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Tracxn Mobile FinTech Startup Landscape June 2015

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With over $2.3B invested in the last 5 years, the Mobile Fintech sector is all the rage right now. Square, Monitise, Obopay, Revel System & iZettle have more than $1B in total funding. Activity in this sector is still high with 2015 having already witnessed seven $10M+ rounds and five acquisitions. This activity is likely to grow with of the increased usage of mobile payments and the further unbundling of bank services. VC firms have shown significant interest as well, with NEA, Sequoia Capital, Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz and SV Angel making multiple investments.

We have tracked 350+ startups in the Mobile Fintech space.

Interesting insights from the report:
- Of the 470+ startups, 250 were founded in 2013 and 2014.
- Last 1.5 years have seen $1.5B funding.
- mPOS and White label wallets companies have received $400M funding in the last one year.

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Tracxn Mobile FinTech Startup Landscape June 2015

  1. 1. MOBILE FINTECH Sector Overview June 2015 Deal Discovery Made Easy
  2. 2. TRACXN Building the largest team of Analysts tracking startups globally for Venture Capital Funds
  4. 4. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Mobile FinTech: Sector Overview This report covers Mobile-First companies across Payments & Finance (incl. Banking, Personal Finance, Public markets, etc.). • $2.3B invested in last 5 years in this sector, with ~$1B in last 1.5 years across ~90 rounds • 5 acquisitions in the last 6 months • LevelMoney by CapitalOne, WebPay by Line Corp, LoopPay by Samsung, Paydiant by PayPal and ReadyforZero by Avant • Most Active Investors • Andreessen Horowitz (invested in Bump, Dwolla, Jumino Netswipe, Boku, QuickPay & Robinhood) • SV Angels (invested in Bump, BillGuard, Simple, OrderAhead, Expensify, Boku & CardSpring) • Google Ventures (invested in Gyft, LevelUp, RobinHood, Abacus, Digit & Corduro) • Most Active Accelerator • Y Combinator (invested in OrderAhead, Kash, Bump, Swish, Abacus, ReadyForZero & Regalli) • Most recent investments • Digit - $11.3M Series A from General Catalyst, Bessemer Venture Partner, Google Ventures, May 2015 • Robinhood - $50M Series B from New Enterprise Associates, May 2015 • Acorns - $23M Series C from Greycroft Partners, E.Ventures, April 2015 • Segments that saw most VC funding in 2015 • Personal Finance Management ($50M), Micro Savings ($34.3M), White Label Wallets ($30.2M), Vertical Wallets ($30.0M), Mobile Banking ($10.6M)
  5. 5. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Mobile Fintech: Over 450 companies founded in last 5 years, with an upward trend 35 72 95 110 136 30 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Year # Mobile Finance companies founded between 2010- YTD 2015 (this set includes 1/3rd funded and 2/3rd unfunded companies) YT Note: Includes ~470 companies including 160 funded and remaining unfunded
  6. 6. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Mobile Fintech: ~$1BM invested in last 1.5 yrs across ~90 funding rounds $172m $302m $501m $405m $796m $183m 24 42 76 143 67 22 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 0 200 400 600 800 1000 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 No.ofFundingRounds FundsRaised(in$Millions) Funding amount & # funding rounds by year (2010-YTD 2015) Total Funding No. of Rounds Notable rounds each year Boku - $30M Movilway - $30M Square - $100M mFoundary - $18M Square - $200M Boku - $35M Clinkle - $25M Check - $24M Square - $150M Reveal Systems - $150M Robinhood - $50M MobiKwik - $25M
  7. 7. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview 279 95 64 49 38 31 14 13 8 7 2 mPOS White Label Wallet Public Market… Horizontal Wallet Micro Savings Banking Vertical Wallet PFM Business Expense… Technology Carrier Billing Cumulative Funding across various Mobile Fintech startups in last 12 months (in $ million) BusinessModel Mobile Fintech: Top Funded Segments based on last 12 months investment Note: Includes funding rounds announced between June 2014 – May 2015 DoPay ($2.0M) Mobeewave ($6.5M) Expensify ($3.5M), Abacus ($3.5M) Tink ($4.0M), MoneyDashboard ($3.7M), Billguard ($3.5M), Splitwise ($1.4M) Cover ($5.5M), MyCheck ($5.0M), Settle ($1.5M), Momoe ($1.2M) Monitise ($75.0M), YellowPepper ($19.0M) RobinHood ($63.0M) MobiKwik ($25.0M), Yoyowallet ($10.0M), Dwolla ($9.7M), Fastacash($4.0M) Acorns ($23.0M), Digit ($13.8M), Qapital ($1.3M) Number26 ($12.6M), Osper ($10.0M), Moven ($8.0M) Square ($150.0M), Revel Systems ($100.0M), Flint ($9.4M), iZettle ($6.8M), Dream PayMents ($6.0M), PayClip ($5.2M), Sr.Pago ($1.10M)
  8. 8. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview ENTERPRISE-FOCUSEDCONSUMER-FOCUSED Mobile Fintech: Market Map Carrier Billings Payments added to mobile prepaid or subscription prepaid bills Boku ($78.0M), Mopay ($20.0M) Vertical Wallet Mobile wallets that facilitate payments in a particular industry TabbedOut ($17.5M), OrderAhead ($10.0M) Horizontal Wallet Mobile wallets that facilitate payments across different industries Dwolla ($32.5M), BlingNation ($28.0M) Banking Mobile apps that serve as banking frontends. Simple ($15.3M), Moven ($12.4M) Personal Finance Management Mobile apps for tracking and managing personal finances Check ($47.0M), BillGuard ($16.5M) Alternate Savings Mobile apps for periodic micro savings Qapital ($5.0M), Acorns ($32.0M) Public Market Investing Mobile apps that facilitate trading or feature investment research Robinhood ($66.0M), StockTouch ($500K) Mobile Accounting Mobile apps that facilitate business accounting Acctapp FinancePayments $92M $50M $86M Business Expense Management Mobile apps that help manage business expenses Expensify ($10.2M), Abacus ($3.5M) $80M $290M $160M White Label Wallet Wallet solutions provider to merchants Monitise ($290.0M), LevelUp ($50.75M) Mobile Point-of-sale Point of Sale for handheld devices such as mobile or tablet SquareUp ($490.0M), iZettle (108.9M) $1B $830M $1.48B $460M $19M$75M Note: Indicates cumulative funding in the segment over last 7 years
  9. 9. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview VC funding saw a shift from payments to finance startups Banking Business Expense Management Carrier Billing Horizontal Wallets Micro Savings mPOS PFM Public Market Investing Technology Vertical Wallets White Label Wallets 10 100 1000 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 FundsRaised(in$Millions)(LogScale) Average Founded Year Business model clusters by cumulative funding, average age of start-ups & number of companies Size of the bubble indicates number of companies in the segment Note: Analysis includes 379 companies across 11 key business models Emerging finance segments
  10. 10. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Mobile Fintech: Acquisitions in last 6 months • Jan 2015 - LevelMoney by CapitalOne for an undisclosed amount. Level had raised $5m from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. • Feb 2015 - WebPay by Line Corp for an undisclosed amount. WebPay had raised $1.2m. • Feb 2015 - LoopPay by Samsung for an undisclosed amount. LoopPay had raised $10m. • March 2015 - Paydiant by PayPal for reported $300M. Paydiant had raised $34.8 amount from North Bridge Venture Partners, General Catalyst Partners & Stage 1 Ventures. • May 2015 - ReadyforZero by Avant for an undisclosed amount. ReadyforZero had raised $4.2m from Y Combinator, 500 Startups, Polaris Partners & Citibank.
  11. 11. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Mobile Fintech: Most Active Investors Andreessen Horowitz SV Angels Google Ventures Index Ventures Y Combinator Intel Capital Sequoia Capital NEA Consumer Payments Horizontal Wallet Dwolla, Clinkle, QuickPay Gyft Clinkle Kash Clinkle MobiKwik Vertical Wallet OrderAhead OrderAhead TabbedOut Carrier Billings Boku Boku Boku Fortumo Boku ConsumerFinance Banking Simple Osper PFM BillGuard ReadyForZero Alternate Savings Digit Public Market Investing RobinHood RobinHood RobinHood RobinHood Enterprise Payments mPOS Jumino Netswipe iZettle Swish PagPop, iZettle Square, QFPay White Label Wallets LevelUp mFoundry Technology CardSpring Enterprise Finance Business Expense Management Expensify Abacus Abacus
  12. 12. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Mobile FinTech Company List Details 350+ companies (160 funded & 219 unfunded)
  13. 13. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview ENTERPRISE-FOCUSEDCONSUMER-FOCUSED Consumer Mobile Payments Company List Carrier Billings Payments added to mobile prepaid or subscription prepaid bills Boku ($78.0M), Mopay ($20.0M) Vertical Wallet Mobile wallets that facilitate payments in a particular industry TabbedOut ($17.5M), OrderAhead ($10.0M) Horizontal Wallet Mobile wallets that facilitate payments across different industries Dwolla ($32.5M), BlingNation ($28.0M) Banking Mobile apps that serve as banking frontends. Simple ($15.3M), Moven ($12.4M) Personal Finance Management Mobile apps for tracking and managing personal finances Check ($47.0M), BillGuard ($16.5M) Alternate Savings Mobile apps for periodic micro savings Qapital ($5.0M), Acorns ($32.0M) Public Market Investing Mobile apps that facilitate trading or feature investment research Robinhood ($66.0M), StockTouch ($500K) Mobile Accounting Mobile apps that facilitate business accounting Acctapp FinancePayments $92M $50M $86M Business Expense Management Mobile apps that help manage business expenses Expensify ($10.2M), Abacus ($3.5M) $80M $290M $160M White Label Wallet Wallet solutions provider to merchants Monitise ($290.0M), LevelUp ($50.75M) Mobile Point-of-sale Point of Sale for handheld devices such as mobile or tablet SquareUp ($490.0M), iZettle (108.9M) $1B $830M $1.48B $460M $19M$75M Note: Indicates cumulative funding in the segment over last 7 years
  14. 14. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Consumer Payments-Horizontal Wallet (1/26) Company Details Funding Investors Horizontal Wallet Dwolla [Des Moines, United States, 2008]: Dwolla is a payment network that allows any business or person to send, request and accept money. Has built their own network that securely connects to your bank account and allows users to move money for just $0.25 per transaction, or free for transactions $10 or less. Users can send money to email addresses, phone numbers, LinkedIn connections, Twitter followers, and businesses that accept Dwolla. Some Bitcoin exchanges allow users to buy bitcoins with dollars transferred to the exchange via Dwolla and allow users to sell bitcoins and have the proceeds transferred back to them using Dwolla. $32.5M Union Square Ventures, Village Ventures, Thrive Capital, BetterWorks, SeventySix Captial, Andreessen Horowitz, CME Group Horizontal Wallet MobiKwik [Gurgaon, India, 2009]: MobiKwik is a digital wallet service with a turnover of close to Rs 200 crore as of Dec 2013. Allows users to store upto Rs 50,000 in wallet and recharge mobiles, pay bills and shop across merchants in India across various channels – Apps, Website, Mobile website, SMS or IVR. Tied Up with offline stores like Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) to enable its customers make payments through the MobiKwik wallet. claims to have over 15 Mn registered users. It has partnered with more than 50,000 businesses across e-commerce, such as BookMyShow, Domino’s Pizza, eBay etc. Claims to have 17M+ wallet users, and 50K merchants on board as of May 2015. Planning to open the platform to online retailers as well. Raised Series B from Treeline Asia, Sequoia Capital, Cisco Investments and American Express, had raised series A in 2013 from an unnamed US-based VC firm. $30.3M Cisco Investments, Tree Line Capital Partners, Sequoia Capital, American Express Horizontal Wallet Bling Nation [Palo Alto, United States, 2007]: Bling Nation is a mobile platform that utilizes tap-and-connect capabilities of NFC technology. Bling Nation was designed as a regional mobile wallet for local community banks and merchants. It operated through a contactless payment sticker adhered to users' phones. Though it was well received at first, merchants dropped support after Bling Nation pushed them to adopt its loyalty program. At its peak, Bling Nation had between 15 and 20 banks issuing stickers and about 1,000 merchants nationwide using its service $28M Lightspeed Venture Partners, Balderton Capital Horizontal Wallet Clinkle [San Francisco, United States, 2011]: Clinkle is a mobile payments startup company, currently beta testing its product. The product will include a mobile app that serves as an online wallet. Wallets will be able to be linked to existing credit cards or bank accounts. In 2013 it raised $25 million in what became Silicon Valley's largest seed round. The company plans to introduce its payment platform this year. Founded by Lucas Duplan, a Stanford Graduate at the age of 21. COO Barry McCarthy stepped down to advisory role in Mar 2014. Fired 25% of the workforce (16 employees) as a part of internal reorganization. $25.5M Index Ventures, Accel Partners, Intuit, Intel Capital, Andreessen Horowitz Horizontal Wallet doxo [Seattle, United States, 2008]: Doxo centralizes managing accounts and bill payments. It acts as a digital file cabinet used to organize and manage user's bank accounts. Users can also store, organize and also receive and pay bills of the partner companies. Key take away is that users receive and pay bills with one account and one password from a single app. Featured as Top Finance app by Parade, received New Product of the Year by American Business Awards. Doxo investors include venture partners Mohr Davidow Ventures and Bezos Expeditions. $18.8M Mohr Davidow Ventures, Bezos Expeditions, Sigma Partners Consumer Payments Consumer Finance Enterprise Payments Enterprise Finance
  15. 15. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Consumer Payments-Horizontal Wallet (2/26) Company Details Funding Investors Horizontal Wallet Yoyowallet [London, United Kingdom, 2013]: Yoyo combines payments, personalized coupons and offers and automatic loyalty points collection system in one app. Users can pay at a merchant store by a scan of the one time QR code. By making transactions through the app, users receive rewards from the retailers and depending upon the transaction history the retailers can send the users tailor-made marketing campaigns. The company claims over 150,000 transactions a month, and a growth rate of 25% MoM. In July 2014, Yoyo was named as one of the Top 10 hottest startups in London by WIRED UK magazine.The app bagged 'Best Pitch' and 'Best Innovative Idea' awards in Pitch @ Palace, an initiative run by the Duke of York. $15M Imperial Innovations, FireStarter Fund Horizontal Wallet PayMate [Mumbai, India, 2006]: Owns PayPOS. Present in India, USA, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and UAE. PayMate enable consumers and merchants to make and receive payments on their mobile phones. With PayMate, consumers have the ability to setup a mobile wallet account, fund it in multiple ways, use it to shop online or in retail stores, pay bills, buy tickets, top up pre-paid mobile phones, do person-to-person transfers, and much more. GiftMate is PayMate's prepaid wallet offering. Green Money Transfer is PayMate's money transfer service currently live in India. PayMate's remittance solution enables banks and money transfer companies to offer mobile initiated money transfers. PayMate's MPP platform enables Financial Institutions and Mobile Operators to offer services like mobile banking, ewallet, bill payment, and person-to-person transfers to their customers. PayMate's India ecosystem includes over 15,000 merchants and 30 banks and 6000+ Galileo agents, and more. Processing $500M worth of transactions in July 2013. $14M Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Sherpalo Ventures, Lightbox Ventures, Mayfield Fund Horizontal Wallet Sequent [Mountain View, United States, 2010]: Sequent Software is a provider of mobile commerce software and services. Sequent provides a software and services platform that is designed to enable consumers to download payment cards and other credentials to their mobile devices and use them to make payments and access information and offers from mobile network operators, retailers and financial institutions. The company’s patented technology also makes it easy to add Near Field Communication (NFC) payments and other credentials into branded consumer mobile apps. $12M Opus Capital, SK Telecom Ventures, SBT Venture Capital Horizontal Wallet MoneyOnMobile [Mumbai, India, 2010]: MoneyOnMobile (MOM), part of My Mobile Payments Ltd. (MMYL), allows its users to load their mobile phones with cash at retail touch points and then use this virtual money for prepaid top-up, DTH recharge, post paid bills, utility bills, travel tickets etc. As of March 2014, the company has a retail network in 300 cities, 5 lakh subscribers and enables Rs 2.5 Cr worth daily transactions. Calpian Inc, which now owns major stake in MOM, received $1M funding for its operations in March 2014. Has an employee count of 300 as of Feb 2015. The parent company, My Mobile Payments Ltd, is reportedly in talks with private equity investors to raise $40 million (Rs 250 crore) at a valuation of Rs 1,500 crore as of Feb 2015. $10M Horizontal Wallet LoopPay [Woburn, United States, 2013]: LoopPay is a mobile wallet that enables payments at most of PoS terminals. It consists of two parts — an iPhone app called LoopWallet, and a detachable fob you can use both to load the app with your cards and to pay, with or without the phone, at standard, everyday card readers used by all kinds of merchants. Charges $39 for the Loop Fob. Also offers a $99 iPhone case that transmits payments (and also includes a built-in extra phone battery). Was supposed to launch an Android app in April 2014. Founded by Will Graylin (sold two payment startups) and George Wallner (inducted into Payment Hall of Fame in Mar 2014). It has been acquired by Samsung Electronics in February 2015. $10M Consumer Payments Consumer Finance Enterprise Payments Enterprise Finance
  16. 16. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Consumer Payments-Horizontal Wallet (3/26) Company Details Funding Investors Horizontal Wallet Fastacash [Singapore, Singapore, 2012]: Fastacash provides a global social payments platform which allows users to transfer value (money, airtime and other tokens of value) along with digital content (photos, videos, audio and messages) through social networks and messaging platforms. The company has developed a patent pending link generation technology that enables the value transfer with a secure link. Venture Round was led by Jagdish Chanrai, a Singapore based investor. $8.5M Jungle Ventures, SPRING Singapore Horizontal Wallet Lemon [Palo Alto, United States, 2011]: Lemon is a cloud based smartphone wallet app that organizes and stores user's IDs, credit cards, loyalty cards, receipts, coupons and more thus providing a complete mobile money management application. Users can also access real time account balances and fraud alerts. Before acquisition, the wallet had 3.5M downloads and reported to be saving 1000 new cards every hour as of May 2013. App is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices $8M Maveron, Lightspeed Venture Partners, CampVentures, Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), The Social+Capital Partnership Horizontal Wallet iPAYst [Munich, Germany, 2010]: iPAYst is a multi channel mobile payment application which uses on an QR-Code scan system to trigger a payment transaction. Users can download the app, register with their bank account and enter the details of their payment cards and use the QR code scanning at the retail stores to make cashless payments. For merchants, it not only enables for an easier payment framework instead of a hardware POS system, but also allows for a better customer targeted marketing and loyalty rewards program along with discounts to their customers for high retention. Other features of the app include sending and receiving money with friends who are also using the app and also allows users to locate the partnered retail stores on a map in their location. $7.9M Horizontal Wallet Gyft [San Francisco, United States, 2012]: Gyft is a mobile gift card app that allows customers to buy, store, send, and redeem gift cards conveniently from their mobile device. Gyft is seamlessly integrated with Facebook so users can easily send messages and gift cards to their friends around special events. Consumers can also upload existing plastic gift cards to the app. Gyft launched a B2B API program in 2013 that allows third party corporates to offer their own programs. Gyft offers solutions to any size business from large corporates to SMB. $7.5M Google Ventures, Karlin Ventures, Twitter, The Social+Capital Partnership, A-Grade Investments Horizontal Wallet Bancore A/S [Copenhagen, Denmark, 2005]: Bancore makes mobile payment solutions available for the un-banked populations in emerging markets. Provides Prepaid Virtual VISA, Money Transfer, Bill Payment, Virtual Calling Card and International Prepaid Airtime services. $6.6M Consumer Payments Consumer Finance Enterprise Payments Enterprise Finance
  17. 17. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Consumer Payments-Horizontal Wallet (4/26) Company Details Funding Investors Horizontal Wallet Ensygnia [London, United Kingdom, 2012]: Ensygnia offers Onescan, a smartphone application that enables online mobile payments in-store and on-the-go. The app allows any smartphone to interact with any other connected screen. Users enter their account details in to the app and can make online payments by scanning websites that are set up to work with the app based on QR codes. The company's two granted UK patents for the Onescan process cover both log-in and payment applications. It has recently filed its patents in 59 countries worldwide. Its patented technology helps to replace the checkout system with a single QR code scan. Recent awards include Finalist in the Consumer Trust category at the Meffys; and a winner in the UK's Smarta 100 Awards for Britian's best and brightest new businesses. Ensygnia was accelerated by Wayra, the Telefonica / O2 Academy London. 2013 Cohort. $6.5M Wayra Horizontal Wallet Salt [San Francisco, United States, 2011]: Salt Technology offers a mobile wallet. Salt provides a powerful and secure mobile merchant processing solutions. They have an end to end PCI Compliant platform, with a full issuing and acquiring capability, complete with advanced fraud detection, developer friendly API’s, a patented and easy One Touch checkout experience, secure storage tokenization, recurring payments, silent redirect, loyalty card credits and reconciliation in the cloud and a client experience which not only facilitates a fast and easy checkout but also is fully enabled for proximity payment technologies like NFC and architected for many other enhancements. $6.5M Horizontal Wallet Kuapay [Santa Monica, United States, 2011]: Kuapay is a payment service provider that combines digital wallet and mobile payments that allows consumers to present a one-time QR code to a merchant, authorize a purchase, and receive a receipt. For security purposes, Credit card information is not transmitted in the QR code. The system also includes location-based coupons and loyalty marketing. This one-time mechanism increases security over presenting a credit card number. As of 2013, Kuapay is used by over 600 merchants in the United States. Founder Joaquin Ayuso de Paul, co-founder of Tuenti.com, a popular Spanish social network sold to Telefónica for 100M $. $6.5M Horizontal Wallet Yoyo [London, United Kingdom, 2013]: Yoyo offers a mobile payment and loyalty app that enables users to make mobile payments at various retail stores partnered with the company. The app comprises of a QR code scanning for mobile payments at the retail, replaces loyalty cards which can be managed through the app itself. For merchants, it serves as a marketing platform to automate consumer targeting and push loyalty rewards based on the customer purchase behavior and transaction data. It enables them to accept mobile payments which integrate with the POS systems. Launched at Imperial College London, it serves over 20k members in the campus, while targeting other universities and high street retailers in London and UK in general. Customers include Universities of Greenwich, Westminster, Essex, Bedfordshire and Fernandez & Wells. $6.3M Imperial Innovations, Firestartr.co Horizontal Wallet Vivotech [Redwood City, United States, 2001]: Vivotech provides contactless/NFC payment software, NFC smart posters, and over the air card (OTA) provisioning, promotion, and transaction management infrastructure software. Its products include contactless payment systems; ViVOnfc, an OTA infrastructure software for NFC mobile payments and promotions; and ViVOplatform, which provides retailers with the software platform for promotional and loyalty applications. The company also provides merchant, ISO and acquirer, issuing bank, wireless operator, and consumer value proposition solutions. Its products are used in various applications in movie theaters, fast food restaurants, casual dining establishments, convenience stores, gas stations, drug stores, grocery stores, buses, taxicabs, and vending machine locations, as well as by retailers. The company was founded in 2001. $4.7M Nokia Growth Partners Consumer Payments Consumer Finance Enterprise Payments Enterprise Finance
  18. 18. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Consumer Payments-Horizontal Wallet (5/26) Company Details Funding Investors Horizontal Wallet Pushpay [Seattle, United States, 2011]: Pushpay is designed for two simple purposes: helping organisation get paid quicker and to simplify everyday payments or donations for anyone with a smartphone. User can only pay through Pushpay to registered merchants, businesses and charitable trust. Users just have to load their cards onto the Pushpay server and later on make payments using the Pushpay wallet application. Has more than 50 registered businesses. Has a second office in Auckland, New Zealand. $3.9M Horizontal Wallet AtPay [Albuquerque, United States, 2011]: AtPay provides web and email checkouts for smartphones, computers and tablets. For merchants their Two-Click API adds secure payments to marketing emails and streamlines your existing web checkout as easily as adding JavaScript to an existing website. Users when signing up enter their card details which are saved and then at any AtPay's partner store can pay using the wallet where the payment is authorized using a simple email to the user. $3.5M Horizontal Wallet Gratafy [Seattle, United States, 2011]: Mobile-based social gifting app that lets users gift food and drink items from local bars and restaurants to anyone using only their email address or phone number. Gift recipients are notified instantly and can redeem at the restaurant from their phone. As of Nov 2013, company had partnered with close to 250 restaurants in Seattle and Los Angeles. Founded by University of Washington grads. $3M Horizontal Wallet Ribbon [San Francisco, United States, 2012]: Offers two products, a wallet for P2P transactions (even if the receiver is not on Ribbon) and Ribbon Merchant, to accept payments instantly without having to write any code. Products checkout forms can be hosted as a one-page checkout on Ribbon, or integrated into the seller’s website and social media platforms using a simple copy and paste. $1.8M AngelPad, Sierra Ventures, InterWest Partners, Draper Associates, Siemer Ventures, Microventures Horizontal Wallet SimplyTapp [Austin, United States, 2011]: SimplyTapp provides mobile payment distribution and authorization solutions for enterprises including financial institutions, big box retailers, fuelling stations, quick service merchants as well as mobile wallet providers and developers. They leverage emerging payment and distribution technologies like NFC, host card emulation (HCE) and secure element in the cloud to add secure and flexible payment functionality to mobile applications. Rather than placing it in a secure element on the phone, SimplyTapp stores the data in the cloud on a “remote secure element” and passes encrypted transaction data through the phone to a point-of-sale terminal when the user makes a purchase. $1.6M Lightspeed Venture Partners Consumer Payments Consumer Finance Enterprise Payments Enterprise Finance
  19. 19. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Consumer Payments-Horizontal Wallet (6/26) Company Details Funding Investors Horizontal Wallet Mobilligy [Bellevue, United States, 2011]: Mobilligy is a free mobile payment solution that provides consumers a unified hub from which to manage and pay all of their bills, with no third party fees or agreements necessary. It syncs and organizes users’ bills into one intuitive interface, which schedules payments via tablet or smart phone. It even checks for sufficient funds before submitting payments, so users won’t have to worry about overdraft fees. Available for all mobile platforms and has over 20,000 customers as of Feb 2014. Backed by Microsoft Accelerator. $1.5M Horizontal Wallet Droplet [Birmingham, United Kingdom, 2011]: Droplet offers a smartphone mobile wallet application that enables users to load money into it and use it for retail payments without any transaction cost for the consumer or merchant. Both the users involved need to have the mobile application post which money which is loaded into the app's wallet can be transferred via an email address linked to the app. The app also shows the user all the merchants who have partnered and are located nearby through an app interface. Other features include reviewing transaction history made on the app, loyalty programs by merchants through the app along with a backend platform for merchants to get customer insights based on their purchase activity. It makes a very small amount of money in interest from these deposited funds in the prepaid wallet on the app. $1.4M Horizontal Wallet Venmo [New York City, United States, 2009]: Venmo is a peer-to-peer mobile payment service. Venmo is the most convenient way to pay friends for lunch, tickets and any other shared activity. Users can use Venmo to: Split meals, bar tabs, cab rides, groceries, and rent with friends, buy friends coffee, send them fun gifts or a birthday drink from across the country, and avoid ATMs. Also provides a newsfeed for payments and users can also add comments to their transactions. $1.3M RRE Ventures, Betaworks, Founder Collective, VaynerMedia, Lerer Ventures, Accel Partners, Greycroft Partners Horizontal Wallet PicPay [Vila Velha, Brazil, 2012]: PicPay is a Brazilian mobile payment company that offers payments through QR code scanning on the user's smartphone or tablet. Users download the app and save their credit card data. Advertisers can insert codes in their online and offline campaigns, which PicPay readers decode through the camera and pay by scanning the unique QR code of the product they intend to buy. Customers include Perfumagi, Kanui, Fluir and the company has a partnership with major Brazilian credit card operator Cielo. $1.2M Horizontal Wallet QThru [Seattle, United States, 2011]: QThru enables shoppers to use their Smartphone to scan products as they shop and then efficiently checkout using a mobile checkout kiosk. A mobile checkout kiosk could be a traditional self-checkout station, a portable tablet, a credit card payment station, or a QThru provided all-in-one kiosk with embedded scanner, card reader, and printer. The product is a scalable self-provisioned open shopping and checkout platform. $1M Consumer Payments Consumer Finance Enterprise Payments Enterprise Finance
  20. 20. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Consumer Payments-Horizontal Wallet (7/26) Company Details Funding Investors Horizontal Wallet Paay [New York City, United States, 2011]: Paay is developing a digital wallet that mobile device users can use with any carrier. The company’s digital wallet product will come in the form of a mobile application. When a user shops online, and when they are ready to checkout, they click the PAAY button. Rather than entering all of their information right then, they enter the phone number and a message is sent to the user's PAAY app. The user approves the purchase in app and then the amount gets paid to the ecommerce site. The credit card number isn’t stored on the phone or at the merchant’s website but rather stays with the credit card processor. $1M Horizontal Wallet payByMobile [Dublin, Ireland, 2009]: Paybymobile is a virtual wallet that lets anyone text to pay when shopping online. Shoppers load money on their wallet at those same shops where they top up to buy airtime and then simply text to pay when shopping at their favourite online store. Paybymobile uses familiar prepaid mobile usability to deliver online payments for everyone with a mobile. $0.8M Davy Stockbrokers Horizontal Wallet Satispay [Milan, Italy, 2013]: Satispay is a payment network that offers a smartphone application that can be used for peer to peer money transfer, in-store and online purchases and nonprofit donations through a cross-platform mobile app. Users can also set their weekly budgets and spend accordingly. Users can download the app and register with their mobile number and linking their bank account. $0.6M Horizontal Wallet Cardley [Chicago, United States, 2012]: Cardley is a transaction processing engine that offers a digital wallet by combining multiple loyalty and gift cards into a single account. Cardley enables its partners to provide customers one-swipe access to digital versions of the different tender types they use daily. Its patent-pending transaction processing system invokes the items in a customer’s wallet that provide optimal savings. $0.5M Horizontal Wallet Lendstar [Starnberg, Germany, 2013]: Lendstar is a social payment app that enables friends to borrow, lend, split and raise money. Available for iOS and Android, the app will offering additional services such as cost splitting, real time money transfer via mobile wallet or a Lendstar branded prepaid credit card in a few weeks. $0.5M Consumer Payments Consumer Finance Enterprise Payments Enterprise Finance
  21. 21. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Consumer Payments-Horizontal Wallet (8/26) Company Details Funding Investors Horizontal Wallet RetApp [Brescia, Italy, 2012]: RetAPPs has developed the SmartBip solution that integrates services of Mobile Self Scanning, Mobile Payment, Shopping List Management and Mobile CRM (Loyalty, Promotion & Couponing). Has 20 Million+ Registered users. Coop Estense - largest supermarket chain in Italy, Auchan, Tigros, and Conad Centro Nord are among its clientele. RetApp was incubated at Superpartes Innovation Campus of Brescia. $0.5M Vela Imprese Horizontal Wallet Gliph [San Mateo, United States, 2012]: Bitcoin payment transfer mobile app that also offers anonymous messaging. Integrates with wallet services like Coinbase, BIPS, Blockchain.info. Can be used for transactions over public portals like Craigslist. 2000+ accounts created. $0.4M Portland Seed Fund, Rogue Venture Partners, Boost VC, Pantera Capital Horizontal Wallet nanoPay [Toronto, Canada, 2012]: nanoPay provides a mobile wallet for consumers to pay at online and offline retail stores. nanoPay created an API-based cloud payment solution, which makes it easy for merchants (online & retail) to use their payments solution. Integrates loyalty, electronic receipts and coupons with their secure payments to improve the end to end experience for consumers and merchants. Consumers use a simple smartphone app to pay, collect rewards, receive electronic receipts and use coupons without risking identity theft through our secure platform. $0.4M Horizontal Wallet Paddle [London, United Kingdom, 2012]: Paddle stores the user’s credit card and delivery details and enable payments to be made using a mobile phone and accompanying app by scanning a visual code using the phone’s camera. Typically it enables users to shop via a desktop version of an e-commerce site and pay using their mobile phone to log in and make a payment. Merchants can register with paddle and integrate it with their POS and retail website for a faster customer checkout. The company is currently in public beta phase. $0.2M Horizontal Wallet Paymey [Berlin, Germany, 2013]: Paymey offers a mobile payment solution for businesses and consumers for the payment ecosystem. It partners with net-m privatbank 1891 AG allowing it to operate as a SEPA-ready PSP and creditor within the laws and regulations of the European Union. They offer barcode scanning solutions to merchants, enables them to use the existing barcode scanning hardware and process payments through its API with transaction costs of 1%. In the partnered online stores users pay by scanning a QR Code. Users can also use the app for peer to peer money transfer via phone number or email address as reference. $0.2M Seedmatch Consumer Payments Consumer Finance Enterprise Payments Enterprise Finance
  22. 22. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Consumer Payments-Horizontal Wallet (9/26) Company Details Funding Investors Horizontal Wallet AirPay [San Diego, United States, ]: Mobile wallet app that enables users to pay with a smartphone at participating merchants, where they can earn rewards and enables social sharing with Foursquare, Twitter, etc. Initially users have to enter their card details in the app and to pay for a purchase, users display a QR code to a scanning device on the merchant’s counter. Raised $200,000 from four undisclosed investors in 2012 $0.2M Horizontal Wallet Xipwire [Philadelphia, United States, 2009]: Xipwire was a mobile payment service provider allowing payments and money transfers to be made with mobile devices using text messages. Mobile money transfers serve as electronic alternatives to traditional paper methods such as checks and money orders. A Xipwire account can be funded with an electronic debit from a bank account or by a credit card. The mobile-to-mobile service allows consumers and merchants to send and receive money through text messages, protected by a PIN. Received Wiki-leaks donations for free. $0.2M Horizontal Wallet PocketSuite [San Francisco, United States, 2013]: PocketSuite is an iPhone app that helps mobile professionals drive new customers and run their business. Mobile dashboard giving real-time visibility into key metrics: unpaid bills, payments received, and new business referrals. The app offers to save debit/credit card based on the HCE technology. The company charges 2.99% for processing every transaction through their app. $0.1M Horizontal Wallet Kash [San Francisco, United States, 2014]: Kash is a mobile wallet through which it becomes very easy to pay via a smartphone with no credit card fees associated. The product focusses on retailers and small business for they can save the 3% transaction fee every time their customers pays them. Customers use the app for easy transactions. Kash’s app just shows a green debit card labeled tap to pay. Kash gets around credit cards entirely by letting users pay straight from their checking accounts by entering their online banking log-in info. For small businesses, Kash doesn’t charge any fees on the first $100,000 of payments in processes. This means that bigger retailers using the service will effectively subsidize early usage by local businesses that sign up. Part of YCombinator S14. $0.1M Y Combinator Horizontal Wallet FigCard [Boston, United States, 2010]: Boston-based Fig Card allows merchants to accept mobile payments in stores by using a simple USB device that plugs into the cash register or point-of-sale terminal. Consumer needs to have the Fig app on his or her smart phone. Consumer logs into the Fig Card app, finds the merchant and selects what he or she wants to buy and pays using the app. It has been acquired by Paypal in 2011 for an undisclosed amount. $100k Consumer Payments Consumer Finance Enterprise Payments Enterprise Finance
  23. 23. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Consumer Payments-Horizontal Wallet (10/26) Company Details Funding Investors Horizontal Wallet Kashmi [Singapore, Singapore, 2014]: Kashmi is a quick way for friends to electronically exchange money using their smart phones with gamification features. Users are required to enter their credit/debit card and bank account details when they register. Users then can send and receive money from people in their social circles with no transaction fees with an upper limit of 800 USD. Kashmi charges 4% processing fee while crediting the Kashmi wallet and 1% while cashing out through bank account. $30k TURN8 Horizontal Wallet Aveki [Seattle, United States, 2013]: Aveki has developed technology to make logging into websites and paying for content as easy as keys and cash. No need to create a user name, or memorize a new password. No need to disclose your name, address or credit card info. Now, using just his mobile phone, user can make payments anonymously, both online and in-person. Application is built around mobile payment solution with a wallet at its core. Aveki will allow secure and safe mobile payments without revealing user's private information. Currently in stealth mode, will launch the product for public use in Summer 2014. $10.5k Horizontal Wallet Yodo [Victoria, Canada, 2014]: Yodo provides a mobile money service. Uniquely based on anonymous 'cash' with custom content delivery serviced by a sophisticated Big-Data Cloud computing back-end. Android and iPhone mobile Apps work in unicism with Yodo's POS Launcher (API) to allow secure anonymous cash based payments on any third party POS application. A successful pilot successfully completed, Yodo is now partnering with several POS applications to integrate Yodopay as an standard payment process prior to entering our beta phase. Horizontal Wallet Zipcash [Mumbai, India, 2007]: Zipcash is a mobile wallet/voucher service which allows customers to make payments from their mobile for many services including recharge, bill payment, mvouchers and online shopping. Partners with merchants like Redbus, BookMyShow, eBay, Indiaplaza. Has received the authorization from RBI to issue prepaid instruments under the Payments and Settlements Act, 2007. Horizontal Wallet Moocho [Buffalo, United States, 2011]: Moocho provides a free closed-loop, mobile payment wallet to college students, enabling them to pay with their phone for everyday purchases at area merchants, while integrating offers and loyalty rewards. The technology used by Moocho is based on Authorize.net, a VISA company. The company is currently active at 10 college campuses around the U.S. Consumer Payments Consumer Finance Enterprise Payments Enterprise Finance
  24. 24. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Consumer Payments-Horizontal Wallet (11/26) Company Details Funding Investors Horizontal Wallet ModoPayments [Richardson, United States, 2010]: ModoPayments offers mobile payment transaction at any location that accepts either Visa or MasterCard with no change to POS and no change to the phone that uses ModoPayments. They create monetary savings that users can cash in on if they transact with ModoPayments instead of another tender. In Oct 2012, ModoPayments partnered with Alliance Data Retail Services (a provider of over 100 private label and co branded credit card programs) to provide a series of social and mobile gifting functionalities via its Modo Connect mobile payments platform. Horizontal Wallet ChimpChange [Hollywood, United States, 2012]: ChimpChange is an app-based, web-enabled, Facebook integrated money payments system that allows users to send money to anyone instantly, from their bank account, debit or credit cards using only the receiver's cell phone number. Every ChimpChange account comes with a Prepaid MasterCard, which can be personalized, and used anywhere in the world MasterCard is accepted. The app is yet to launch. Horizontal Wallet Close Payment [Stockholm, Sweden, 2014]: Close Payment, a product launched by Accumulate AB, is a mobile payments and proximity marketing solution. Users can input their credit, debit, loyalty and gift cards into the Close Wallet by taking their picture. For merchants, the company gives a Close Beacon, a BLE-based device that sends alerts about offers to the customer who is in proximity to the merchant store. The customer is then guided in the store by the beacon and provided with other offers that might interest him/her. When the Close Beacon feels the presence of the customer's phone, the cashier sends a request to the customer, who then approves the transaction and makes the payment on his Close Wallet. Further, Close Wallet can be used to pay online on web and mobile sites. Horizontal Wallet Biopaym [, Argentina, 2013]: Biopaym is a biometric payment platform based on iris & facial recognition technology. A revolutionary ecosystem of wallet in the cloud, that uses biometric authentication to identify the shopper and authorize payment in real time and safely. Biopaym application allows user to store card information in the wallet and instead of entering the pin to unlock the wallet app, the application used biometric means to authenticate the user making the wallet application safe and secure. Horizontal Wallet QGS [Seattle, United States, 2010]: QGS develops mobile apps for merchants and also provides a mobile wallet focused on consumers. Provides Marketing, Business Development and Mobile Kiosk apps for merchants. QGS Wallet enables consumers to pay using their mobiles. Consumer Payments Consumer Finance Enterprise Payments Enterprise Finance
  25. 25. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Consumer Payments-Horizontal Wallet (12/26) Company Details Funding Investors Horizontal Wallet Appetite [Toronto, Canada, 2011]: Offers a mobile wallet for consumers and white label solution for merchants. Users can set up their Appetite® account, sync their gift cards with the account and pay from the app at partnering merchant stores. Its cloud based platform syncs the user's balances, points, and rewards at one place. The app will be released in Summer 2014. Horizontal Wallet Qarth [Bangalore, India, 2012]: X-Pay, product of Qarth is a Multi Bank IMPS mobile payment application. This application facilitates mobile payment to anyone with IMPS enabled bank account across India. Offers sending money to 26 customer banks and 45+ receiving banks. App can be used for P2P money transfers and retail shopping with partner stores. Founders are IIT Kharagpur graduates. Has 10k+ Android app downloads. Horizontal Wallet Vult [Vancouver, Canada, 2011]: Vult Technologies provides a mobile wallet to enable mobile payments in Canada. Users can secure their credit, debit, gift, membership, personal cards, and cash, access and manage it from their browser or smart phone. The Vult allows its users to pull cash directly from their bank account and keep it secured in their Vult. Users are then able to send these funds directly into friends Vult accounts, or turn their virtual cash into real cash at any participating Vult merchants. Offers tools to manage and track expenses, store and categorize receipts, and print, send, or file spending reports. Currently in beta mode. Horizontal Wallet iMoCu [New York City, United States, 2013]: iMoCu is a mobile technology company that offers a mobile wallet which enables people to securely send money to anyone, anywhere instantly through a simple SMS text message. Together with their merchant POS app and plugins, they enable people to complete retail and online transactions with the same anonymity as cash. Users can load their wallet by linking their bank account or using cash at any of their merchant locations or participating banks. They currently have over 9,000 such locations in the US. The mWallet is integrated with a reloadable debit card and supports digital currencies as well. This allows users to move funds seamlessly amongst their mobile wallet, physical card, and digital currencies. Offers API’s for integrating their payment system into major e-commerce shopping carts. Horizontal Wallet CloudZync [London, United Kingdom, 2012]: CloudZync is the developer of the Zync Wallet, a free mobile wallet app, offering secure contactless payments from Smartphone. It allows user to pay in participating stores, online and by phone, use and redeem loyalty points, use deals & vouchers. Consumer Payments Consumer Finance Enterprise Payments Enterprise Finance
  26. 26. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Consumer Payments-Horizontal Wallet (13/26) Company Details Funding Investors Horizontal Wallet IWeTree [New York City, United States, 2012]: IWeTree provides mobile payment and mobile wallet solutions to financial institutions in India, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Its first app, mPay, is a mobile wallet that can be used to send and receive money, store credit/debit card/loyalty card information, scan QR codes, and view "Merchant Map" to search for nearby offers. Develops mobile apps for both smartphones and feature phones. Also provides solutions like QR code over MMS, SMS service and IVRS. The company is headquartered in New York, and its international headquarters is located in Mumbai. Horizontal Wallet Supergasme [Palo Alto, United States, 2012]: Supergasme delivers a mobile payment service while disrupting the credit card companies by creating a new payment concept. The service allows customers to save 20 percent by pre loading the gas expense onto the car lease, use the client app to purchase gas from selected gas stations, let customers purchase discounted products inside the convenience store and accumulate rewards. Horizontal Wallet WhizKard [Dallas, United States, 2012]: WhizKard is a mobile payment solution that is smartphone and card processor agnostic. WhizKard gives consumers a free mobile wallet app that carries multiple credit and debit cards for payments, simplifies rewards and offers management, and centralizes receipt storage. Plans on driving adoption by reaching small merchants indirectly through their credit card processors. WhizKard generates its revenues from merchants that pay low monthly fees for participating in offers and rewards programs. For international licenses, it charges the local reseller a flat fees plus revenue share. Currently has offices in Dallas and Chicago. Horizontal Wallet ZipPay [San Francisco, United States, 2012]: ZipPay offers its patent pending technology for mobile payments. ZipPay provides mobile wallet for consumers to make payments to merchants and a dashboard for merchants to process and invoice all the payments made by their customers through the ZipPay application. Horizontal Wallet AirPay [San Diego, United States, 2012]: AirPay enables consumers to pay with their phone at brick and mortar stores, and to share the experience with their friends and family on social networks. Consumer Payments Consumer Finance Enterprise Payments Enterprise Finance
  27. 27. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Consumer Payments-Horizontal Wallet (14/26) Company Details Funding Investors Horizontal Wallet Pademobile [Aguascalientes, Mexico, 2010]: Pademobile offers a mobile payment solution using a user's mobile number as a reference and linking bank accounts to topup the pademobile account, make payments at retail stores and even peer to peer money transfer through text messages. Registered merchants can accept payments from consumers through a pademobile account which is completed by letting the merchant know customer's mobile number which is sent a text with a code to enable to transaction. Users are also allowed to charge their mobile operator account using pademobile. The money is stored in a bank account, exclusively dedicated to the operations made with Pademobile. Serving as a mobile wallet, users can also store money in their pademobile account for any later payment use. Horizontal Wallet WiGime [San Francisco, United States, 2010]: WiGime offers a mobile wallet service that allows user to use his smartphone to make purchases, send or receive money/gifts, and make donations all with the use of QR codes. For merchants it provides a dashboard and iPad application to view all payments made by the consumer. Merchants can also see various analytics of all the payments made. Horizontal Wallet Cortex MCP [Cambridge, United States, 2012]: Cortex MCP has developed a mobile payment, loyalty and wallet platform that unlocks the potential of the rapidly evolving mobile commerce market. The company provides an IP protected platform that can be used by any device without disrupting a merchant’s POS infrastructure. Horizontal Wallet PayCash [Luxembourg, Luxembourg, 2012]: PayCash is a smartphone application that enables users to pay at various partner stores, redeem coupons, collect bonus points and even send/receive money from friends using the mobile wallet features in the app. The app acts as a prepaid wallet which the user can load with money which can be used for payments through mobile purchases at partnered stores of the company. It does not charge users for payments or money transfers made through the app. Horizontal Wallet Flashiz [Luxembourg, Luxembourg, 2011]: Flashiz offers a mobile payment solution through a smartphone application that enables users to make online or in-store purchases through mobile QR code scanning. Users can download and register on the app, add their account details and link their bank account to the app and can use it for speed mobile payments, send and receive money from friends by entering their email address and also receive various loyalty rewards from the partner retail stores through the app itself. The company has launched its digital wallet services in Australia in 2013 supporting both NFC and QR code systems. The company has been acquired by Fexco, a global financial services group in October 2013 for an undisclosed sum. Consumer Payments Consumer Finance Enterprise Payments Enterprise Finance
  28. 28. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Consumer Payments-Horizontal Wallet (15/26) Company Details Funding Investors Horizontal Wallet Undred [London, United Kingdom, 2013]: Undred offers a mobile payment application that enables users to use it as a mobile wallet to make payments in restaurants and bars. Users are also offered with real-time discounts and rewards based on their visits and purchases along with making real-time contactless payments. It acts as a payment processor to enable the payment readily from the linked bank account through the mobile. Its technology solutions enable merchants to retain customers with loyalty rewards and receive payments on their smartphone using Bluetooth Low Energy instead of any hardware POS installed in their store. Also provides an analytics dashboard to them merchants to track their customers for a more efficient implementation of marketing methods. Payment data is used to empower the standard marketing process, allowing merchants to attract new customers, increase the loyalty of their existing ones and keep track on their marketing ROI. Awarded 'Most innovative start-up in Europe' at Developneur Europe. Selected among finalists 2014 for Techstars and Seedcamp. Users can pre-register on the portal to get priority access. The company is yet to release the app. Horizontal Wallet MobileGullak [Bangalore, India, 2012]: Mobilegullak solves retailers' loose change problem by allowing retailers to save the change in consumer's mobile. Consumers give a missed call or download the mobile app and verify themselves. Consumers can play the unique ringtone at mobileGullak active merchants and save the return money to their mobileGullak account. They can use this money to pay their mobile, DTH, data card bills and transfer the funds to their bank account. Charges retailers and network operators for mobile payments made through the platform. Horizontal Wallet Cibola [Delhi, India, 2013]: Cibola is a mobile app that aims to make mobile transactions easy for the users. Users can pay their friends, family and merchants with a single unified universal application using their phones. Apart from sending and receiving money, users can avail features like easy recharge, merchant maps or borrow money. Horizontal Wallet Chillr [Kochi, India, 2014]: Chillr, product of MobME Wireless Solutions Ltd., is a smartphone application that enables users to transfer money to friends. Through the app, users can connect their bank account securely and send money to anyone in the phone book. The application is secured with a 4 digit M-PIN which is required everytime a user makes transaction. The app can be enabled with a 4-digit pin and has no virtual wallet and hence transactions happen directly from the bank account to the receiver's account number. . HDFC Bank has officially launched a mobile based money transfer platform enabled by Chillr. Horizontal Wallet Mobino [Geneva, Switzerland, 2011]: Mobino offers mobile payment solutions to both consumers and retailers through its smartphone application. Users can pay at the partnered retailers through their mobile either online or in-store for their purchases. Through the app, users can also make peer to peer transactions with other Mobino app users. The app also allows users to check the transaction history of their payments and money transfers. After downloading the app users register and link their bank account and the app is secure with a passcode for a transaction to happen. Consumer Payments Consumer Finance Enterprise Payments Enterprise Finance
  29. 29. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Consumer Payments-Horizontal Wallet (16/26) Company Details Funding Investors Horizontal Wallet Wipit [Pasadena, United States, 2010]: Wipit enables underbanked consumers from around the world to use cash for payments on their mobile phone or with an integrated prepaid card. The company also provides access to alternative financial services such as international money transfer, mobile check deposit, bill payment, and prepaid wireless replenishment – from a mobile phone and payable with cash funds loaded to the user’s mobile wallet account. Wipit's payment service enables consumers to shop online or make in-app purchases using prepaid cash payments. The company has strategic partnerships with and is invested in by global companies H&R Block, Inc. (HRB) and Euronet Worldwide, Inc. (EEFT). Euronet Worldwide, H&R Block, Core Innovation Capital Horizontal Wallet Sign2Pay [Antwerp, Belgium, 2013]: Sign2Pay offers mobile payments by making it easier to pay with a regular debit card, simply using a signature. Unlike card readers, its ease-of-use provides a high conversion and is highly suited for impulse and recurring purchases. An extensive risk analysis is done before the choice of payment method triggering a dynamic signature canvas to authenticate the payment. Signatures are real time compared on 4 different security tiers. Horizontal Wallet ZapZap [Gibraltar, United Kingdom, 2012]: ZapZap offers a mobile application that enables users to create an online virtual account which can be used to make online purchase payments, to send and receive money with other users. Users can link a debit/credit and top-up the balance in their zapzap mobile wallet after registering through the app. Users can also signup for a plastic payment card issued by MasterCard which can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs. The company has e-money licence, granted by the Financial Conduct Authority, to operate across the European Economic Area. The company has various fee structures depending upon the use of credit or debit card, cash withdrawal and mastercard ordering. Horizontal Wallet Popmoney [Brookfield, United States, 2010]: Peer-to-peer payment app and online service which allows user to send or request money directly from bank account without any stored value like wallet services. User's send money to receiver's mobile / email id, receivers confirm by providing bank account details for direct payment in account. Developed by Cashedge, which is now part of Fiserv. Fiserv integrated its ZashPay P2P payment service with PopMoney. Horizontal Wallet LivQuik [Mumbai, India, 2012]: LivQuik has launched a consumer mobile wallet app called Quikwallet for making payments at retail shops, cafes and restaurants. Integrates with the existing POS software of merchants. Payments through NFC and QR codes. Users can store virtual credit and debit cards, manage coupons and rate companies, merchants can run offers and loyalty programs. LivQuik is the parent company of the product QuikWallet. Snow Leopard Technology Ventures Consumer Payments Consumer Finance Enterprise Payments Enterprise Finance
  30. 30. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Consumer Payments-Horizontal Wallet (17/26) Company Details Funding Investors Horizontal Wallet Eashmart [Delhi, India, 2012]: Eashmart enables consumers to use credit/debit cards to make payments for anything, without having to swipe the card in a swipe machine. For instance, if a person wants to order a Pizza from a nearby Pizza Hut, he/she needs to inform the merchant in advance that the payment is to be made through Eashmart. Incubated in CIIE since Sep 2013. Acquired by PayU's PayUMoney along with their team for an undisclosed amount in Oct 2014. CIIE, IIM Ahmedabad Horizontal Wallet TippingCircle [Phoenix, United States, 2012]: Developed by Inovacode. TippingCircle’s personal payment platform allows people to exchange money without fees through personal tips, setup group payments for events, and run social fundraisers on any mobile device securely to anyone with an email address globally. Integrates with social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and enables sharing features. Launched a customer loyalty program recently allowing people to earn, trade, and spend reward points with participating merchants. Horizontal Wallet Cashcloud [Luxembourg, Luxembourg, 2012]: Cashcloud offers a mobile wallet solution that links to credit and debit accounts usable to send money and pay at retail and online shops. Users can access cashcredits, a virtual currency, every time they pay for services using their Cashcloud wallets. Advertisers and partners can access the wallet to deliver coupons and vouchers to account holders. The company also offers an NFC payment sticker to users to enable contactless payments in various stores. Company secured undisclosed funding from private European investment firm in 2013. Horizontal Wallet Nooch [Philadelphia, United States, 2010]: Nooch is a P2P transfer system which allows you to have money sent to anyone using just your mobile phone. Charges 25 cents each time user sends money, regardless of how much they are sending, and to whom. Use cases include sending money to friends with just a name, collect payments for a group/non-profit, or request money from clients, customers etc. Horizontal Wallet GOSPay [Kiev, Ukraine, 2009]: GOSPay is the mobile application to make payments or share them with friends who are listed in Contacts app. The app was originally created as a payment tool for regular bills. Using it one can pay or share payments with friends for mobile operators, internet and TV, international telephony etc. Consumer Payments Consumer Finance Enterprise Payments Enterprise Finance
  31. 31. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Consumer Payments-Horizontal Wallet (18/26) Company Details Funding Investors Horizontal Wallet MyMobilePayment [Mumbai, India, 2010]: My Mobile Payments Limited operates a mobile payment platform that enables users to buy products and make payments in India. The company offers Money-on-Mobile, a mobile wallet that lets users to carry credit/debit cards and bank accounts on their mobile phones; enables them to pay for various goods and services, including mobile phone recharging, DTH account top-up, railway/air/bus/movie tickets, goods bought from retail shops, and utility bills; and allows them to send and receive money. Horizontal Wallet mePay [Helsinki, Finland, 2014]: mePay is focusing on mobile payments and self service payments on vending, gas pumps and automation. mePay offers QR code based and NFC based payment solutions what are reliable and secure. Location based search functions are included in solution, to discover more places where solution is working. The company is currently in stealth mode. Horizontal Wallet rappit [Monterrey, Mexico, 2013]: rappit enables faster personal payments on mobile devices. The service allows users to pay tuitions, property taxes, insurance, money orders, security services, Cable TV, internet, phone, water, gas, etc. The app is not released yet. Horizontal Wallet Tio [Vancouver, Canada, 2012]: Mobile app that allows users to pay multiple bills via VISA or MasterCard branded payment cards in real time. Available for iPhone, iPad and Android. Users can choose to pay more than 6,000 billers via credit or debit card with the option of same day processing. Powered by Tio Wallet. For US users. Horizontal Wallet Facewallet [Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2013]: Saffe is a face recognition based mobile payments app powered by Facewallet biometric platform for mobile authentication. Facewallet also provides licenses for mobile apps developers to embed face recognition biometric engine in their applications. Saffe requires one time registration of the user's face and credit cards and then the user is good to purchase at outlets that use Saffe just by face recognition and a pin. Consumer Payments Consumer Finance Enterprise Payments Enterprise Finance
  32. 32. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Consumer Payments-Horizontal Wallet (19/26) Company Details Funding Investors Horizontal Wallet Coinbolt [Nebraska City, United States, 2014]: Coinbolt offers a mobile based bitcoin wallet where the user has full control over his wallet and is the only one to hold the private keys to the wallet. Private keys are encoded to memorable phrases for easy access. Private key of other wallets can easily be imported in the coinbolt wallet for transferring bitcoins from other wallets. Currently available for Android OS. Horizontal Wallet KnCWallet [Stockholm, Sweden, 2014]: KnCWallet is a mobile only bitcoin wallet by mining hardware manufacturer KnC Group AB. Features include: Sending and Receiving Bitcoins using phone contacts, Easy to use QR codes when paying in person, Dynamic conversion to local currency and Secured bitcoins with encrypted backups to Google Drive or Dropbox. Has more than 10k android wallet downloads as of June 2014. Horizontal Wallet Aegis [New York City, United States, 2014]: Aegis developed a mobile bitcoin wallet. Aegis wallet supports multiple currencies and provides the user with the ability to view their transactions and addresses on the bitcoin blockchain. Aegis Wallet allows encryption of the wallet with a password or an NFC tag. If a user forgets a password or loses their NFC tag, the Bitcoin Security Project may be able to help the user recover their funds with a encrypted backup file provided by the user, while other bitcoin wallets are unable to do this. The security standards on the wallet follow those created by the Bitcoin Security Project. Horizontal Wallet Kipochi [Nairobi, Kenya, 2013]: Kipochi is a lightweight, easy to use bitcoin wallet associated with a mobile number, that allows users to receive and send bitcoins all over the world even for people using simple low cost feature phones. Kipochi works on all mobile phones, having SMS, USSD and HTML5 frontends, as well as a desktop computers. It works in partnership with M-Pesa. Horizontal Wallet GoWallet [Pleasanton, United States, 2012]: GoWallet's free app and website lets users scan and store multiple gift cards, track balance, buy and redeem gift cards and even send instant gifts to Facebook friends. GoWallet is a part of Gift Card Mall, the world leader in gift cards. GoWallet also offers a gift card exchange. Consumer Payments Consumer Finance Enterprise Payments Enterprise Finance
  33. 33. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Consumer Payments-Horizontal Wallet (20/26) Company Details Funding Investors Horizontal Wallet Softcard [Dallas, United States, 2011]: Softcard (earlier known as Isis) is a mobile app that lets users pay with their phone. It uses a wireless technology, NFC that can be used to pay partner merchants using contact less payment terminals. Launched in USA in Nov 2013. Compatible with 40 smartphone models. Backed by AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon ($100M backing rumored). Google acquired technology and intellectual property from Softcard in Feb 2015. Horizontal Wallet Atomx [Pune, India, 2012]: Provider of electronic wallet app along with a hardware wrist wearable which enables for billing and order management with a tap at events. The technology also allows for getting real-time crowd analysis, create live digital footprint to engage the audience along with integrating access control and venue ticketing. Horizontal Wallet TruCash [Mississauga, Canada, 2014]: TruCash, a product of DCR Strategies, is a NFC mobile wallet app. Digitized prepaid and loyalty cards can be scanned or input via card number into the app. Card members using an NFC enabled Android device can make tap and go NFC payments, send money on the move, save money through loyalty integration and view detailed transaction history. The Mobile Wallet app works with all Android, iOS, and Blackberry smartphones, however NFC capabilities are limited to Android and Blackberry. Horizontal Wallet EnStream [Toronto, Canada, 2005]: EnStream was created to deliver payment capability over the mobile handset and they are proudly evolving to become a common mobile commerce interface between Canada’s mobile carriers and the Canadian ecosystem for NFC transactions. EnStream connects card and credential issuers with wireless carriers, allowing consumers to use virtually stored cards, to interact with merchant readers, for payments or identification validation. EnStream LP is a mobile commerce joint venture company owned by Bell Mobility, Rogers and TELUS - Canada’s three main wireless companies. EnStream manages a mobile money transfer service called Zoompass. Horizontal Wallet Boomerang [Henderson, United States, 2014]: Boomerang is a PayPal like payment service for family and friends. The unique feature about Boomerang is that it automates children's allowance and tries to educate them about finance and financial management with gamification features. Consumer Payments Consumer Finance Enterprise Payments Enterprise Finance
  34. 34. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Consumer Payments-Horizontal Wallet (21/26) Company Details Funding Investors Horizontal Wallet Sway [Seltjarnarnes, Iceland, 2014]: Sway is the social way to mobile payments. It is a new service that provides its users with an easy way to pay friends, to split the cost or to request others to pay for something. Send and receive money in real time, with no more effort than sending a message. Sway is developed in Iceland by the software company Memento ehf. As of Jan 2015 the company is in trial mode. Horizontal Wallet Paym [London, United Kingdom, 2014]: Paym, is a mobile peer-peer payment service provided by HSBC banking app. Users can register for Paym through the banking app and link their bank account to their phone number. After confirming the registration post secure pin confirmation, users can now transfer money to other HSBC banking users via their mobile number which can be directly credited to their account. The company has partnered with a total of 9 banks till now to provide money transfer services to their customers. Over GBP 6.5 million has been sent and received using Paym so far. More than a million users have registered for the service. Horizontal Wallet Payfriendz [London, United Kingdom, 2013]: Payfriendz is a smartphone application that allows users to top-up their cash account and then pay any friend in their address book who is also using the application. Also offers a feature to attach a text message for the money transfer. The app does not charge any transaction fee for domestic transfers and charges 1% on cross-currency transfer. The company generates revenue through affiliate fees, such as friends organizing a collection for a birthday present and making payment through Amazon via the Payfriendz app where payfriendz would get a referral fee. It will enable these purchases through a virtual Payfriendz mastercard that comes along with the app. The company is yet to launch its application and users can currently register on the portal for notification of the launch. Horizontal Wallet Evenly [San Francisco, United States, 2012]: Mobile wallet app that let people send and receive requests for funds from their contacts list, organized around events and experiences. For each participant in a pool, it would list what a user owed and what they’d already paid, if any, and you could see progress towards the total cost of an event displayed visually, as well as send reminders to all parties involved that they have to pay up. There’s also an activity feed that tracks progress and adds a social element to the bill sharing. Acquired by Square in Dec 2013 for an undisclosed amount. Horizontal Wallet Soldi.me [Saginaw, United States, 2015]: It provides a mobile wallet and a debit card for offline use of the mobile wallet. The company claims to give reward points for making transactions or for a simple transfer of money using Soldi mobile wallet and also not charge commision for transactions. Soldi charges a part of the reward points the user earns as commision. Consumer Payments Consumer Finance Enterprise Payments Enterprise Finance
  35. 35. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Consumer Payments-Horizontal Wallet (22/26) Company Details Funding Investors Horizontal Wallet BlueTree Payment [Sydney, Australia, 2014]: BlueTree Payment's BluPay mobile app allows merchants to receive cash payments from any BluPay user. Start accepting payments in seconds. Merchants requires to carry his iPhone or iPad and BluPay app. 2.25% transaction fee. No contracts, no monthly fees. Offers consumers a prepaid mobile wallet which can be loaded with cash using Credit/Debit Cards, Bitcoin. Horizontal Wallet Boosterville [Memphis, United States, 2013]: Boosterville is a prepaid mobile payment platform (application) designed to replace credit card processing fees with a flat 1% transaction fee. The app also allows user to store loyalty cards/credits for future discounts at the time of sale. Solidus Company and Tom & Becky Miller also participated in the seed round. Seed Hatchery Horizontal Wallet Paga [Lagos, Nigeria, 2009]: MyPaga offers a smartphone application and a wallet cloud account where in the user can load cash to transfer money P2P, make payments at offline retail stores and buy airtime for the mobile. Merchants can also offer promotional codes and cards which can be stores in the user's MyPaga wallet. Has partnered with Airtel, Visafone, Glo and MTN to provide these telecom company subscribers with its service. Has more than 1.75 Million active Paga users. Horizontal Wallet YPayCash [Bangalore, India, 2011]: YPayCash is a mobile wallet payment system that enables users to make payments using mobile phones instead of a credit or debit card or cash. Users can load cash through net banking, credit or debit cards and can also fill up the wallet by making cash payments at select merchants. With the service installed and activated, users will be able to use their mobile as a wallet for merchant payments, recharge payments and fund transfers, with merchants the service has tied up with. Can hold upto Rs 50,000 in an e-wallet. Claims to have 3000+ stores as partners. Horizontal Wallet Firstmonie [Benin City, Nigeria, 2013]: FirstBank offers Firstmonie Mobile Money Service, an innovative product that enables customers to access financial and other value added services through their mobile phones. This caters to the high percentage population of unbanked population across the country. Users just need to download the phone application, fund their FirstMonie account and start using it to make payments. The service is available on all major the network telecommunications operators including MTN Nigeria, Etisalat and Globacom. FirstBank will also leverage on the fund transfer capability of the mobile telephony to offer world class services. Recieved a grant of $12M from Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation in March 2014 to execute the project. Consumer Payments Consumer Finance Enterprise Payments Enterprise Finance
  36. 36. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Consumer Payments-Horizontal Wallet (23/26) Company Details Funding Investors Horizontal Wallet Serve [San Francisco, United States, 2012]: American Express Serve Reloadable Prepaid Card is an alternative to debit and other prepaid cards that comes with access to benefits and the Serve mobile app for account access on the go. Horizontal Wallet Silouet [Cambridge, United States, 2014]: Silouet is a stealth-mode startup working on mobile payment system. Their app allows users to tip (micro transactions) tip valets, musicians, housekeeping staff, instructors, drivers etc. The company is in stealth mode as of Jan 2015. Horizontal Wallet SnapScan [Cape Town, South Africa, 2013]: SnapScan is South African mobile payments company presently operational in South Africa powered by Standard Bank. Users register their credit/debit cards on the SnapScan app and select a PIN number to authenticate their transactions. Merchants are provided with a unique QR code. When the user has to purchase, he/she can scan the merchant's QR code, enter the amount due and confirm the payment with user's PIN number. SnapScan provides APIs which integrate with leading POS systems. They charge 3% transaction fees with no other extra charges. SnapScan has tied-up with over 10,000 merchants in South Africa. SnapScan is currently available to iOS, Android and Blackberry users. SnapScan was Overall winner at the MTN Business - App of the Year Awards 2013. Part of FireID incubator. Horizontal Wallet PayQR [Moscow, Russia, 2013]: A QR code based mobile payment system, the first and largest in Russia. Users have to register their debit or credit with the app and then can purchase any product with a QR code over it by simply scanning it with PayQR mobile application. No additional hardware is required and hence it is a low cost alternative payment method. Once the user scans and pays for a product via PayQR, it can be shipped by an online store where it is available. PayQR also offer other value added services such as consumer analytics, loyalty rewards etc. The app is available both on iOS and Android stores. Horizontal Wallet Kiik [Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2014]: KiiK is a mobile payment App that allows user to save their credit/debit through host card emulation. With KiiK users can pay your restaurant bills, taxi rides or shop at any accredited establishment. Allows splitting of bills. The app is based on QR code, through which the app knows whom to make payment. The wallet is available for Android & iOS users. Consumer Payments Consumer Finance Enterprise Payments Enterprise Finance
  37. 37. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Consumer Payments-Horizontal Wallet (24/26) Company Details Funding Investors Horizontal Wallet Sixdots [Brussels, Belgium, 2013]: Sixdots Mobile Wallet is a Joint Venture between Belgacom, BNP Paribas Fortis, KBC, ING and Belfius. With the Sixdots smartphone app, users add all their cards, debit and credit, to their digital wallet and just use a 6 digit code to pay. The company has more than 10k registered users. Horizontal Wallet Current C [Boston, United States, 2011]: CurrentC is a mobile payments application offered by Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) company. CurrentC uses QR codes displayed on a cashier’s screen and scanned by the consumer’s phone or vice versa to initiate and verify the transaction. The system is also designed to automatically apply discounts, use loyalty programs, and charge purchases to a variety of payment methods without passing sensitive financial data to the merchant. MCX had a deal to use Paydiant’s white-labeled mobile wallet system on the backend that works with ACH to reduce fees. The company is run by merchants including Walmart, Target, Best Buy, CVS, Shell Oil, Darden Restaurants (Olive Garden), HMSHost (airport restaurants), Hy-Vee (supermarkets), Lowes, Michaels, Publix Super Markets and Sears which together operate over 110,000 retail locations and process over $1 trillion in payments annually. Wal-Mart VP and Assistant Treasurer Mike Cook is considered the MCX group’s de facto CEO. Horizontal Wallet CyfraPay [Madrid, Spain, 2011]: CyfraPay offers a smartphone payment application that enables users to download and register with their bank account details. When making payments at the retail stores or other mobile/offline purchases which have partnered with CyfraPay, users can use the app to scan the QR code and make the payment after entering the secure code to make the transaction. The card details are not shared with the retailer. Horizontal Wallet Digimo Mobile Payments [Hod HaSharon, Israel, 2010]: Digimo provides mobile payments solutions to merchants through QR code scanning and mobile wallet to consumers. With Digimo, customers upload their payment credentials and account info to their secure DigiMo account in the cloud. DigiMo issues bank cards to merchants which have a specific bin range. Participating merchants receive a DigiMo card and unique barcode/number for each of their Point Of Sale terminals. Finally, at the time of a purchase, a customer uses the DigiMo mobile app to scan the barcode at the cash register. They then authenticate the app with pin or other security credentials which connects to their DigiMo account in the cloud. This info is sent to the cloud and lets DigiMo know at which unique cash register the transaction is taking place. The merchant closes the transaction loop by swiping the DigiMo card into the existing POS reader which rides the rest of the transaction on the regular card network and authenticates at DigiMo’s server and debits the customer’s account. Horizontal Wallet Znap [Wan Chai, Hong Kong, ]: Zanp(also known as MPayMe) offers mobile payment solutions. Offers a mobile wallet where customers can input Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and Bank Accounts and use any one they choose as a funding source when paying via ZNAP. Provides dashboard for merchants where they can manage transactions in real-time via the cloud-based system. Its security features (which authenticate transactions and protect users’ personal data) have been patented and do not require any third party software or integration. Znap platform optimises transactions through the bundling of secure multi-channel mobile payments with value added solutions such as loyalty integration, business intelligence and geo location in-app consumer communication. Was acquired by Powa Technologies in June 2014 for $75M. Consumer Payments Consumer Finance Enterprise Payments Enterprise Finance
  38. 38. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Consumer Payments-Horizontal Wallet (25/26) Company Details Funding Investors Horizontal Wallet SnapScan [Stellenbosch, South Africa, 2013]: SnapScan is a product of FireID Payments, part of the FireID group. SnapScan provides a mobile wallet for iOS, Android and Blackberry which can be used to pay merchants without any card. Users can save their credit card information on the application(saved only on the user's phone) and pay by scanning the QR code of the merchant's bill. Overall winner at the MTN Business — App of the Year Awards 2013. Working with Standard Bank, Africa's largest bank. Horizontal Wallet Kesh [Willich, Germany, 2012]: Kesh, developed by biw AG, is a smartphone application which serves as a prepaid mobile wallet enabling users to make mobile purchase payments at partnered retail stores and even send and receive money to friends through the app. Users can register on the app and charge their kesh account with money which can be used for online payments and money transfers. Merchants can register with the service and receive a QR code for their retail which can be scanned by consumers for enabling mobile transactions. The app also includes features to locate stores nearby accepting kesh payments, transaction history and choose favourite stores. Horizontal Wallet Cimbal [Los Altos, United States, 2010]: Cimbal is an electronic payment network using software-based contact-free communication technology to turn a smartphone into a payment tool in-store, online and P2P. Cimbal produces a unique two dimensional barcode for each transaction. The payee can initiate payment from a mobile device by scanning the code via the Cimbal app. Codes are scannable on the web, in stores, on print materials and on other mobile devices. Merchants can integrate these codes into their point-of-sale software to accept mobile payments via iPhone or Android with no extra hardware. There's also no license fee for merchants, but they do pay per transaction at rates that vary based on the volume of transactions. There's also a proximity payment option for users wishing to exchange funds with friends in the same place at the same time. The seller will request payment and Cimbal will generate the code as usual, but the payee can simply scan the code from the seller's mobile phone to initiate payment. Horizontal Wallet JamPay [Sunnyvale, United States, 2012]: JamPay is a mobile shopping solution that allows businesses to sell products directly through direct mailers, emails, SMS and social media. JamPay enables ordering or reordering from any direct marketing channel using existing or new QR codes or bar codes. Customers scan the code with JamPay app and buy with a single click. Users can also use JamPay for re-ordering from JamPay order history screen or through re-order sheet with product shipment. Users can share their latest purchases with friends on Facebook and Twitter. Through its locker-key technology, JamPay guarantees secure transactions. Horizontal Wallet RentMoola [Vancouver, Canada, 2012]: RentMoola is a mobile and online payment network working in partnership with Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, allowing renters and condo owners to pay rent, condo fees and other payments with their favourite rewards credit cards. Members also receive MoolaPerks giving them discounts and access to transportation, food & beverage and other rewards redeemable across North America, UK and Europe. The fee on each transaction is currently 2.75% and the company is targeting individuals with high rent and high net-worth individuals. Consumer Payments Consumer Finance Enterprise Payments Enterprise Finance
  39. 39. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Consumer Payments-Horizontal Wallet (26/26) Company Details Funding Investors Horizontal Wallet Shikapa [San Francisco, United States, 2014]: Shikapa is a mobile wallet to add, pay, access, send, and receive money anywhere. Provides mobile payment capabilities for customers in emerging and developed markets. The company is currently in stealth mode. Horizontal Wallet Stylopay [London, United Kingdom, 2014]: StyloPay offers next generation mobile wallet App combined with NFC, Augmented Reality and QR that offer limitless, fast and secure mobile payment possibilities. Company currently in stealth mode. Horizontal Wallet JumpQ [Ann Arbor, United States, 2014]: JumpQ offers self scanning and mobile payments for product purchase at offline stores. JumpQ is a cross-platform mobile app built on PhoneGap which utilizes cloud-based APIs. The platform is capable of scaling by millions of items at a time without performance degradation. Barcode scanning is built into the mobile app and allows for instant item identification through mobile cameras. Proprietary ETL software has been developed to allow for large datasets of inventory to be imported to the platform. Square APIs are accessed to allow automatic synchronization with merchants’ Square accounts. JumpQ uses a secure cloud-based payment platform to automatically process payments. Currently in private beta. Looking to raise funds for public launch. Consumer Payments Consumer Finance Enterprise Payments Enterprise Finance
  40. 40. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Consumer Payments-Vertical Wallet (1/11) Company Details Funding Investors Vertical Wallet TabbedOut [Austin, United States, 2009]: TabbedOut is a free mobile application for iPhone and Android that allows consumers to pay their bar or restaurant tab from their phones. Customer payments is integrated with merchant's POS system which updates payment information directly in POS systems. Additionally, TabbedOut has a merchant marketing solution called Periscope which enables merchants to access customer data, marketing reports and the ability to offer personalized special offers delivered straight to the customer’s smartphone. $17.5M Trellis Partners, Raven Venture Partners, New Enterprise Associates, Morgan Creek Capital Management, Heartland Payment Systems Vertical Wallet OrderAhead [San Francisco, United States, 2011]: OrderAhead is a free mobile and web app that allows people to quickly order takeout from local restaurants. Users connect with their credit card, order the food they want to eat at a later point, and then pick up the food with their name and phone number. OrderAhead focuses on takeout restaurants, offering order-processing software to help them streamline the process and help customers avoid waiting in lines. Investors include Adam D'Angelo, Eric Schmidt, Matrix Partners, Y Combinator etc. $10.5M Matrix Partners, Menlo Ventures, Ignition Partners, CrunchFund, SV Angel, Y Combinator, Crepevine Restaurant, Red Swan, Sherpa Ventures, LLC Vertical Wallet QuickPay [San Francisco, United States, 2010]: QuickPay Corp. is a provider of mobile parking payment solutions. QuickPay provides a cloud- based mobile parking access and revenue control system that integrates with any legacy parking infrastructure and enables parking and transit owners and operators to unify their assets under a single low-cost and fast-deploy mobile payment platform. The company also offers mobile apps that enable users to find, access, and pay for parking. For on-street parking, the user receives a reminder of where they parked and notification when the time or meter is about to expire. Users are also able to add time to their parking session remotely using the app. It is available at hundreds of locations across the U.S., with new locations being added continually. The company recently partnered with ABM Parking Services, who operate over 2,000 parking locations in the United States and Impark, a Canadian parking operator. $9M Accelerator Ventures, Advanced Technology Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Fontinalis Partners, Ecomobilité Ventures, IncWell, SNCF Vertical Wallet PassportParking [Charlotte, United States, 2010]: PassportParking builds cloud-based mobile payment platforms for parking and transit. The integrated offerings can be implemented on both gated and ungated properties and adopted quickly with its Parking as a Service (PaaS) model. Users have to register their credit/debit card with the app and can pay the parking fees using the app. Users can use their mobile phones to pay for parking, extend their parking session remotely, receive notifications before their parking sessions expire, as well as view and print their receipts online. It is a member of American Parking Association, IPI International Parking Institute, American Public Transport Association et al. $7.5M Grotech Ventures, Relevance Capital, NEST-TN Vertical Wallet Cover [New York City, United States, 2012]: iOS and Android app that lets users pay their bills at supported restaurants in New York City and Bay Area. Launched publicly in Oct 2013. Diners can pay the bill using their payment cards, including preferred tip settings and also allows groups to split the bill evenly between guests. Cover makes its money on the back end, reducing the credit card rates that restaurants pay for transactions, in exchange for a small service fee. Works with 45 NYC and 15 Bay area restaurants. $7M Lerer Ventures, Red Swan, O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, Spark Capital Consumer Payments Consumer Finance Enterprise Payments Enterprise Finance
  41. 41. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Consumer Payments-Vertical Wallet (2/11) Company Details Funding Investors Vertical Wallet mCash [Oslo, Norway, 2006]: mCash offers a mobile payments solution through a smartphone application which serves as a payment processor and enables users to make payments from their mobile at the partnered retail stores of mCash. Users can download the app and register with their account details and link their credit/debit card, scan a QR code at the retail store and choose the funding source of the account they want to make the transaction from. For merchants it enables them to integrate mCash payment option in their mobile store and also provide their customers with QR code scan payment in their stores. Enables merchants to build loyalty with their customers through the app itself and offer customized shopping experience and loyalty rewards based on the customers' spending behaviour. $6.6M Entree Capital, Northzone Vertical Wallet Parkmobile [Atlanta, United States, 2008]: Parkmobile is the leading global provider of seamless mobile payments. Its offerings include mobile payments for on- and off-street parking, digital parking permits, real-time enforcement and a seamless transit parking experience. Parkmobile’s services are used in 400 cities around the world by millions of registered users. Parkmobile’s investors include BCD Holdings and Fontinalis Partners and BCD Holdings. $6.3M BCD Holdings, Fontinalis Partners, BMW Vertical Wallet MyCheck [Tel Aviv, Israel, 2011]: MyCheck developed a mobile wallet to ease payments by letting people check out of a restaurant or bar without waiting for the check or the credit card slip. Partnered with a variety of other market sectors including quick service restaurants, gas stations, electronic parking, taxis and hotels. The Company is the largest mobile payment company in Israel today with 100k+ direct subscribers and 1M+ indirect users obtained through its partnership with Pango and Isracard. MyCheck is currently accepted by over 400 merchants in Israel, including the country’s second largest gas station chain (with 215 locations) and the country’s largest full service café chain (120 locations). $6.1M Vertical Wallet Aston Club [Melbourne, Australia, 2013]: Aston Club is a mobile app that allows patrons to pay for food and beverage in bars, restaurants and pubs through their mobile phone. This eliminates the need to leave credit cards in bars and the waiting phase while the final bill is arranged. The app which is free for users, makes money by charging merchant fees to restaurants. Aston Club ensures secure transactions through Braintree technology. The Melbourne-based startup, which has already signed up 1,000 venues for its service, is looking to raise its Series A funding round. They have already tied up with companies that will help them enter Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand. $2M Vertical Wallet Dash [Brooklyn, United States, 2011]: iOS Mobile app that lets users pay on phone at restaurants and bars. Dash utilizes a proprietary API to connect patron mobile devices with merchant's point of sale systems. The app allows diners to view, split-up and pay their check. Merchants benefit from increased efficiency, social media exposure, patron loyalty, and a CRM for customer profiles. Currently available in select restaurants in NYC and Chicago including Agave, Los Feliz, Edward’s, Tammany Hall and Opal among others. Recently, Henry Lihn from Single Platform and Thomas McNulty from ZocDoc have joined the core team. $1.9M New York Angels Consumer Payments Consumer Finance Enterprise Payments Enterprise Finance
  42. 42. Mobile FinTech – Sector Overview Consumer Payments-Vertical Wallet (3/11) Company Details Funding Investors Vertical Wallet Flypay [London, United Kingdom, 2013]: Flyapp is a smartphone application that enables users to make payments through their mobile in restaurants based on a QR code/NFC system. The app enables users to scan the QR code at the restaurant and make the payment for their bill along with the feature to split the bill with others through the app. For restaurant merchants, this allows them to enable a faster payment rather than involving waiters of the restaurants to manage it manually. Additionally as the restaurants partner with Flyapp, they can offer customer loyalty schemes in which Flypay integrates with restaurant marketing and CRM systems to potentially provide rewards and discounts for a restaurant’s most valued customers and retain customers or attract new customers. $1.7M Entree Capital Vertical Wallet Settle [Kiev, Ukraine, 2014]: Settle is simple app to make an order and pay for a check at restaurants and bars. Customers benefit form new hospitality and dining experience: order from a menu without a waiter, pay and go, don’t wait for a check and get a cash back as a loyalty perk. Merchants benefit from payments settlement, strong connection with customer, social media exposure and detailed analytics. Thanks to partnerships with a number of Eastern European banks, the app connects directly to a user’s bank card without Settle having to store that card information themselves. Currently operating in CIS countries and Europe. $1.5M Life.SREDA Vertical Wallet Momoe [Bangalore, India, 2014]: Mobile application that enables users pay instantly at various outlets that are Momoe payment enabled. Friends can split the bill among themselves using the app. Gives consumer insights to vendors and also updates customers with new deals. Increasing their store base for implementation. 20,000 app users and 100 merchants using the platform as on Mar 2015. Planning to expand to 500 merchants by May 2015. $1.2M Jungle Ventures, IDG Ventures India, India Quotient Vertical Wallet HouseTab [New York City, United States, 2011]: HouseTab is a mobile payment and social network application targeting bars and restaurants. Merchants, incentivized by saving on expensive credit card processing fees, invite customers into the network to become users of HouseTab. Users check-in to a venue, start a tab and pay their check from their phone and receive special deals exclusive to members, and socialize with other users on the network. $0.6M Vertical Wallet Elepago [Monterrey, Mexico, 2013]: Elepago is a mobile payments platform for restaurants, bars, and clubs in Mexico and wider Latin America. Through Elepago, the user has access to his bill in real-time from his phone, can set the tip and pay whenever he is ready. Users can divide the check by selecting items or equally amongst a group. Restaurants can use Elepango to give personalized promotions, attract new customers, retain current ones and do targeted marketing through big data. Supports multiple form of payments including as credit/debit cards, loyalty accounts, bank accounts and prepaid cash. Operating in over 40 locations with over 5,000 registered users. $0.4M Consumer Payments Consumer Finance Enterprise Payments Enterprise Finance