) BiteClub(2014,Gurgaon) Mobile app thataccepts orders, packs and delivers food prepared by chefs in their kitchen. IIT Kharagpur, NTU team. On Demand (Chefs Kitchen + Delivery) Foodyn(2014, Mumbai) Online platform that lists home chefs and takes orders and delivers them to customers. Yet to launch. On Demand (Chefs Kitchen + Delivery) Eatlo(2014, Bangalore) Mobile-first delivery ofmeals prepared by professional chefs under 20 min. Yet to launch. Ex- Urbantouch, IIT Bombay founders. Late Night Delivery (No Kitchen + Delivery) NightDelivery(2012,Delhi) Late night food delivery service that hastied up with restaurants and outlets for food and edibles. Has their own delivery staff. IIT Bombay student founders. Global Comparables Zesty (2013, SFO) Funding: Seed (Great Oaks, Y Combinator)
  22. 22. Deal Discovery Made Easy Deep-Dive: Internet First Restaurants (3/6) Asset Heavy 2 Model Company& Short Description Funding/Exits Subscription (Office Focus+ Own Kitchen) SpiceBox(2011, Mumbai) Online subscription based tiffin service. Has own kitchen, does delivery usingdabbawalas. Subscription (Office Focus +Kitchen + Delivery) Foodport(2014,Delhi) Deliverspackaged meals 3 times a day to corporates. Yet to launch. BITS Pilanifounder. Subscription (Office Focus + Kitchen + Delivery) iTiffin(2013,Bangalore) Online tiffin service, delivering meals based on calorie count. Delivers around 10,000+ orders daily. Raisedseed funding in Aug 2014 from a large Indian family office. IIM Ahmedabad founders. $1M Subscription (Kitchen + Delivery) Bhukkadpanti(2012,Mumbai) Online tiffin delivery service for lunch and dinner. Subscription-based, operatesown kitchen and delivery staff. IIM Ahmedabad founder. Subscription (Kitchen + Delivery) Nashta(2013,Gurgaon) Subscription-basedservice for breakfast plans in Gurgaon. Subscription (Kitchen + Delivery) NutriTown(2014, Bangalore) Delivers nutrionist-endorsed healthy meals for lunch and dinner. Ex-SuperProfs, Freecharge, NSIT founder. Subscription (Kitchen + Delivery) Mr.Hot (2013, Kota) Customized online tiffin service for students inKota. IIT Kharagpurfounders
  23. 23. Deal Discovery Made Easy Deep-Dive: Internet First Restaurants (4/6) Asset Heavy 2 Model Company& Short Description Funding/Exits On Demand + Heavy Office Focus (Kitchen+ Delivery) Frsh(2014, Delhi) Online portalto order for breakfast, snacks and juices at offices. Ex-AmEx, McKinsey, IIMB, IIT Delhi founders. Has centralized kitchen, launching mobile apps. Undisclosed (India Quotient) On Demand + Heavy Office Focus (Kitchen+ Delivery) Foodeato(2014,Delhi) Online breakfast and lunchordering and delivery service for office goers. IIT Bombay, Delhi founders. On Demand + Heavy Office Focus (Kitchen+ Delivery) Yumist(2014,Gurgaon) Mobile-first orderingand delivery of comfort food at offices. Ex-CMO Zomatofounder. On Demand + Heavy Office Focus (Kitchen+ Delivery) Eatonomist(2014,Gurgaon) Healthy lunchdelivery for corporate offices in Gurgaon. Daily changing menu, calorie count between 300-500. Has 80+ menu options from Indian/international cuisines. Ex-KPMG, E&Y founders. On Demand + Heavy Office Focus (Kitchen+ Delivery) DLF Tiffin Center(2014,Chennai) Online platform to order for lunch at office.Delivers box-packaged meals in DLF IT SEZ Campus. Global Comparables Munchery(2011, SFO) Funding: $36M (Sherpa Ventures, Menlo VC, eVentures) Sprig (2013, SFO) Funding: $11.7M (Greylock, Great Oaks, Accel, Battery Ventures) SpoonRocket (2013, Berkeley) Funding: $13.5M (General Catalyst, Foundation Capital, YC)
  24. 24. Deal Discovery Made Easy Deep-Dive: Internet First Restaurants (5/6) Asset Heavy 2 Model Company& Short Description Funding/Exits On Demand (Kitchen+ Delivery) 8Food (2013, Mumbai) Online platform to order for chef-designed soups,salads and sandwiches. Ex-Future Group founder. Undisclosed (India Quotient) On Demand (Kitchen+ Delivery) Hello Curry (2013,Hyderabad) Delivery only restaurant thatdelivers Indian food under 30 min. Expanding to Chennai and Bangalore. $500k (SRI International) On Demand (Kitchen+ Delivery) Foodeebuddee(2013,Bangalore) Mobile-firstfood delivery service. Has own chefs and kitchen. Yet to launch. On Demand (Kitchen+ Delivery) FreshMenu(2014,Bangalore) Virtualrestaurant that delivers chef-prepared meals for lunch and dinner. Has 4 meals that change daily. IIM Ahmedabad founder. Claims to be closing venture round of $5M funding. On Demand (Kitchen+ Delivery) Tapcibo(2014,Bangalore) Mobileapp to order for lunch and dinner in Bangalore. Ex-Redbus, Google founding team. On Demand (Kitchen+ Delivery) EatOnGo(2014,Bangalore) Building online portal forcustomer to browse and order breakfast daily. Yet to launch. On Demand (Kitchen+ Delivery) NoodlePlay(2014,Gurgaon) Virtual-only restaurant for Chinese food. Delivers under 30 min. Founder earlier was CEO at Lollypop Foods. On Demand (Kitchen+ Delivery) RocketFood(2014,Ghaziabad) Delivers healthy northIndian meals. Has one retail outlet. IIIT Hyderabad founder. On Demand (Kitchen+ Delivery) Brekkie(2014,Bangalore) Breakfast delivery service between 7.30and 10.30with different menu daily.Orders are taken on phone right now.
  25. 25. Deal Discovery Made Easy Deep-Dive: Internet First Restaurants (6/6) Asset Heavy 2 Model Company& Short Description Funding/Exits Late Night Delivery (Kitchen+ Delivery) FlyByKnight(2012, Mumbai) Late night delivery service for food products and other essentials. Founders also working on BiteTogether,marketplace for hosting dining events. Late Night Delivery (Kitchen+ Delivery) BatmanDelivers(2013,Delhi) Late night express delivery service for food products. Even delivers other OTC products and services like plumber, electrician. Late Night Delivery (Kitchen+ Delivery) Hungry Owl (2014,Delhi) Mobile app to order for food at night between10 pm and 4 am. Coming for iOSand Android, yet to launch.
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